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South-East Asia Nov 2000

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? Dec 25: Mark Edwards:
US citizen in Laos?
I am trying to find out if a US citizen is allowed to cross the border from Thailand to Laos at Huay Xai. Most of the travel info I've seen says it is possible, but an American at the US Consulate in Vientianne just told me it is not allowed. He said they stopped allowing US citizens about 6 months ago.
From Editorial
Regarding to your question, as long as we know we have never heard of it. We don't know the situation for US citizens but many European and Asian citizens are traveling Laos as usual. This may be the result the bombing incidents. US government issuing the warning not to travel Laos.
Currently a Dutch traveler sending his travel information to us, which you can see in our "HOT INFO ON THE ROAD" section. I will send him tonight and ask him the current situation.

? Nov 12, 00: Dennis
Help for Poipet
I need to go to Poipet, Cambodia in the near future. I would like to know if some kind traveller can tell me of any decent guest houses & internet cafes there. Many thanks, Dennis
From Editorial
We don't have so much information for Poipet. This is a border town and many Thais go there for Casino. Some travelers reported there are a few guest houses and some travelers stay here before they take one of the worst roads in SE Asia. But we will do some research in our next research.

? Nov 11, 2000, Marc Vivijs
Help for KL
we will stay in Kuala Lumpur between 18 and 25 December and we're looking for a nice resort in the environment of KL.

Requirements include:
- children friendly (we have 3 kids between 1 and 4 and a half); at least swimming pool with slide - easy access from KL International Airport. Can you advice us a resort suitable for this and if yes can you give us a price-indication for 5 people (2 adults - 3 kids)

? 00.11.05. Iboris<krijnpepping@hotmail,com>
Weahter in Cambodia???
I am in Bangkok at the moment and want to go to Siem Reap, Cambodia over land (Poipet). Does anyone have (a source of) information about the current situation concerning the roads and safety from Poipet to Siem Reap? In a bigger scheme; how bad a the floods of the Mekong river in CAmbodia and South Vietnam at the moment?

? 00.11.04. Diane Lydon <>

Weahter in Cambodia???
I am interested in learning the travel status to Seim Reap and Ankgor Wat given the heavy rains and flooding that occured. Also, best way to travel from Bangkok and to return to Chaing Mai. Thanks

From Editorial
Regarding to the travel status to Cambodia, I can give you the general information because I cannot be in Siem Reap all the time. During rain season, usually till November, it is not impossible to visit Angkor Wat. However we recommend to avoid this season if you can because heavy rain and flood occurs any moment. If you are thinking the overland from Thailand to Siem Reap, you may get the up-to dated road condition from travel agents in BKK which organize the transport.

There are buses, trans and flights to connect BKK and Chiang Mai. I cannot say which one is best for you. It depends on your preference. We have some information for the transport, including the time, cost, etc, in our web site. Please judge by yourself. If you want to save money from BKK to CM, the private bus leaving from Khaosan Rd is the cheapest, from 100B(shop around in Khaosan Road.)

? 00.11.02. kate lewis <>

What to take for Traveling in Thailand
I'm going to Thailand next week for two months. I need some advice on the most important things to take or things that are advisable. E.g should I take a mobile phone with me?Is it a good idea to become a member of the youth hostels before I leave and how do I do that if I should? and lastly what types of shoes are the best , are trainers good enough or should I invest in a pair of walking boots, do I need sandals with ankle supports? As you can tel I very unorganised and probably should have found these things out already. Thank you for your time and help. Kate

Regarding to the mobile phone, we don't know if you should take one. Only things we can say to you that there are many telephone booths with which you can use locally and internationally. There are not many IYH in Thailand. There is one in BKK but the price for the rooms are much more expensive than the private ones. It is very humid and hot in Thailand so most travelers are wearing sport sandals, TEVA for example. One you arrive to BKK, you may visit Khaosan Rd where you can find cloth, foot ware, etc which you need to travel Thailand.
If you have any further question, do not hesitate to ask to us.

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