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Are you traveling in SE Asia or planning to travel there soon? If so we would really appreciate it and it would be useful for other travelers if you sent us information from your trip or were willing to join our 'On The Road' team - sending emails while on the road. Please email us if you can help.

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M 2002.06.16: Andrea <>
Frittomisto Villa, near Krabi, Thailand, is 3 stars level only, but the management is European and I think that our village can be appreciated by the Japanese customers of middle level, therefore I am trying to get contacts with Japanese T.O.
1- where you are ? - we are in the new big Hotel area, between Pavillion Qeen Bay and Krabi Thai Village; you can check our web site Map: " - Where we are - Map -" Free pick up service from Krabi Airport.
2- there are sea view room in Frittomisto ? - we have about 12 - 16 rooms with a little sea view, but because of the palm leafs sometime it's not possible; it is possible all the time for 3-4 rooms only, ... so I prefere don't say nathing to the guests in this case.
3) You have 2 pools - is one larger, maybe Olympic sized? - no, I am sorry; they are both about 18 x 8 meters.
4) Do both pools have sunken pool bars? - the sunken pool bar is in only one pool. ( - Services - Swimming pool )
5) Do the pools have children's areas? - no, they have not, I'm sorry.
6) Are there any children's play areas or activities? - starting from next August it will be operative a games room.
7) What is the difference between the guest rooms - please give details, especially about use of quality materials such as decorations. Please also state whether rooms offer interior table and chairs, private balconies / verandas, shower only, - all our rooms have private veranda or balcony with table, armchairs or sofa, -interior table and armchairs, shower only, - the difference are:
1- Standard rooms - about 5 x 4.50 meters - standard equipment and view.
2- Superior rooms - about 5 x 5 meters and upgrade quality materials decoration and view.
3- Deluxe rooms - about 5 x 5 meters and top decoration and view ( 3 of them on the sea corner too ).
4- Suite - about double 5 x 5 room with top decoration and view (3 of them on the sea too)
- You can check the inside decoration and forniture rooms level on the web ( - Booking - Movie )
Room Charge: LS1,800+, MS2,400+, HS3,000+
8) Are the phones IDD? - yes, we have IDD in all the rooms.
9) Which credit cards do you accept? - Visa - American Express - JCB.
10) Enquiries / reservation requests to
11) The fax number is +66 75 637691

I 2002.06.13: Melissa Crawford <>

Seam Reap, Cambodia
Prices quoted here differ from my experience (renting moto and drivers for the day to the temples) I spent 18 months in SR and found $6-7 per day was as low as drivers could go while still earning a living. It's good to remember that they are often supporting a number of people on this meager wage. It seems paying a few extra dollars on top of this or giving a decent tip is makes all the difference to these families. ...just something to think about. Would you work for that per hour let alone per day??

If your after a good FUN guide try calling MR BEE on 012)951672
He's a great guide and makes your trip to Angkor fun!



2002.06.13: Ian Atkinson
Bus from Suratthani train station to Koh Samui
I would like to book travel for myself and some friend to travel from Surat Thani train station to Samui. Can you please advise me what options there are. I would like to know the cost and times.
Earlier this year I travelled on Seatran between Surat Thani and Samui. Is this still an option and do you have information?
I wish to travel from Surat Thani train station on 24 June 2002 (05.30am) and return from Samui on 17 July 2002 (2.00pm).

From Editorial
No need to book the bus in advance. There are a few different ways to travel the train station to Koh Samui. Please look our Suratthani page for the details.

M 2002.06.12

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2002.06.11: Deepak
The Cheapest way to Japan from India
We r 3 girls trying to get to Japan, anywhere in Japan, as cheap as possible. At the moment we are in Darjeeling and we are thinking of flying from Katmandu. We haven't found anything cheap so far, so if you could please give us any information it would really helpful. Even flying from Calcutta to Bangkok and then Japan. The cheapest way.

From Editorial
I am not sure how to get Japan cheaply from Darjeeling. But the cheapest airline is Biman Bangladesh.
I know the airfare only from BKK to Narita, Tokyo, less than US$300 for the round trip.
You may be able to take the airline from Calcutta, Katmandu or BKK.

I 2002.06.06: Cindee
Departure Tax in Denpasar, Indonesia
Hey cool site. One thing, the Int'l departure tax in Indonesia now is rp 100,000. Just got back from Bali last Sunday.



2002.06.03: Simon <>
Is it possible to go to Mymnmar and back without problems and how is it with visas:Can I get one in Khao San road BKK?
Are Andaman islands accessible from Thailand too,or just from India?

From Editorial
I don't know the visa requirements for your nationals, however it is true that it is possible to go to Myanmar for most of the nationals. You can get the visa at the embassy or from the travel agents in BKK(Khaosan Rd.) Please see our BKK page for more details.
You can enter to Myanmar only by air. Yangon and Mandalay. You probably can use only Yangon.
You can visit Andaman islands from Thailand without visa. But only a day trip. We don't have the information at this moment but I have heard many have tried.

M 2002.06.02:
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M 2002.4.22: Nam Ling Leung <>
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M 2002.05.29: Lisa, <>
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2002.5.29: Brandt <>
Thunderstorms in Indonesia
I have a very particular question. I would like to know if in January, during the wet monsoon-period, it is true that there are daily thunderstorms in Borgor in Indonesia. This is because I want to pay a visit to this town in order to experience as many Thunderstorms possible within a period of two a three weeks. I hope very much that you can give detailed information about this or give me an email-address of somebody who is able to give me that information.
From Editorial
I cannot guarantee it but it is quite often you can see thunderstorms.
In SE Asia, you can see thunderstorms often in the rainy season. For example May to Oct in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Singapore. Once the weather is unstable, you can see the thunderstorm every day. But I say the chance is about 30%.



2002.05.27: Aril <>
Ubud, Indonesia
Hello, I am very interested in travelling to Ubud, I am a visual artist/writer and musician. I am really looking for a place that I can stay for a month. I hear June has an arts festival. Can you suggest any place to stay for a month that is beautiful yet affordable. I read the Indonesian dollar amounts but didn't know the current exchange. I guess what Im looking for is a place that I can get some creative work done and at the same time not be too far away from a good cafe.
Please let me know, since I am thinking of coming in June. ALso if you have any suggestions on airlines, please let me know.
From Editorial
Regarding to your questing, please let me ask you a few question.
1.) How much is your budget per day in US$
2.) How big for the room do you need for your artistic work? Do you need a studio apart from your bed room?
3.) What type of cafes do you like? There are a few nice cafes in Ubud.



2002.5.24: samantha gray <>
Visa for SE Asia
I am taking a year out after university and am going to work in Australia for 6 months before flying to Hong Kong and then making my way overland through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia.
What is the best way to go about getting visas for Cambodia and Vietnam as I will not be able to apply before i leave Britain.

From Editorial

For your plan, you can take a visa for Vietnam in Hong Kong. Then you can take a visa for Cambodia in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. For Thailand and Malaysia, you don't need any visa before you enter these countries. You can get them on the border, unless you are planning to stay in Thailand more than 2 months. If so you can apply the 2 month visa in Phnom Penh. ITIS Travelers provides most of the visa information on our web site. Please check the pages for Hong Kong, HCMC and Phnom Penh.



2002.05.09: Andrinna <>
Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
My b/f and i are planning to backpack to Phi Phi Island on July 31st to August 3rd 2002.
I heard that there are 2 islands in Phi Phi, one is Phi Phi Leh & another is Phi Phi i right?
Could u recommend us which island is the best for backpackers on budget ways.
Anyway, I've been one of the island few years back in 1996, there are rows of stalls/bazaar selling knicks-knacks,bakery & restaurants too.
Also, there is a PADI Diving Centre.
Just couldn't recall which island is this. Would appreciate if anyone could assist us on transports, budget accommodations & etc. Last but not least, are there any full moon party held on July 31 till 3 August 2002 and where would it be the funkiest place to party hard! :>:>

From Editorial
We have a lot of information to plan your trip to this island. Please look the page first.
The island you can find accommodation is Phi Phi Don only. No development is allowed on Phi Phi Ley. There are many PADI centers on Phi Phi Don. However the season you are planning is not so good for the islands in the west coast of Thailand. It is the middle of the rainy season. The islands on the east coast do not get rain so much in August.

? 2002.05.05: Maxine <>
Bentan, Indonesia
I am requestion photos and information on Bentan island , Can you please help that is all I want. Thanks

M 2002.04.30: wu <>

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M 2002.4.05:RedRiver Tours <>
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2002:04.24: Azidin <>
How to get from KL to Koh Samui???
Could you please give me an advise on how to get to Koh Samui from Kuala Lumpur, I mean the best way and convenience since there's no direct flight from KL to Samui. So I am thinking of using the ground transportation instead. TQ.

From Editorial
here are many ways to go from KL to Koh Samui.
The easiest way is by train. Take a train from KL to Butterworth and change it to one to BKK. You get off at Suratthani. From there you take a bus and ferry to Koh Samui.
I just finished the research this area. The information will be up to our site shortly.



2002.04.24: Justin Maritz <>
Diving in SE Asia
I am travelling Thailand at the moment and would like to do a live aboard dive trip for a couple of days, however it seems that it is very costly from most places. Do you have any recommendations for doing a live aboard to the Similan Islands.

The best place for diving interim of quality of diving and the costs, I think Koh Tao is the best. Koh Samui is a big tourist destination and many people come here for diving but the most of the diving spots are quite far from Koh Tao. Koh Phi Phi is also good place but it is the most expensive place. So my choice is Koh Tao.
Similan Island is also good place but the season has been over. You have to wait until next December. Currently the best place is E coast of Malaysia or Thailand.t



2002.04.19: Tom <>
Leaving for the "NAM" on the 5th of May and need the latest info on the immediate area of HCMC on crime, pick pockets, etc. All info will be greatly appreciate of any type! Thanks in advance by all who care about travelers.
From Editorial
This city is famous for bike snatchers who come from the back by motor bike and snatch your bags, cameras, etc. You should be careful specially when you cross a street.



2002.04.11: Deborah Widjaja <>
Singapore to Koh Samui
Could you please give me more information about taking a bus to Ko Samui, Thailand from Singapore? Like how many people would fit, and whether the fair included a return trip as well. Please contact me as soon as possible as I am trying to arrange a trip there for my friends on the 25th of May.

Traveling from Singapore to Koh Samui by bus sounds quite hard to do. I guess it may takes almost 2 days to complete. Unless you find a direct tourist bus from Singapore, you have to travel to KL or Butterworth then to Hatyai in Thailand. You take a minibus to Surat Thani, then change to a boat to Koh Samui. I recommend to break journey at several places. Normally the bus fare is one way fare. You can find the round trip fares only for the VIP bus between Singapore and KL. A big bus can take 24(super VIP) to about 50 for lower graded ones and minibus can take around 20.

M 2002.04.10: cheong <
Mini bus in Penang, Malaysia
I want to complain on Penang mini bus no:29, they refused to take passengers. today I saw 4 of no:29 mini buses hiden in the housing area at Relau area. No bus is passing by and the residents there need to take a taxi to work.



2002.04.03 Craig <>
Boat from Indonesia
I'm travelling to Bali, and need an "onward ticket" to satisfy immigration requirements. I'm curious if you can, or know someone who can, acquire for me a valid boat ticket from Bali to Malaysia (anywhere) to depart Bali on or around June 10th? If yes, what are my options and what are the associated costs?

From Editorial
I don't think if there is any scheduled boat running from Bali to Malaysia. It is simply too far. You have to travel to Sumatra to take a boat Malaysia. We don't have any information about the boats from Sumatra but the prices can be checked on the pages of Melakka and Penang in Malaysia.

? 2002.03.20: Maria <>
the Rock Backpacker in Koh Phi Phi?
Could you please find e-1-mail address for the Rock Backpacker in Koh Phi Phi Thailanbd.

? 2002.03.18: Chris <>
Any good place in Thailand?
Looking travel to Thailand soon for a month, has anyone got any stories or some good chilled place to see and be!

? 2002.03.07: Jeanette Iversen <>
Help for Danish Cafe in Nong Khai, Thailand
I wood like to know, where I can find something about a danich baker in Nongkhai?? Can you help me with this?




2002.03.06: Cheng Ch'ng Yih <>
Nakom Phanom, Thailand?
I'm planning a trip down to Nakhon Phanom (Thailand)in two weeks time and would like to see Laos. Could you recommend to me the best way to get to Vientiane from Nakhon Phanom. Could you also tell me how long it will take and how much it would roughly cost.
Am also planning to go to Luang Prabang from Vientiane and I heard that there are speedboats running along the river. I would like to know how long will the journey take and how much it will cost.
From Editorial
I am not sure where is Nakhon Phanom personally but it could be one of the entry point to enter Laos if you have a visa. If so just a short boat trip over Mekong river.

The way to travel Laos need planning before you enter Laos. Laos is a long country from North to South. It is not a good idea to enter in the middle of the country which require a long back track. It is not comfortable to travel in Laos so if it is possible you had better enter either North(Chiang Kong) end or South end(Chong Meh).
Between LP and Vientiane, I am not sure there is a fast boat service because the road between the two major town are very good most of the people take a bus. If you insist to take a boat I think you have to charter the boat. Once you go to Vientiane, please ask the question at the tourist information. They are very helpful.

I 2002:03.01: Ian Austin>
Gili Trawangan, Indonesia was a fantastic place to visit. We stayed for a week at the Hotel Villa Ombak, which is at the upper end of the price scale but well worth it. Obviously the lifestyle is a lot quieter than Bali. The things that made it great for us were the snorkeling and the scuba diving. Being novices, you can have training and introductory dives with the dive staff at the hotel. The diving is great, with turtles so close you could touch them (we didn't)so many different types of fish and coral, sharks (a bit freaky on your first encounter). The snorkeling was also great, you can see heaps just off the beach. We also liked the fact that the Island wasn't that busy (stayed in April) and that there are no cars or motorbikes. The people are friendly and not over the top trying to sell you things like on Bali or Lombok. It doesn't take long to walk around the whole island. The food is great too. The other place I would recommend if you travel to Lombok is Kuta beach. We stayed at the Novatel Coralia in a Sasak style hut/room, (expensive) but if you want to live like the rich and famous for a while it's the place to go.

I 2002.03.25 <>

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