Ayers Rock,

Area Code? , US$1=$, Jun 1, 2000

S Ayers Rock Climbing Ayers Rock is one of the highlights of my travelling life, but these days it is rare to get an opportunity. The climb is closed if the weather is over 36 degrees (which it often is), if rain is forecast or it is too windy. $15 entry to the park and $25 for the transport with Uluru express (see Transport). The hike takes around about 2 1/2 hours (although the record for climbing it is 14 minutes). Make sure you bring sturdy boots and at least a litre of water. To the astonishment of the Americans there is no kiosk at the top!
S The Olgas:
Considered the little sisters of Ayers Rock, the Olgas are smaller split rocks which form windy canyons. My guide said that more people walk through these canyons then climb Ayers Rock. Uluru Express offers a basic package for $40.
S Hiking Tour
?utback Safaris (T1800 138 476) offer a fantastic 3 day tour for $235. This includes a camel ride, a hike through the Olgas and Kings Canyon, an Ayers Rock climb, and traditional bush tucker meals under the stars.

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