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Aug 99

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99.8.X: From Net

Is Myanmer cheaper than Thailand????
I want to travel Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia for 4 weeks overland? Any tip?

From Editorial
You need much more time to travel. With 4 weeks, you can pass them though, but not enjoy them.

The route is not so good either.
From Laos to Vietnam, there are only 2 borders opened to foreigners, Lao Bao and Cau Treo. Both are middle of Vietnam. Either you go up to Hanoi or down Saigon, you have to have a 24 hours backtrack.
flying back from Vietnam is also expensive.

If you know more about traveling Laos.

For Vietnam


99.8.X: From Net

Is Myanmer cheaper than Thailand????
What is the accommodation like????
Any useful information would be most appreciated!!

From Editorial
Much cheaper in Myanmar than Thailand. I travel in Thailand $12/day and in Myanmer in $8/day. but in term of quality, Thailand wins.
if you are interested in Myanamr travel info.


99.8.X: From Net

Which is the best,Dalat or Sapa

From Editorial
Definitely Sapa is the best. Dalat is the resort for Vietnamese honeymoon couples. Sapa is more for foreign travelers taste.
If you still interested in Dalat, we have the information of it, but no info for Sapa at this moment.



25 Aug, 99: Tara Stephens<>

Nepal/India from Korea
I am a Canadian, currently living in Seoul, Korea and am planning a trip to India and Nepal. I've read over and over that September is a bad time to travel there but I was wondering if there were any regions I could head to for a few weeks until the nicer weather hits in October. Also, I was planning on a three month trip but a two month ticket is at least $200 cheaper, and my budget is only $1200 (the plane ticket goes on VISA) any advice?

From Editorial
In most of the SE Asia during September it is still a rainy season. Bit it is not so bad weather to travel unless a typhoon comes. Could you give me more details about your fight cost. Is it from Korea to India? 3 month is the minimum length of traveling for India and Nepal. India is big. Many are traveling for more than 3 months. Nepal is also very interesting country. If you have only 3 months, I recommend you to go India and move to Nepal when the weather gets better and come back to India to finish your trip.
From Tara
hello Andrea and Taka, yep, the flight is Seoul- Bangkok -Delhi at 750,000 won, or 960,000 if I take more than three
months. I'm not doing SE Asia this time around, I'm just concentrating on India and Nepal and have already considered doing what you suggested, India--Nepal during the better weather, and then back to India. I'm trying to stay mostly in Northern India because I couldn't afford my shots for the south, and because of my limited time and money. Luckily I am part of SERVAS, an international
homestay program so I will hopefully be getting the most of my time there. I think that I'm going to try and stay in Korea for September if I can get a private teaching job and make enough money to pay for at least part of my flight.
I originally planned on going home to Canada in December but now I'm considering returning to Korea and working until my plane ticket runs out. It's pretty much up in the air right now but my biggest problem is choosing the two month or the more expensive one year ticket...I guess I'll just have to
wait and see. I think that if I left in September I would definitely opt for the three month ticket to account for bad weather, etc.
I was wondering if you knew or could get me in touch with someone who knows the details about getting a VISA for India and China (specifically Tibet, I heard it's pretty tricky).

Thanks for your help and I'll definitely be back
on the site soon cheers, Tara

From Editorial
If you go only India and Nepal, I think you use the RT ticket from Korea. It will be cheapest way to do.
For India visa, contact the embassy in Soul or take it in Katmandu. It is very easy to take it. it is only 6 month multi-entry visa is available. for the fee, you may see any of our page of the capital cities, such as BKK, Vientiane, Laos, you can get some idea.
For Tibet, first you have to go to China and have to take a tour of Tibet. No separate visa to Tibet. It is a part of China but no independent travelers allowed. However once you enter Tibet, you can travel relatively freely.


25 Aug, 99: james heale<>

For the first time trip to SE Asia
any advice for a first time traveller doing the rtw route (south east Asia - Aus - NZ - s.pacific) going solo!!! ice first nights/days and best flight deal etc., aim to depart 14/9/99. all visa etc. sorted.

From Editorial
Regarding to your questions, please tell me how long are you planing to travel, what your budget level you want to travel, which countries you want to travel etc..

Generally speaking, for the first time travel, security is the most important you have to concern. We don't recommend to visit Cambodia because if you see Angkor Wat, all other sites in SE Asia will be nothing for your eyes.
You have to make a route. You can go to most countries from BKK.
For the best deal with accommodation, visa, flight cost, etc. we have all you need, please look our pages.

25 Aug, 99: Gabriel Lau<>

Dalat Vietnam
I went for a good day of hiking with Dat Nam Tours (part of the Action Dalat group), I would recommend their service to anyone who is looking for something different from the usual Kim/Sinh Cafe day tour and to those who enjoy outdoor activities. They have one day or overnight trekkng tour, abseiling and canyoning.

Dat Nam Tours, Ltd. 73 Truong Cong Dinh, Dalat
Tel (063) 829422,


23 Aug, 99: John Sachs <>
Weaving in Laos
Could you tell us the information of weaving in Laos?
From Jenise
Northern Laos and Southern Laos each have very different styles of weaving. In Southern Laos, they mostly use backstrap looms (where the weaver sits on the floor with the loom tied around her waist). In Northern Laos, they mostly use frame looms (more modern looms with pedals), so they can make more complicated designs than in the South. They also use more ikat dyeing, etc. I, personally, liked the Luang Nam Tha area weaving -- using design sticks. It's complicated and very slow, but I enjoyed learning it. I've heard that there are programs(short-term) for foreigners to study weaving in Luang Prabrang, but I didn't ask there. I just got lucky by meeting a friend of a friend, but I would imagine that if she asked in Vientiane or Luang Prabang, she would find something.
Also, if she's interested in studying the backstrap loom in the south, the manager of a hotel in Pakse (I think it's called the Residence du Champe or something -- it's one of the two 5-star hotels in the city, the one further out of town listed in the Lonely Planet) could bring her to a village 50 miles out of Pakse for the price of renting a car. He offered to drive me, find me a family to live with and a teacher, and translate for the first day. It's best to go there directly to talk with him.
Good luck!

23 Aug, 99: Ian Holdsworth <>
Vietnam to Cambodia
I was told before I arrived in Vietnam, that a Cambodian visa would cost US$25. When I applied for the visa in Saigon, I was charged US$40!! I don't no werther I was taken for sucker, or if they have different prices for
different nationalties?? I applied for the visa at 10:00am and picked it up that afternoon at 4:00pm. Most of the cyclo driver's in Saigon know where the consulate is. Sinh Cafe in Saigon and the Capitol Guesthouse in Phnom Penh have a bus service between Saigon and Phnom Penh. It costs US$12 and takes about 7-8 hours.

Ian Holdsworth, Brisbane - Australia

Aug 26, 99: From the Net BBS
Traveling Thai - Cambodia - Vietnam
I am planning to travel from Thailand to Vietnam via Cambodia overland. Any suggestion?
Flights from Vietnam is very expensive, no discount fare. If you can, you may fly into Vietnam with a discounted ticket and leave to Cambodia overland.
The fare from Vietnam to BKK, you can find it from any travel agents because it is normal fare. For the fare from BKK to Vietnam, please look our information of airfare in BKK.

Aug 26, 99: From the Net BBS
Boats in Laos during rainy season.
How the rain affects in boat traveling in Laos?
Rain affects a lot in boat traveling in Laos.
The speed boats don't have roofs. When it rains,you will be completely wet. If your boat did not reach the destination, you have to sleep on the boat without any dry cloth.
The slow boats have roofs and a lots of holes on the roofs. Again the roofs will not help you so much. It is very hard to predict if you will be caught in rain on the journey before you take the boat. So you have to prepare for the rain. You cannot keep your rain coat in your big bagpack because it will be tied with rope and cannot take it out from the bag.

Aug 22, 99: Imran Ayub<>
Hotels in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
I am visiting bali in sept please help me to kind good hotel (cheap) in Danpasar
From Editorial
There are not many budget accommodation in Denpasar.
Kuta is the best place to stay near the Denpasar. I think you are confused because the airport is called Denpasar, but in fact Kuta is about 2 km away from the airport. Most travelers stay in Kuta. We have very detailed information of the budget accommodation in Kuta. Please check our Kuta page.

99.8.17: Gabriel Lau<>
Tour in Dalat in Vietnam
In Dalat Vietnam, I went for a good day day fot of hiking with Dat Nam Tours (part of the Action Dalat group), I would recommend their service to anyone who is looking for something different from the usual Kim/Sinh Cafe day tour and to those who enjoy outdoor activities.They have one day or overnight trekkng tour, abseiling and canyoning.
Dat Nam Tours, Ltd.: 73 Truong Cong Dinh, Dalat
Tel (063) 829422


Cambodia Update
Exchange Rate $1=3,800+Riel

It is a rainy season in Cambodia, but during my 8-day stay in Cambodia, I had only 2 rainy days. The rains were very short, only 30 min to 2 hours. But the people traveled from Thailand overland, had difficulty of traveling because many bridges were swept away. They had to wait for a long time until they were repaired.

There were many mosquito, but the Gh supplied mosquito coils and I had spray. i did not hear anything about malaria.

99.08.15: Wally Learoyd<>
Comment for ITIS Travelers
By far the best travel net I have seen--like to see India and nepal up soon if possible. An excellent guide to S.E. Asia--especially accomodation and food prices.
Perhaps a great air link page may be useful with current prices, surely airlines would sponsor something like this.

99.8.16 Willie <>
Overland from Thai tp Cambodia
in response to i neuman re Thailand to Cambodia and Vietnam, I second the editors opinion, you should avoid the overland from Bangkok. It's an aircon minibus from Bangkok to the border, at which point you experience a sudden descent into hell. Worst road on the planet, they
should use it as an advert for offroad vehicles. This is based on personal experience. I've spoken with people who've done it the other way and it's apparently much easier.

99.8.16 Willie <>
Teaching English in SE Asia
I'm working my way through Asia teaching English, and would appreciate any info anyone has on opportunities in Viet Nam, the Philippines, Indonesia or Laos. Thanks.

99.8.12 Ute
Road to Angkor from Thailand
People should go as far as Sisophon from Poipet and just get another truck there. It's easy and about 150
Baht inside the cab, otherwise 380 Baht via the Mafia).

99.8.12 Tom
New Border Opening time
VNong Khai - Vientiane is now open 06:00-20:00

99.8.6: Kimiko
New GH in Hue, Vietnam
10/4 Nguyen Tri Phuong St.near Binh Minh Hotel
Hue city Vietnam
(TEL)84-54-833298 (FAX)84-54-833298
f s$5-7, d $5-8 a/c s/d$10 dr $2.5, $2(mattress on the floor when it's full.)

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