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South-East Asia Sep, 2000

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? 00.09.19: Alica <>

Travel route in SE Asia
I'm looking for several different ways to get between each of these destinations.
Kuching-Kota Kinabalu, Kota Kinabalu-Penang, Penang-Melacca, Melacca-KL, KL-Phuket, Phuket- Chaing Mai, Chaing Mai-Bangkok.
Car, bus, boat, elephant, does not really matter.

Can anyone help me???

I 00.09.19: JoseRamsn<>
New info for Siem Reap
Hello : in the first place, I want to congratulate to you for your web, and to give you the thanks for the information that I obtained there, that resulted to me very useful in my last trip. Well, I am a Spanish guy that it was travelling during 35 days, in July and August of this year, through Thailand and Cambodia. I want to send to you some information of Siem Reap by if it can be useful to some traveler. I saw a pair of GH in Siem Reap, called
Sok San and Sunshine. Rooms from 3 to 5 $ ( it is possible to bargain ), fan or A/C, shared or attached bath, clean and friendly staff. Also, I cand send more information about some places like Khao Yai National Park, Phitsanulok, Mae Hong Son, or Koh Tao in Thailand. Regards to all the backpackers travelling around the world

I Ian Holdsworth <>
Visa for Cambodia
I was told before I arrived in Vietnam, that a Cambodian visa would cost US$25. When I applied for the visa in Saigon, I was charged US$40!! I don't no werther I was taken for sucker, or if they have different prices for different nationalties?? I applied for the visa at 10:00am and picked it up that afternoon at 4:00pm. Most of the cyclo driver's in Saigon know where the consulate is. Sinh Cafe in Saigon and the Capitol Guesthouse in Phnom Penh have a bus service between Saigon and Phnom Penh. It costs US$12 and takes about 7-8 hours. I have some photo's of the border crossings and the roads, which I will put into a webpage when I get the chance. Email me if you have any more questions.

Ian Holdsworth, Brisbane - Australia

I 00.8.25: Rob

Thailand is great.
Thanks for your return email, received it on return from Thailand but that's OK. Good idea to have world wide internet email for travellers. It is good to know something about a country before you arrive. I enjoyed Thailand and would love to go back - Stayed at
Newrotel in Bangkok and I can tell you that it was excellent. Very good price @ 625 Baht per day and clean, very
honest and reliable. Good rooms with shower and airconditioning and TV if you like that. Close to the centre of B. but really quiet for sleeping. Good breakfast and low priced quality meals in restaurant. Family feeling.

Went also to Kanchanaburi stayed at River Kwai Village Hotel. If you want somewhere to stay to relax and regenerate this is the place. I had a room right on the river. You can get Tradional Thai Massage as well. Airconditioned bus from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi costs aonly 68 Baht from Southern (Phra Pin Klao) Bus Terminal.

You have to watch it in Bangkok at the moment because there are lots of friendly Thai strangers that approach you and in the end want to sell you something. If you go to the Grand Palace or Wat Po they will meet you near by and tell you that it is closed. They'll offer to take you some place for a very low price in tuk tuk (2-5 Baht). Don't listen to them. It's just rubbish.

If you stay at the Newrotel you can catch express boats from the Oriental pier about 2 minutes away. It costs 6-10Baht to travel as far as Nothaburi stopping at piers on both sides (Thonburi also) of the Chao Phrya River. It's easy to do and the Thais at the piers will telll you which boat is the express one. After the first one you'll be a master. Pay on the boat just tell the conductor.where you want to go.

Thailand is amazing !

By the way if you really need to be repaired from the ills of the western world go and find Sittichok at Wat Po for Traditional Thai Massage. He is a master and will definately change your life for the better.

Yours, Rob

? 2000.8.1: jordan<>
Sari Java Cottages?
I really need to find out the phone number of "Sari Java cottages" in kuta, bali. in a gang off poppies 1i really need the phone number of it. thanks

I 00.07.14.: Deborah Palm<>
Gili island, Indoneisa
I wanted to add a restaurant on gili trawangan, Indonesia: the restaurant in the villa Ombak, in my opinion it is the best on the island. excellent western and Indonesian food.

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