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March 2002

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Mar 2002

? 2002.03.20: Maria <>
the Rock Backpacker in Koh Phi Phi?
Could you please find e-1-mail address for the Rock Backpacker in Koh Phi Phi Thailanbd.

? 2002.03.18: Chris <>
Any good place in Thailand?
Looking travel to Thailand soon for a month, has anyone got any stories or some good chilled place to see and be!

? 2002.03.07: Jeanette Iversen <>
Help for Danish Cafe in Nong Khai, Thailand
I wood like to know, where I can find something about a danich baker in Nongkhai?? Can you help me with this?




2002.03.06: Cheng Ch'ng Yih <>
Nakom Phanom, Thailand?
I'm planning a trip down to Nakhon Phanom (Thailand)in two weeks time and would like to see Laos. Could you recommend to me the best way to get to Vientiane from Nakhon Phanom. Could you also tell me how long it will take and how much it would roughly cost.
Am also planning to go to Luang Prabang from Vientiane and I heard that there are speedboats running along the river. I would like to know how long will the journey take and how much it will cost.
From Editorial
I am not sure where is Nakhon Phanom personally but it could be one of the entry point to enter Laos if you have a visa. If so just a short boat trip over Mekong river.

The way to travel Laos need planning before you enter Laos. Laos is a long country from North to South. It is not a good idea to enter in the middle of the country which require a long back track. It is not comfortable to travel in Laos so if it is possible you had better enter either North(Chiang Kong) end or South end(Chong Meh).
Between LP and Vientiane, I am not sure there is a fast boat service because the road between the two major town are very good most of the people take a bus. If you insist to take a boat I think you have to charter the boat. Once you go to Vientiane, please ask the question at the tourist information. They are very helpful.

I 2002:03.01: Ian Austin>
Gili Trawangan, Indonesia was a fantastic place to visit. We stayed for a week at the Hotel Villa Ombak, which is at the upper end of the price scale but well worth it. Obviously the lifestyle is a lot quieter than Bali. The things that made it great for us were the snorkeling and the scuba diving. Being novices, you can have training and introductory dives with the dive staff at the hotel. The diving is great, with turtles so close you could touch them (we didn't)so many different types of fish and coral, sharks (a bit freaky on your first encounter). The snorkeling was also great, you can see heaps just off the beach. We also liked the fact that the Island wasn't that busy (stayed in April) and that there are no cars or motorbikes. The people are friendly and not over the top trying to sell you things like on Bali or Lombok. It doesn't take long to walk around the whole island. The food is great too. The other place I would recommend if you travel to Lombok is Kuta beach. We stayed at the Novatel Coralia in a Sasak style hut/room, (expensive) but if you want to live like the rich and famous for a while it's the place to go.

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