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99.11.15: peter talbot<>

Mae Hong Son, Thailand Part II
I would like to know if you would have a local travel agency to recommend while I visit Bangkok,I would prefer booking Chiang Mai and Mae hong Son while being on the spot and being able to discuss my itinerary with someone who has local

From Editorial
Very sorry we don't have the information about local travel agents. There are many travel agents in Bangkok in various classes. We know some only for backpackers. If you are looking for the tours for this class, you may head to Kaosan Road area in Bangkok. There are many tour agnents which
give you the information to you and book it for you. We cannot recommend any. It is possible to leave the day later. However there is no reason you have to book a hill tribe trecking in Bangkok. You can do it in Chiang Mai or Mae Hong Son. You can check their services, such as equipments, routes, guides, etc which are very important for the trecking. Also you can talk to people who just came back from their trecks. Again you can take the tour the day after you arrive so you don't lose any time at all.

One possible problem is the issue of drugs - ie opium. Many treks actually include opium trying as part of their tour, however, they won't necessarily tell you this. This is one aspect you should check out. Their are a couple of guesthouses who promote non-drug tours, these often take families.

If you want to use a reputable in the West travel agent there is a branch of STA in Bangkok, please check the internet for details.

Have a great trip

99.11.12: Werner Ganser<>
Guest House in BAngkok, Thailand
well done guide, but the staff at shanti lodge is very friendly
and the place is highly recommended.


99.11.12: peter talbot<>
Mae Hong Son, Thailand
I will be in Bangkok on the 14 of January and I would like to see you about a trip to "Mae Hong Son".I'd like to go one way by train and come back by plane or vice versa;to and from
Bangkok.I would like to take a tour and have accomodation in"Mae Hong Son. Only 1 person. I will have about 5 days to do the trip. If you could email me in the meantime that would set things up and maybe give me some ideas about the plan.
From Editorial
Mae Hong Son is the one of the center of trekking. You can visit many villages of Hill tribes, such as long neck tribes. I think there is no train service to Mao Hong Son, you can take buses from Bangkok or Chiang Mai. We don't have any information about Mae Hong Son but it has many GHs and trekking agents. No problem to go there alone. No problem to choose tours. Many people taking tours every day. It seems to me three day tours are very popular. Trekking agents show many photos to explain what they offer. Please choose one with a licensed guide.


99.11.12: Tony Freeman<>

Islands in Tahiland
I'm traveling to Thailand in December, to meet some friends in Koh Pnangan for Christmas & New Year, but after the new year I want to travel somewhere less developed and a bit more 'of the beaten track'. I have spoken to a few people, and read numerous books but haven't decided where to head for.
Koh Tarutao looks like it could be the place (koh bulon, but any suggestions on where is really worth seeing before it gets spoilt would be much appreciated. I will only have 2 weeks in
January, so can't travel to far as I've got to be back in bangkok for 15th Jan....

Thanking you in advance...

99.11.07: Editorial
New Info of Cambodia
Dave reported Pailin Cambodia. See Hot Info Dave

99.11.7: Koryn<>
Koh Tao, Thailand
Please can someone advise where I can BOOK accommodation in Koh Toa for the Xmas New Years period.
From Editorial
I am very sorry we don't have the information of Koh Tao. But I don't think it is difficult to get accommodation without reservation even in X-mas period. Many GHs don't take reservation. If you want to secure the room. You may try to contact travel agents in Bangkok. Some agents have that type of service. Only problem in Koh Tao is that many cheap GHs are for diving courses. You cannot take those rooms without joining the school. Rooms for non-divers are limited in the central area or they are far from the center.

99.11.7: Tom<>
Cambodia and Laos
I will be in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos for two months. Concerned about safety and health in Cambodia. Any good traveling tips?
From Editorial
Generally speaking, those three countries are quite safe countries. But there are a few points you have to take care. Motor bike thieves are quite common through out these area. 2 guys on motor bike snatch bags from your hands or baskets of the bicycles. Specially Saigon in Vietnam is very famous. Malaria is common in certain area such as Angkor Wat area, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

99.11.7: HAASICA PHAN<>
I and my whole family are thinking about taking our first trip back to Cambodia after 21 years away from the country and we need as much we can from air fares down to travel tips and the safety in the country. We have relatives in the rural areas in Battambang. Please write back with info.
From Editorial
There are many information for Cambodia in our site. Please check Hot info "Dave" and "Ute" and travelers memory "Dave". Those pages contains a lot of tips. And more infor have been waiting to be up in our site. I think I can put those up until the end of this month.

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