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South-East Asia: Feb 2001

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? 20001.02.28: M. Norrgren<>
Laos to Hanoi
I'm interested in knowing what way I should travel when going from Laos to Hanoi, and where visas are most easily obtained. My second question is what way You recommend when traveling from Chiang Rai into Laos, and if it is possible to arrange Lao visa at the Thai/Lao border
From Editorial
Regarding to your first question, Laos visa can be obtained at the border to Laos, Chiang Khong if you enter from North, but you have to use a agent which costs more money. If you don't have any time, you may take this option, but if you have 2 days in Bangkok, you may take the Laos visa in BKK. The information is BKK embassy info page.
For Vietnam, you may apply either at BKK or Vientiane. Both same prices and takes same days, 5 days normal and express service is available with extra fee, which info is also on the same page or Vientiane embassy.
Regarding to the route, entering from C. Khong, to N. Laos is not bad choice. You don't need to take a backtruck. Then you move to Vientiane, then you have two choices.
Savanaket to Hue via Lao Bao or Paksan to Hanoi via Cao Treo. There is a report from a person who took the route from Hanoi on the Vietnam general page, border crossing.
But both are hard work. You probably need a few days to recover.

? 20001.02.28: ANDREW PANOS <>
Mail cost from Romania

? 20001.02.28: sven <>
Help for Suwalesia
Hi I am new with this but I am hoping to visit Suwalesia (specifically Buton, Kabaena and Hoga), and Ii was not sure how directly affected they are by the civil unrest in Indonesia at the moment? could you tell me if there is a significant risk? cheers for the help.

I 2001.02.28: Yamanoto

New Bali, Indonesia Information 2001. Jan 10
Exchange Rate in Ubud T/C $1=9490Rp, yen=80Rp

Many road construction in Ubud. The roads gets bigger and Many dirt roads are now paved and wider. Many shops are opened. The the local shops and local restaurants are charging same prices but ones for the tourists raised their prices very much.
Transport cost
Generally speaking the fares are being increased.
Airport shuttle between the airport and Ubud now charging 90,000(last year 65,000)
Parama bus Kuta to Sanur Rp10,000
Kuta to Ubud Rp15,000
Kuta to Lovena Rp40,000
Picing up at your hotel adds Rp3,000
Rooms without hot shower Rp30,000+, with Rp50,000+
Traditional dance, musical performances increased by Rp5,000 from last year. Now many charge Rp20,000 to Rp30,000

M 2001.02.28:
The Boat Landing Guest House
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20001.02.02: George <>
Vietnam: Any advice for senior couple.
Reading an article in The Sunday Telegraph, re: budget holidays in Vietnam. I would be pleased to receive any information, in regards to the above.

My wife and I are in our seventies, and would be interested in a possible 10 to 14 days holiday, in Vietnam, this year, maybe before July.Your advice about such a holiday would be appreciated. Yours sincerely,

From Editorial
Regarding to your question about your trip to Vietnam, before I give you any advice, please let me know more about you and your wife.
1.) Have you ever been any Asian countries before?
2.) Are you familiar with Asian food?
3.) How much do you think you can walk a day?
4.) How much can you endure hard trip?

My biggest concern about your trip is transport. The transport in Vietnam is not good at all. Since you have only 2 weeks to go around Vietnam, transport will be more crucial issue for you.
If No 1 question is NO, I would say, not go to Vietnam. I say choose Thailand or Indonesia(Bali) instead. Vietnam is not easy country to go around, language issue, attitude issue.
Vietnamese food is very delicious but if you are not familiar with Asian food, I am not sure if you can enjoy their food. If you can, you have to eat Western food which is available in Vietnam.
Most cities, you probably need local transport, cycle rickshaw(sorry I don't know the spelling.) You have to negotiate the fare with them. It is a pain. You have to expect to bargain hard.
The long distance traveling systems are buses, trains, planes. Both buses and trains take time and very tiring. You had better to take planes. They are expensive, but at least comfortable and fast. If you think you can endure a bit more, you may try to take trains. But it takes 48 hours to travel Saigon to Hanoi.
If you take a flight to enter Vietnam, buy a open jaw ticket. Enter either to Hanoi and leave from Saigon(Ho Chi Minh city) vice versa.
If you have any more questions, feel free to do so.

? 20001.02.02: abe rubinstein <>
Help for Melacca, Malaysia Shoemaker
Can anyone tell me if there is an email address for Wah Aik Shoemaker at 92, Jl. Hang Jebat, Malacca, Malaysia? I would like to contact him via email, to acquire a pair of Baba slippers that was mentioned in an internet, article. I am interested in purchasing this and would appreciate any lead that might accomplish this search.

m 2001.02.02:

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m 2001.02.02: Martin Musselmann <>
we want to start a campaign of tourism this and the next year for tourism to Myanmar
please see our German and English webpage
we make a coverage of the whole country with the tours we have prepared
we are also building a web page about climbing and trekking in Peru and the Andes, please visit us:



20001.1.10: barry Parker<>
Hotel in Borobodor, Indonesia
I've been trying to contact the Manohara Hotel in Borobodor, but can't get through on the telephone. Is it still in business?

We are planning to go to Indonesia for the research 2001. We will try to do the best to find the answer for you.



2001.1.10 fredrik hedman<>
Charlies Beach Resort
Hello!! I wonder if i can book a room or bungalow at Charlies Beach Resort on internet.Hope for a quick answer!! best regards Fredrik

Regarding to the Charlie's Resort, could you please tell us where the location for it. If you are looking for a guest house in SE Asia, very few GH will accept reservation. You have to come here to take a room. Most cheap places will not accept any credit cards, it is one of the reason you cannot make any reservation for cheap accommodation in SE Asia.

? Jan 03, 2001: Franco <>
Travel companion for China wanted
I will travel in China in 2001 spring. Is there somebody interested to go together???

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