Sydney, Australia

Area Code 02 US$1=$, May 20, 2000

Food halls in major shopping complexes in Pitt Street are the best option For budget meals, but the restaurants mentioned below are also good value. Asian cuisine seems to be the most readily available and the cheapest in the Sydney area.

r1 Sydney Tower Restaurants: Pitt and Market Street, 11.30-14:.15, 19.00- 21.15, There are two eating levels on top on the highest building in the Southern HemisTere. Level one is an expensive three course meal for $62.50. Lift charges are included but this is still to dear for the budget traveller. However there is a great all you can eat cafeteria where you are situated higher than the more expensive option with lift charges included. For $36 (lunch) and $42 (Dinner)you can eat from a huge range of seafood, grills, meats, asian food and desserts. This is a perfect place to spoil yourself one hungry day
r2 Ippon Sushi Restaurant: 404 Sussex St 11.00-22.30
Chinese, One of the best new breed of conveyer belt dining. Select a moving delight, whereby prices are determined by the colour of the plate. Very popular at lunch time.
r3 Bambini Expresso: 229 Elizabeth St, $3-$9, Focaccia A tiny place that sells excellent focaccia for around the $5 dollar mark. Good choice for the traveller who wants to keep on walking while eating.

r The Bakehouse Cafe, 121 George Street, $2-$7 pastries and pies. 7.30-21.30 A favourite with backpackers. Situated in a great area where neighboring eateries are expensive, the bakehouse cafe offer cheap food with their home made pastries and an assortment of pies. Good courtyard out the back. HIGHLY REC
r The Mercantile Hotel:25 George Street, 12.00-15.30 $5-$12, pub food (steaks, pasta, soups) Great and reasonably priced food in this famous Irish bar. Nachos start at $5 and large steaks from $12. Great place to have lunch than party in the next room.
h Farewell to Arms:, George Street 12.00-15.00, 18.00-21:00, $5-$15 (steaks, pasta, soups) This pub is the oldest in Sydney, established in 1825. Allot of local Sydney people eat here more than tourists, leaving the prices pretty reasonable.

r Haradokei: 58a Bayswater Road, M-Sa12.00-14.30, 17.30-22.00 $5-$8 Japanese A backpacking institution. The owner Takami Yokoyama cares just as much about the customer as he does the food. Don't be surprised if he wants to chat.
r Bourbon & Beefsteak Bar: 24 Darlinghurst Rd,.$6-$15 Meats The perfect place for the after drink munchies. Kitchen is open until 4.00, which explains why I saw night clubers eating pepper steaks at 3.45am. Next door is a nightclub.

r Gabby's Cafe: Campbell Pde $3-$9, Munchies Great location on the beach. A great place to have an all day breakfast. Popular with the local surfers.
r Thai Terrific: 147 Curlewis St, $5-$14, Thai curries, noodles & seafood. Although a proper restaurant, this place has a great and speedy takeaway option. Makes good curries for $7. Good cheap noodles are very handy for taking to The nearby beach.
r Le Paris -Go Cafe: Hall St, T9130-8343, $3-$9, International. Incredibly popular local and backpacker hang out that was constantly full everyday I walked passed it. Great open windows on the streets give it a Melbourne Brunswick St like atmosphere. Highly Rec

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