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i Information office: At Bourke St Mall& Melbourne Town Hall
$ Exchange:
AE American Express:233-239 Collins Street. T9633-6322
M0 Post office:
Bourke + Elizabeth Sts, If this is still under renovation. The temporary office is on Little Bourke St, one block away. M-F 9-17:30, Sa 9-16:00, Su 10-16:00
P Police station:
H International Medical Centre: 4F 250 Collins St, T1-800-777-313, 8-17:00,
H Swanston Clinic: 2F, 55 Swanston St. T1-800-677-177, 8:45-17:30
E1 USA: Level 6, 553 St Kilda Road,(P.O. Box 6722, Melbourne, VIC, 3004 Australia), T9526-5900
Canada: 112 Camberwall road, Hawthorn East, Victoria, 3123 T9811-9999
UK: 17th Floor, 90 Collins Street. Melbourne, Victoria, 3000. T9650-3699
France: 492 St Kilda road, Melbourne Victoria, 3004, T9820-0921
Japan: 45F, Melbourne Central Tower, 360 Elizabeth Street, T96393244

A Airport: facilities?
No train line connected to the Tullarmarine Airport.
A taxi
$25, Good value if there are 3-4 of you travelling
The Skybus,
Connecting between the airport and the town center.
OW$13, RT$22, 24hr, at least every 30 min or more
Met bus
$3.90 cheap but this drops you off in Moonee Ponds (a northern suburb), where another bus or tram must be taken (no addition price however).
T the Spencer Street train station. Domestic and
interstate trains also depart from here.
B the Spencer Street Bus station.

Local Transport

The Met is the public transportation system. Met buses, trains and trams are included when you buy a met ticket. Trams, which are a Melbourne icon criss cross the city and are the most pleasant and convenient way to travel. There is a free tram that circles the city. These are purple and are not hard to find.
Met Info Line - T131 638
The Met Shop - 103 Elizabeth St, Melbourne.
Tickets can be purchased in Zones. Zone 1 is the city area. Zone 2 is any where
from 20-60 minutes outside of the city and ZonCity transport

The fare depends on the zones. You can change transport but you have to validate your ticket every time you take by putting it through a validation machine on board or at a gate. The inspection is frequent. The routes and the time tables are available on web.
Short Trip ticket
$1.8, Available only for trams/buses and from the driver. You are allowed to change a bus/tram once within a same zone and good for the distance between 5-9 bus stops.
ZONE 1 ZONE 1 2 ZONE 1+2 ZONE 2+3 ZONE 1+2+3
2 Hour $2.60 $1.90 $4.50 $3.70 $6.10
Daily $5.10 $3.5 $8.20 $6.80 $11.00
Weekly $22.20 $15.20 $37.60 $32.30 $46.00

Many discount tickets are available

Black Cabs - T132 227, Silvertop Taxis T131 008

m Queen Victoria Market: Elizabeth Street + Victoria St. The face of Melbourne and the largest market in the Southern Hemisphere see Sight page

January Australian Open Tennis Championships:
February Honda Yarra Valley Grape Grazing Festival: Entrance fee $20? Valid for all vineries and 3 wine tickets.
Australian International Air show:
Chinese New Year Festival:
March  Foster's Australian Grand Prix: Ground entrance fee is about $80
The Melbourne Fashion Festival:
Moomba Festival:
held on the banks of Yarra river. Fireworks
The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival End of March - early April 
April Rip Curl Pro and Sun Smart Classic: Surfers' festival
August Melbourne International Film Festival:
September Australian Football League Finals Series: Footy Foot ball series which make all football funs crazy
October  Melbourne Festival: Art Festival, lasts for 2 weeks. Many performances such as drama, concert, dance, etc., including free exhibitions are held through out the city.

@ Internet @
Internet cafes can be found easily in town. The costs are about $5/hr. It is also available at some libraries, but browsing only. Ones of the cities are cheaper than ones of rural areas Usually the speed is ISDN level. DSL service is getting popular. Discount may be available with its membership.
@ Global Gossip: A bit expensive.
@ MTST Center:

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