Melbourne, Australia

Area Code 03, US$1=$, Mar 6, 2002

To me, Melbourne is the greatest city in the world. I have been to over 30 countries in the last two years and I always end up comparing the great cities like Paris, Cuzco, Madrid,@New York, etc to Melbourne. As you can probably tell I am a Melbournian. But why do I@love it and how can I explain why all budget travellers should visit here, after all it does not have the great all year weather of Surfers Paradise and Cairns, or the
attractions of
Sydney. But it does have style, which gives it an exciting atmosphere that has made it@the friendliest and most relaxed city in Australia. I have met backpackers who had@planned to stay in Melbourne for 2 days and are still here 3 years later. It is the cultural@centre of Australia with the best universities, theatres, pubs, art@houses, festivals, sporting@events that Australia has to offer. So why go to Melbourne? Because every other town in@the country is trying to keep up with it.

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