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Sydney Harbor
   One of the most famous harbor in the world and this must be first on the list for any budget traveler. Cruises are very popular. The most popular ferry company is Captain Cook Cruises leaving from Jetty #6. The most popular cruise is the 'harbor highlights cruise', $18 ($13 student card) takes you past the famous Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Darling Harbor.
Access: Catching a train to Circular Quay to where the ferries leave from.
S Taronga Zoo:
Considered one of the best zoos in the world alongside Singapore and San Francisco. A return ferry ticket and zoo pass costs
$21. Be sure not to miss the afternoon seal shows.
Access: From Sydney harbor, take a jetty #2 to Taronga Zoo. They leave every half hour from M-F7:15, SaSu8:45
S Sydney Harbor Bridge:
The most famous bridge in the world can not only be looked at but can be climbed also. Wearing specially designed 'bridge suits' that make it hard to fall off (I am told), this experience is a must. Call Bridgeclimb on T9240-1100, for a 3 hour climb that takes you to a place that few have been. Prices start from
$98, night climbs from $120.
S Sydney Opera House:
The most recognizable Opera House in the world is a favorite for travelers. Whether just eating lunch on the steps, or seeing a show in one of its five complexes, it is a true highlight. A guided tour, from the main foyer every hour,
S Royal Botanic Gardens:
The best place in Sydney to eat your lunch then these Gardens. Known as Australia's best park(Melbournians might argue), filled with flowers, ponds and an assortment of native life including hundreds of fruit bats. Situated next to the Opera House, on the coast of the harbor there is no better prime real estate than this. Free tours at 10:30 daily.
Entrance free, 6.30-dusk.

S Bondi Beach:
Australia's most famous beach. So famous that the US television show 'Bay watch' was to be relocated here before the hippy type residents held protests and cancelled the idea. In summer the beach is always full and the waves are close to perfect. Great atmosphere in the cafes, pubs and hostels that line the streets. A must for backpackers.
Access: Catch bus #380 from Elizabeth Street,
S Chinese Gardens:
Situated next to Darling Harbor is the relaxing Chinese Gardens at Pier St, T9281-6863. As popular with Asian tourists as it is with Australian businessmen looking for some place peaceful to eat their lunch. 9:30 - 17:00
S AMP Sydney Tower:
on the corner of Pitt and Market Street. Admission is
$10. 9.00-22:30 or why not spend a day up there in the Sydney Revolving Tower Restaurants. The logo for this is "nothing compares" and nothing does in this part of the world. The tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere is pretty hard to miss. Made famous in the new film 'the matrix', the Sydney tower has the best views that Australia can offer.
S Sydney Aquarium: (2002 info)
The world class aquarium takes you under the sea as you embark down the surreal underwater walkways through huge tanks, filled with tropical fish, sting rays and three meter sharks. Penguins and crocodiles fill other enclosures. Admission
$23.00 9.00-22:00, St-$14.00
S Olympic Park:
a guided tour available (leave every 20 min.) of all the attractions and facilities of Olympic
a train from Circular Quay to Olympic Park
S Sydney Bike Tour: T9664-6819.
A great option for the healthy minded who want to see the sights of Sydney on bike. The 3-4 hour long tour,
$49, including a ride across Sydney's harbor bridge. Meet outside Sydney's Hilton Hotel at 9:30,13:30.

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