Cairns, Australia

Area Code 07, US$1=$, May 25, 2000

The best value meals are often connected to staying at certain hotels. For Instance by staying at Calypso Inn you are entitled to a $5 all you can eat dinner. Also if you stay at the Tropical Backpackers Resort or Castaways Backpackers you are entitled to a free meal at the woolshed. The pubs in Cairns offer great value lunches for around $5 dollars.
r The Woolshed: 24 Shields St, 5:00 - 3:00, $3-$8, International Even if you don't stay at the hostels mentioned above for a free dinner, all hostels give out discount vouchers to the woolshed which enables you to have a $4.50 dinner. The Woolshed sells fatty snacks outside until 3.00am, for all those drunks who have the munchies.
r Cock & Bull: Grove st (next to the Calypso Inn Hostel), 10.30- 1.00 $4-$15 International The $5 lunch time menu is very popular with nearby hostels and offers a great value with huge servings of pasta, curry, sausages or the best priced fish and chips in town. Rec
r Fox & Firkin: Lake St.+ Spence st., 11.30 - 1.00, $4-$13 - International Probably the best pub in Cairns and one of the last remaining Queenslander Pubs, which are huge and have great balconies to eat upon. There is a $5 lunch menu which offers big portions of reasonable food. Many hostels give out vouchers for a free pint with pub meal. Highly Rec
r Tropical Arcade: Shields st + the Esplanade
Asian 12.00 - 2.00, This very popular arcade is filled with fill your plate Asian shops, whereby you buy a plate and put as much food on it as you possibly can. A great choice for before and after party dinners. Rec
r The Grand Hotel: 33 McLeod St. $4-$17 International 11.00-01.00 The most famous pub in Cairns, mostly because of the Crocodile Bar, an eleven meter hand carved crocodile where patrons put their drink. Upstairs is the biggest balcony in town and a great place to eat, watching the townspeople go by.
r The Beach Hut: The Pier Marketplace, Seafood 1
$7-$20 2.00 -21.00 Known for its fresh seafood, but its main asset is its view of the boat harbour. Often serves buffet lunches and dinners and although not cheap at around $20, still a great place to treat yourself. Rec
r Cairns Central Food Plaza: Cairns Central Shopping Centre.10.30 - 19.00 $3-$10 Various food outlets dot this shopping plaza, including the old backpacker Favorites McDonalds, Red Rooster and Muffin break. Also has some reasonably cheap Bakeries selling cheap pies and pasties.

r The Woolshed:
The place to be. The owners have been very clever joining with hostels to offer free meals and drink cards. Even on a Monday night, when the whole town of Cairns is dead, go to the Woolshed and it will be packed to the rafters with backpackers. Locals do not go here, mainly because the bouncers don't let them.
r Fox and Firkin:
It has the best verandah in Cairns, that looks out over the streets below and the incoming planes above. Has pretty cheap food, serves tradition Irish beer in pints (including a Firkin pint), and is a good place to chat.
r The Underdog
Very popular with the young locals. Has probably the best beer garden in Cairns and frequently showcases local bands outside. Often sells cheap burgers and sausages on the front lawn.
Highly Rec
r Tropos Nightclub
The nightspot where the locals tend to go. It is a bit cheesy and it does look like the people who want to come here are looking for short term relationships, but in a group it can be fun. The entrance is directly opposite Fox & Firkins, which makes it a good option after a cheap meal.
r The Sports Bar: Not really considered a trendy place to go, but does cater for the backpacker. Most nights it has a cheap drink policy which does draw a crowd. Then later in the night prizes and pretty dodgy competitions (horseback rides on girls) start. Can be fun.

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