Melbourne, Australia

Area Code 03, US$1=$, Mar 6, 2002

There is a huge range of budget accommodation in Melbourne with many hostels. St Kilda used to be the backpacker capital because of its proximity to the beach and the great pubs that surrounded it. However more recently the northern suburbs
such as Brunswick, Fitzroy and Carlton are proving just as popular and in my opinion, closer to what Melbourne has to offer.

h1 Hotel Bakpak: 167 Franklin Street. T9329 7525
dr - $17 - 20, s$35, d$50, La,K,CTV,I, C

Probably the future of hostels. This huge complex has a cinema, cafe, full gym, basketball court and table tennis tables. More like a health club than a backpackers hostel, it offers free airport pick up and has an excellent tourism desk.
Highly Rec.
h2 Green House: #228 Flinders Lane, Middle of the city., off from Swanston St The building houses a police station on the ground floor. T03-9639-6400,, dr$18+ 30 min internet free for the guests
h3 The Friendly Backpacker: 197 King Street Melbourne VIC 3000, dr$21/p, $133/week, Quite good. It is located at the edge of the town but it is close to Victoria market, the casino and Spenser station
h4 Exford Hotel: #199 Russell St. Melbourne VIC 3000, (cnr Little Bourke St) dr$12+A hotel for backpackers just above a noisy pub in the China Town.
h5 Global Backpackers: #238 Victoria Street+Elizabeth Street, In front of Victoria MarketT9328-3728, dr$13+, The. If you enter the pub at the ground floor on Monday before 17:00, beer costs just $1
h6 City Scene Backpackers: 361 Queensberry St, North Melbourne. T9348 9525 dr $16 d$36, K, La, F, TV, C3 Situated in a more quiet part of town, this newly built hostel is a good option. Just around the corner from the Queen Victoria Market and the Greyhound bus terminal it is handy for travellers and people who want the cheapest and freshest food in Melbourne. A free pick up from the airport is available at certain times. REC
h7 Carlton College Hostel: 101 Drummond Street, T9664-0664 dr $15, s$25, d$20, K,TV,La,I,C4. This is a great option if you are travelling in summer, when the students move out between mid November to Mid February. It is very clean and in a great area just a few minutes away from Lygon Street. Rec
h8 The Royal Derby Backpackers: 446 Brunswick Street, T1800-777-052 dr$16+, d $32+, K, I, La, CTV, F, C3 A hostel that is on top of one of the best pubs in Melbourne which is on the best street in Melbourne just has to be good. Brunswick street is the arty/student mecca that seems to attract Backpackers as well, making this the closest hostel whats happening around Fitzroy. It might get a bit noisy because of the pub downstairs but this is a party hostel and probably the best in Melbourne. HIGHLY REC
h5 Nomads Market Inn: 115 Cecil Street, Ph 9690-2220 dr$15+, d$35+, Bf, La, K, CTV, I, C3. South Melbourne is a nice tree lined suburb, that is filled with parks, markets and newly renovated pubs. Situated next to the Albert Park Grand Prix trak (Early March) it made a name for itself catering to the rev heads, but is now considered one of the best Nomad hostels in Australia. It has a few luxuries like a spa, bar, free BBQ on Sundays and free beer on check-in. REC
h9 Nomads Pint-on-Punt: 291 Albert Street, T1800-737-378 CTV, K, I, La, C3 Like the name suggests this hostel is situated on type of a great Melburnian pub, and that what really makes this a great place to go. The bar downstairs is known for its local live music and the TRAM #19 outside is just a ten minute ride to the city and closer to Carlton. This is a hostel where it is easy to meet people. Rec
h10 Coffee Palace: 24 Grey St, T1800-654-098, dr$17 d$35, K,La,F,TV,C3 This is one of those hostels that prides itself on partying. Every night there is a theme whether it be the Thurday night wine tasting or the Saturday band night. Can get a bit noisy but is easily the best option in the hostel packed St Kilda area. Incredibly popular in
the summer months.
Highly Rec

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