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'99 info was provided with the help of Nitzan Ilsar
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Tamil Nadu
SEASON : Jan-Sep
MADRAS(Channai) area code 044

(corner with Patullos Rd) there you can get many maps for free.
EXCHANGE: in Paryes area you can find many BANKs including American express and Thomas Cooke .the GPO is near the port 5 min walk from peryse.
POST OFFICE: GPO poste restante address to Anna salai ACCOMMODATION: Cheap g.h you can find in the area of the main train station or the Egmor station area.
h1 PALACE LODGE- Egmore High Rd 32 sb d 70rs ab d 90rs
is just in front of the GPO. In Anna Salai Rd (also known as Mount Rd) you can find many
Local Transport: bus routes
#28 & #17( all)Agmor-Paryes
#27d Egmor-Anna Salai- Cathedral Rd
Food: at night you can go to one of the 5 star hotel night clubs or walk on the beach ESPLENADE and eat at the many food stalls

Famous for its marvelous sand temples on the beaches of the Indian ocean. Also a hippie center for many years.
ACCOMMODATION- lots of options, wide price range(50rs-100$)
Those closer to the sea are generally higher in price.
HOW TO GET THERE-BUS NO.999 from peryes bus station in madras 1hr.
Many private agencies in central bus station.
SIGHT: Thirukalukundram-hill temple dedicated to Shiva(74 km from madras)

KODAIKANAL Area code 04542
A hill station in south India, Wonderful place for cool weather during the height of the hot season. There are many hikes you can do in the area like the walk to monar through berijam-poombarai-kauonji, the route passes through the jungle and there's a chance to see wild life. Need to take supplies, necessities with you (tent and food)
ACCOMMODATION- prices can be double or triple during the high season.
Train: from madras to Kodai Rd station 5-6hr and then by bus 3hr. There are many trains heading for Madurai from all over the country, change there to bus 4.5 hr.
Bus-many bus routes from all over South India.


the biggest temple in south india is here. It's fascinating, especially early morning and evening when it's crowded for "poja" (Holy ceremony)

#Athers-Trichirupaly- has some famous temples. Also airport for flights to Sri-Lanka.

SEASON : Jan-Sep
In kerala you can find many BEACHes the most famous is Kovalum, less famous like Varkala.
Pheriar national park is home to the richest variety of wildlife in South India.
TRIVANDRUM (trivanporam)area code 0471
the capital of Kerala has a Portuguese influence, pleasant city to wander through (compared to other big Indian cities)
ACCOMMODATION: cheap ones can be found in Station Rd. 100-500rs Aristo JNC. or double room Manjalikolam Rd with shower

This part of Kerala has a network of canals. The local transportation
is bus boat running on the canals. You are welcome to join the locals on their way home.
HOW TO GET THERE?-bus from Trivandrum or Kochin.

KOCHIN area code 0484
Also here you can find a Portuguese feel, and sea.
Famed for the Chinese nets used for fishing, also has an old synagogue in jewish town alinwilington island.
ACCOMODATION: Cheap GHs on the land part - Ouronkolam. The main TRAIN STATION is there as well.

SEASON : Sep - Mar
BANGALORE (Area Code 080)
The capital of Karnataka ,the most developed city in India.

Famous for its silk and incense, an attractive city with lively markets.
HOW TO GET THERE- many buses to Bangalore

Holy town on the west cost of India. Many temples and wonderful beaches (kotly,om, paradise...).
ACCOMMODATION : There is lots of GHs open during the high season. There are some huts on every beach. In the town -
h NIMMU HOUSE s 50rs(high season price can rise 3 times).
HOW TO GET THERE there is a train station in Hobli 6hr by bus from Gokarna, Also a train from Mumbai, 16hr. If you prefer bus there is a big bus station in Ankola, 1hr from Gokarna. From Ankola buses to all over South India.

The major attraction in the area are the ruins of the old kingdom and the big rock landscape that surrounds Hampi, Known for its hippie atmosphere.
ACCOMMODATION- a smalle village, easy to find a place to sleep for 30-90rs/person.
HOW TO GET THERE?-Hospet is the nearest town, you can get a bus or train to all over South India, If you are heading to the east you will have to change trains in vijaivada (see andra paradesh).


India is not a violent country compared to S. America, middle East, etc.
There is a very low chance of getting heldup but it's still good idea to avoid walking late at night in big cities or doggy areas.
There are many poor people and there are some thieves so lock your room with your own key. be sure not to leave your backpack alone or unlocked on public transportation. Be careful of pick-pockets in crowded places. Stay away from religion/politically tense areas!!!! The most dangerous possibility of being robbed in India is by being cheated when drugged. Don't drink or take food that been offered by strangers! There are always some stories about people who make new friends on the train, accept a drink, and wake up a day later without money.

Indian society is very traditional. I recommend that women dress and behave modestly (shoulders and legs covered), this will reduce the problem of sexual harassment and attention. In the bigger cities you are more likely to see local women in Western style dress. Indian woman never smoke or drink in public. Don't shake man's hand, "namaste" position is well respected and shows that you have made an effort to imitate local custom. Indian women never look directly at the man eyes or sit beside an unfamiliar man on public transport. Young unmarried woman will never walk alone in the street or with a male friend (if you travel with a man It's a good idea to say that he is your husband). Be firm with any man that bothers you. Don't give him any encouragement. And...take it easy.

Andra Paradesh
SEASON : Jun - Feb
Port city used as a gateway to the Andaman island or stop on the rail line between Calcutta and Madras.
ACCOMMODATION-Poorna hotel near the market single 85 rs double 120 rs.
bus no #48 poorna market-port main gate
bus no #6 poorna market-convent jc.(near the rail way station)
bus no #999 central station-Bimilipatanam

Only 37 km from Vizag and you are at a lovely beach.
ACCOMMODATION: At the old port Civil GH has only one room for 100rs,
The Vada lodge has some rooms starting from 60rs.
There isn't much to see beside the sea, TAKE CARE WHILE SWIMMING!

Popular weekends vacation area for young couples from andra.
ACCOMMODATION: Only two GHS 60-150rs depending on rooms.
TRANSPORT: This place is on the way to Korapot(Orisa) and rail services are good. There are some tourist agents who offer guided tours/visits to orissian tribes. On the way to Vizag you can visit the Bura cave(not so well-preserved stalagmite cave)

The train station is on the route between the western rail way (Calcutta- Madras) and the inner south rail way (Karnataka)

SEASON- Oct- Mar
BOMBAY(MUMBAI) (Area code 022)
the main eastern gate to india, one of the biggest cities in the world.
INFO PHONE 8888888.
HIGHLIGHT: Take a walk along Chowapaty beach at night.
ACCOMADATION: the cheapest area is Colaba not far from India gate. The dorm in the red salvation army costs 100-150 rs, there are many other GHs with tiny rooms start from 250rs (exp. sea shore hotel)
the AIR PORT is 13km out of city center you can get there by bus no.#13 from Colaba 21rs, or by taxi 300rs.
Victoria & Church gate RAIL WAY STATION are not so far from colaba , Victoria for trains to the South, Churchgate for trains to the north.

Very interesting area with the famed temple caves. Aurangabad is a good base for visiting the cave complexes, with accommodation options.

PUNE(Area Code 020)
Well known for its ASHRAM nice area in the hills, Recommend that you try and stay in small villages outside the main city..