Alice Springs, Australia

Area Code?, US$1=$, May 29, 2000


h1 Malanka Backpackers: Todd Street, T1800-815-066
dr $14, s-$32, d $36 La, Tv, F, I, C2.

Considered the party hostel of Alice Springs it has a huge bar, nightclub and a great beer garden facing the street in the centre of town. However the dorms are very cramped and it can get noisy. Does have nightly cheap meals and a very good tourist agency.
h2 Toddy's Backpacker's Resort: 41 Gap Road, T1-800 806-240
a/c dr$10-12 (4-8 bed), s$36, d136 La, TV, ,I, C3

Well run and friendly hostel about a 10 minute walk from the centre of town. Has a very good social area including a pool table, table tennis table and TV room. Also has all you can eat dinners which is great for the budget traveller.
h3 Pioneer YHA Hostel: Parsons St + Leichhardt dr$16, s $28 La, TV, f, I, C3, From the outside it doesn't look very nice, but when inside you will discover a hidden garden with a swimming pool and comfortable rooms. Has a very good travel agency inside. Situated in the heart of town this is a good option. Rec
h4 Todd Tavern: 1 Todd Tavern, T8952-1255 s $39, d$60 La, a/c, I, C3 An excellent option for people who want to stay in reasonably cheap accommodation in a tradition Northern Territory Hotel. The Todd has a good restaurant, large bar area, TAB and bottle shop. Situated next to the often dry Todd River it is right in the middle of town. Don't miss the Monday night special, when $15 entitles you to a three course meal and a movie at the nearby cinema. Highly Rec
h5 Elrika Mote: 65 Bath Street, T8953-1370 s $62+, d $100+ La, a/c, I, C4 For a little bit of comfort in the heat this is the cheapest option in the three to four star hotel range. The staff are very friendly and the rooms are very clean. Rec

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