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South-East Asia
June 98

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I Travelers Report Jun, 98
Burma-Thai Border at Mai Sai, Thailand
You can visit Burma for a day from Mai Sai, - pay $5, and when you return to Thailand, you will get a new 1 month Thai visa.

? 3 Jul,98: Roberta Griffith(
Flight cost from USA to BKK, Thailand
I would like to travel to Bangkok on August 22 from Houston, Texas and return on August 30 or 31. Can you help me? What is the cheapest fare? (My son is in Taipei and I would like to meet him in Bangkok).


M 25, June, 98, Esther Garcia-Sutter(
Travel companion to Vietnam?
I am a Swiss/Spanish female
I am traveling to Vietnam from 980718 to 980818 and I am looking for a travelmate to go backpacking off the beaten path. Anyone?

? 98.6.24, Maria Svensson<>
Regarding to Asia. Advice please.
I LOVED Asia and want to go back there. If you have any suggestions of what to do. Please, give me some advice

I Roxanne
Laos Embassy in BKK from Khaosan Rd.
Boat from near Democracy monument to Ramkhamhaeng, you have to change half way and continue on to Ramkhamhaeng but get off at Wat Teplila. From there a motorbike taxi will take you to the embassy for 20 baht. There and back only costs 66 baht and it's a lot quicker than in the traffic.

I 6 June, 98: Andy(
Thai Consulate in Vientiane, Laos has moved -
It's now at the Thai Tourist Authority Office, Lane Xang Road, oppositie the Lao Tourist Office. The procedure is completely different to before and the visa costs 300B

I 5 June,98: Amy
Public transport to/from Malaysia's new int'l airport
The airport will open on June 29.
Commuter train and shuttle bus: RM6.50
Stage buses (has 2 stops along the way): RM7.70
Express buses - semi-luxury: RM18 - luxury: RM25
Taxis (budget)
(KL to airport): RM55
(airport to KL): RM65
(return trip): RM98
Taxis (premier) (KL to airport): RM66
(airport to KL): RM88, (R/T) : RM140
Regular taxis(only KL to airport): RM46
Not including surcharges.

I 3 June, 98: JPcube (
Lao Textiles
The Lao textiles are truly beautiful, and while you may see many unique and exceptional items in Vientiane both in the market and at the established textile stores (including very old pieces), I think the best variety and certainly the best prices are to be found in Luang Prabang. Laos from Vientiane would tell me otherwise, but my experience was the opposite.
I flew from Vientiane to LP, despite having been informed by folks in Nong Kai (Mut Mee Guesthouse -truly a great place to hang)that the Lao Gvt. had to send the French aircraft maintenance personnel home because of lack of funds. As I understand it, they are currently cannabalizing parts from other planes to keep Lao Aviation afloat. No problems on
the flight, however. The first time I've ever been given a frozen rock-hard solid refreshing towelette, though. In shopping textiles in LP, perhaps the best deals are to be had in a couple of the small weaving villages nearby. In town and at the market, prices aren't much higher, but the
selection is not quite as good. I saw at least one stall in the LP market with prices for antique pieces in US $. Stay clear. The asking prices were about 10 times what you should pay. I purchased about 20 pieces, both new and old, and spent a
maximum of about US $25 for any given piece. It was difficult to determine the ages of pieces, even though I speak Thai (Lao is very similar) and discussed the age and quality and origin of the works when I made purchases. While I had consistent responses for different types or classes of items, these all seemed a bit inflated. Interestingly, age did not always or even often contribute to higher prices for a given article. This also seemed to be true for silver pieces that appeared to be old (and probably were). They would just put them on the scales and sell at the prevailing price for silver. I used to wholesale South American handicrafts, etc., so I'm no fool (nor extremely adept) when it comes to buying from the source.So far I've only talked about buying buying, but the people are phenomenally honest and warm, and made the trip a real dream. I'd enjoy sharing more with anyone interested. I'm especially interested in talking with someone who has a background in indochine textiles. I bought a few local publications in Vientiane, but humans can be more fun than books at times. I may also do "show" of the works I purchased in either Los Angeles or Portland, Oregon, if anyone is interested. Also, anyone know much about really old silver pieces (fetishes?, old silver ball currency, etc.)

Answer from Andy,ITIS
boat from Vientiane to Savannahkhet - no boat was running at the time of research. Regarding getting a Vietnam visa - take the visa info from hot info section for Savannahkhet and Vientiane. Cambodia visa is easy to get in Vientiane.

I 2 June,98: Neil (
Flores boats, Indonesia
Guessing that you have not visited Flores before, it should be possible to hire or travel on a boat from Lubuanbajo to at least Reo, from where I believe boats travel regularly on to Riung. It's a great place for snorkelling and studying fiddler crabs! The local fishermen may take you further
around the coast from where you can head south to Kelimutu (not sure about how), otherwise it's a fairly painless bus via Ende (may be possible in one day) to Moni. Try and stay in Maria's Guesthouse, if it's still there, for beautiful
food and a beautiful family: at least they were in 1995! I hope to cycle around Flores next year so any updates you can e-1-mail me after your trip would be appreciated.

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