Surfers Paradise,

Area Code 07, US$1=$, Jun 5, 2000

Most of Surfers Paradise restaurants are rather expensive, due to the high number of wealthy tourists and the growing prices of fresh seafood. The secret is to find the well hidden All you can eat establishments often in the corner or second level of malls.
r Shogun: 90 Bundall Road, 5538-2872 $5-$16, Japanese. 18::00- ., exxcellent surroundings with traditional landscape gardens. Not the cheapest place to go but does have a great 5 course Teppenanyaki dinner special.
r Sun Suki Restaurant: Raptis Plaza, Cavill Mall + the Esplanade.$4-$10, Chinese. 10.00-18:00 The backpacker haven. This food here is all you can eat, meaning for $7.95 You can stuff yourself silly and eat one meal a day. Has over ten dishes on offer, included rice, soup, pork, chicken and beef. Highly Rec
r Hard Rock Cafe: Cavill Avenue + Gold Coast Highway. $7-$22, American style food. The most famous Hard Rock cafe in Australia. Just share some nachos's and Stare at the country's best range of music memorabilia.
r House of India: Raptis Plaza, Cavill Mall + the Esplanade.$5-$11, Indian 10.00-18:00
A favourite for those who want a takeaway curry to eat on the beach. Pretty Good value with curry around $7.
r Tandoori Place: Gold Coast Highway + Trickett St. $5-$10, Indian. A popular take away restaurant. However every night, all you can eat table service feast. $18.95 Fantastic pit stop before a night out. Rec
r Noodle House: Shop 13, RSL Centre, 9 Beach Road, T5592-2488 $3- $6, Hong Kong style. 11:00-18:00 Great option and incredibly popular with both the local sufers and the large Asian community. Rec

r Shooters: The Mark, Orchid Avenue, T5592-1144
20.00-5.00, One of the "Crazy two" places to go to. Has a huge dancing area than a cool cigar bar, where you can play pool until 5.00am. Watch out for the wet T-shirt competition every Thursday night where lady patrons perform to win good prizes. Bring passport for Identification. Most hostels give out free drink cards to Shooters. A big night guaranteed.
r The Rose and Crown: Cavill Mall .20:00-3:00 Known as the warm up bar. A place to go before you really go out. Often have good bands playing. Cheap drinks before 10.00pm. Very popular with Americans.
r Cocktails & Dreams: Level one, The Mark, Orchid Avenue. 9.00-17:00 The second of the "Crazy two". Probably has the largest collection of drunks In one place I have ever seen, but it is always a great night if in a group. Hostels give out free drink cards to here. Rec
r Nellie Kelly's Irish Bar: 9 Elkhorn Avenue. 11.00-15.00, Probably the best place to actually meet and TALK to travellers as the music in the other places is deafening. Has great food. Rec

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