Ayers Rock, Australia

Area Code?, US$1=$, Jun 1, 2000


h2 Outback Pioneer Hotel & Lodge:
dr$25 (20 bed dorms) dr$31 ( 4 bed dorms) - (Discount for YHA members) I, La, a/c, C4
This is the most popular option for budget travellers, and the best nightspot at the resort. It has a pool, bar, huge beer garden and BBQ area and three restaurants. It has 125 standard hotel rooms, but does offer 12 (4 bed) dorms and 4 (20 bed) dorms. The rooms have a/c are very clean. The check in desk is like a five star hotel, with an excellent tourist agency next door. Live music is played every night. Highly Rec
h3 Ayers Rock Campground,: T1-800-089-622
Non powered camping site - $11, Powered site - $26, Cabins (6 person) - $120 I, La, C3. The cheapest option at the resort is the basic but well run campground. Tents can be hired in Alice Springs for around $10 a day at most of the hostels mentioned in that section. A warning- Despite the fact that Ayers Rock often exceeds 40 degrees the nights can be bitterly cold, so if in a tent remember to bring a warm sleeping bag. Also check for nasty creatures in your tent before turning off the torch.

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