Alice Springs, Australia

Area Code 03, US$1=$, May 29, 2000

There is not a huge range of cheap restaurants in Alice Springs. Food courts in major shopping centres offer the best value and there are a few cafes in Todd Mall that are popular with backpackers. In keeping to tradition I still insist that the Pub meals at the tradition Aussie hotels are the best option for both meals and entertainment.
Alice Plaza: Todd Mall, 9.00-19:00, $3-$7 - Various A typical food court that has cheap Indian, Italian and Chinese meals. Probably the best option (besides the supermarket) for those on a strict budget.
The Saloon: Todd Street , 11.00-01.00
$4-$15 - Pub meals A rustic nightspot that offers good valued steaks and the coldest beer in town. Not a very cheap option but handy to eat here than stay and listen to the live bands that play most nights. Rec
Todd Tavern: 1 Todd Mall, 11.00-01.00, $4-12 - Pub meals Known as the most popular pub in town and the place where locals tend to come. Has reasonable food and good proportions but nothing beats the $15 Monday night
that includes a three course meal and a movie ticket and the nearby cinema. Rec
Scotty's Tavern: Todd Mall, 11.00-01.00
$4$12 - Pub meals A very popular establishment situated in Todd Mall. There is a bar often full of locals and also an outdoor beer garden where the meals are best eaten. Great for having lunches under the shade of the VB umbrella's. Rec
Stuart Arms Hote: 1st Floor Alice Plaza, 11.30-01.00 $5-13 - Pub meals Known as the best nightspot in town it also offers good value meals.
Red Dog Cafe: Todd Mall, 08.00- 19.00 $2-7 - Various This cafe is always busy which is a testament to the great food it offers. Most meals are eaten in the outdoor seating area. The most popular dish seems to be the all day
breakfast meal which is a typical Aussie baked beans, sausages, tomatoes and bacon dish. Not very healthy but a backpacker favourite after a big night.
Red Rock Backery: Todd Mall, 8.00-19:00, $2-6 Pastries A good range of tradition pies and pasties. A great place to stop, spend $3 for a pie and drink and keep on walking around town. I have always said that bakeries are the best place for backpackers to eat and the Red Rock Bakery is no different.

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