Melbourne, Australia

Area Code 03, US$1=$, Mar 6, 2002

r The Elm Tree: 122 Johnston Street.Pastries Another student institution. A tiny store that sells cheap pies and pasties including their famous beef rissole sandwich. HIGHLY REC
r Kebab House: 312 Brunswick Street. Greek cuisine
Kebabs for around $5, make this a good budget choice. Open until 3.00am which makes it the most popular after pub eatery in Fitzroy.
r The Vegie Bar: address? Vegetarian I have been here on a number of occasions and have never managed to finish a plate. The huge servings and the reasonable prices make this place one of the best options in Melbourne. Highly Rec
r Go Organic: 357 Brunswick St. Natural An extremely healthy alternative with great natural juices. Is very popular
with the hippy types who frequent Brunswick street.
r Garances: 339 Brunswick Street. Pastries A huge around of pies and pasties with nothing over $3.

r Threshermans Bakehouse: 221 Faraday St. T9349-2319, Probably the best eatery in Melbourne situated right outside Melbourne University. Has great long tables and an outside seating area. Mainly supplies filled rolls and soups but don't mind if you sit there all day with a coffee. Highly Rec
r Italian town: on Lygon Street in Carlton Area.
r Victoria Market: Just W from Carlton area ideal place for breky(breakfast) and lunch. Cheap hotdogs cakes pies, coffees, etc.

r China Town: E part of the central district.Many cheap restaurants are in the
r Southgate Casino:
They area many food courts and trendy restaurants

r The Laundry: 50 Johnston St, T9419-5352 A noisy but very atmospheric nightspot which is one of the only places in Melbourne where people come to dance; not to be seen.
r The Evelyn Hotel: 351 Brunswick St, T9419-5500 This is a Melbourne institution. A gritty pub that showcases the best Melbourne bands on a nightly basis. Also has a outside seating area that facing onto Brunswick Street. Highly Rec
r The Punters Club Hotel: 376 Brunswick St, T9417-3006
Once had a reputation of being the roughest pub in the Fitzroy area, but has toned down in recent years. Makes an effort to show hard rock bands that have not yet found much audience. A loud and active night. Probably the only place in Melbourne where they will refuse entry for wearing a suit.
r The Provincial Hotel: 229 Brunswick St, Ph 9417-2218
Has become very trendy in the last few years with the opening of a great restaurant. Still manages to draw a crowd every night of the week to the nightly entertainment.
r The Night Cat:141 Johnston Street, T9417-0090 A great place for a first date. Sit in comfortable leather couches as you listen to great jazz and blues. A good place to socialise with friends. Rec
r The Tote: 71 Johnston St, T9419-5320 A fairly gritty pub that prides itself on giving any new band the opportunity to play. Is one of the most respected pubs in Melbourne because of this. Dress not to impress.
r The Dan O'connel: 225 Canning St, T9347-1502
The Irish centre of Melbourne has tens of thousands of people spewing outside of it on St Patricks Day. Probably my pick as the best pub in town, with its two distinct sections. The dark and smoky band room and the well lit public bar where you can chat on the German like beer tables.
Highly Rec
r The Clyde Hotel: 385 Cardigan St, T9347-1874, Probably the most popular hangout for Melbourne Uni students. Is designed similar to a German beer house, with a long tables in a straight and narrow room. Has a nice beer garden for those hot days, and very cheap snack food such as hot dogs chips, wedges, etc.
r The Prince Alfred Hotel: 191 Grattan St, Ph 9347-3033
Some nights this Melbourne Uni hangout will be full, other nights totally empty. But if you catch it on a good one there are not too many better places to go. Has a very young crowd and sometimes they will open upstairs and have funnel competitions (who can drink one can of beer poured down a funnel the fastest).
r The Depot: 60 Swan St, T9427-0500 Pubs line the streets of Richmond but this is the best place to go. Has a
footy club feel to it, with a great outside beer garden but tends to have pretty bad 80
's music.
r Geebung Polo Club: 85 Auburn Road, T9882-7388
Has the greatest amount of beers and ciders on tap in Melbourne. A lot of money has gone in to this pub, which is probably why it is full most nights. It is hard for a pub 15 mins from the city to attract a crowd, but the Geebung seems to do it.
r The Esplanade Hotel: 11 Upper Esplanade, T9534-0211. The icon of Melbourne pubs. Three years ago this pub was going to close, but because of the public outcry was saved and has thrived ever since. Always gets
the best domestic and international bands to play, but Comedy day on Sunday is the most entertaining place to be. The view from the window can match any in Australia.
Highly Rec
r Pugg Mahones Irish Pub: 106-112 Hardware St, T9670-6155 One of the most popular backpacker destinations as it advertises all through the hostels. Monday night is always full because Backpacker night has cheap drinks. Is open late most nights.Rec
r The Melbourne Metro Nightclub: 20-30 Bourke St, T9603-4288 The sheer size of the address gives you an indication to as how large this place really is. Has four levels which all look over a dance floor and stage. Despite the topsy turvy opinion to whether or not this place is ?ool it always seems to be packed with young people.
r The Lounge: 243 Swanston Street, T9663-2916
If you think the entrance way looks scary wait until you go inside and see the cliental. It has an excellent veranda where the alternative crowd can enjoy the dark and dodgy atmosphere.
r Revolver Upstairs: 229 Chapel St, T9521-5985. Try hard trendy Chapel St is saved by this place. Has the best young D.J.'s and bands and a fantastic crowd.

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