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I 00.01.26: Walkabout
Cambodia Now
There are many out of the way places in Cambodia that are very safe and worth seeing. You can go to Siem Reap via Battambang, Train and boat. Kampot and Sihanoukville on the South coast are very accessible. If you want to fly, I suggest Rattanakiri or Steung Treng, North or N/East both hardly seen by foreigners as yet.

? 2000.3.26: Kyle MacLeod<>
Surfing and traveling in SEA
I'm interested at doing some surfing/traveling in southeast asia. If anyone has tips on places to go or cheap acommodations, I'd love to hear from you

M 00.02.24.: Christine <>
New Guesthouse in Kamphaeng Phet, N. Thailand
We just started a guesthouse, Teak Tree Guesthouse, in
Kamphaeng Phet, N. Thailand, and were wondering how to go about getting it on your website. Because of our newness we're not in any guidebook and might not be for a year or two, plus few tourists have stayed with us, simply because they don't know about our guesthouse (add to that the fact that Kamphaeng Phet is off the beaten tourist track so we don't get lots of tourists anyway). There is lots to see in Kamphaeng Phet and certainly
worth a stay of 1 or 2 nights on the way up to Chiang Mai or Mae Sot. This is a small town with no real tourist office that could hand out brochures. We'd love to be added to the selection of guesthouses in Thailand on your web site. And your web site was very helpful to me and seems to get lots of hits from budget travelers.
Here's our web site, for more info, in case you're interested:

M 2000.3.14: stu<>
Travel Companion for SE Asia
I am currently planning a trip around Asia, but need to find someone to come with me. I have heard that there are internet notice boards to find a travel companion, but do not know of any. If you can help, please send any info to the above address,thank you.

I 2000.03.01: k.k
Laos New Report
Thank you very much for your help.
I just came back from Laos I would like to report some information.
$1 = 7520kip
A1 Thai Baht = 200kip
Bus cost from Vientiane to Vang Vieng 5000kip
GHs in Vang Vient 30000kip
The most of information for Vientiane in ITIS were correct.

2000.02.24: Editorial
Good news for Vietnamese Visa
We heard a report that the Vietnamese visa no longer has to specify the entry/exit points. After some research we found out that some application forms still require entry/exit points to be written, but issued visa doesn't actually specify.
It is a very welcome development. We hope they lower the visa cost next.

Recent Info in Chiang Kong
For the last 3 days there were heavy rains, today twice, really huge
rainfalls, so I am very much worried that I can not take a truck up north
from Huai Sai anyway. Will see. I will try to do Pakbeng, if not after HX
then at the end.
Info about internet in Thailand: cheapest is at the Post & telecommunication offices. Very fast. Buy 100 baht card, it is good for at least 3 hours. Keep car if not used all, you can use it at any Post & telecomm office. (info from traveller)


2000.02.18: Henry<>
Trouble Spots in Asia?
I'll be travelling around Asia for 1 year departing from Lonodon next March. I'd like to receive up date informations about some trouble spots as Indonesia and promotional airfares. Thank you
Regarding to your question about travel sports in Asia. Fortunately there are not so many places in Asia you have to pay attention to so much. If there is, usually the trouble area is away from tourist section. If you are going to Indonesia's remote area, you may face conflict between deferent religious groups. Most places in Java and Bali are Ok.
Cambodia is really safe now. Many travelers are all over the country. But you have to be careful at night.
Fortunately there are not so many places in Asia you have to pay attention to so much. If there is, usually the trouble area is away from tourist section. If you are going to Indonesia's remote area, you may face conflict between deferent religious groups. Most places in Java and Bali are Ok. Cambodia is really safe now. Many travelers are all over the country. But you have to be careful at night.

Recent Internet situation in Thailand.
I have found internet cafes in smaller Thai towns too, like Sri Sakhet or Lopburi. It was cheaper than in Kao San rd, 20 or 25 baht / hour.


the Lao Embassy in BKK
To get here was not too difficult, and luckily there was no traffic jam when I cam at 10am. I took bus no 12 from the main street at Democracy Monument. Took 70 min to get to Ramkhammaen street, Soi 39 (air-con, 10 baht) Then it is a 30 min walk (in February. In hot weather it could take longer, I guess.) Anyway, you walk along Soi 39 (that changes name after an intersection, but keep on going straight ) walk and walk and walk, pass under a highway-bridge, and finally get to Esso Gas station, there next corner turn right and you can see the building with Lao flag. At the corner there is a board saying "Lao Embassy" but the script can be seen only if you come from the other direction...
Embassy open in the morning from 9 or 10 till noon, then from 13h to 15 or 16 again. You can get visa same day for extra 300 B. There is a 300 B "Fax fee" that is en extra for the following amounts: (all amounts in Baht except "USR" that I guess must be the Russian federation, that is USD)
This list is on the wall in the embassy. Was issued on 24. Nov . 1995, but it still valid. This kind of visa is good for 30 days. If you go less, than 15 days, you can try to get a 15 days visa through a travel agent, might be cheaper.

Visa Normally you get the visa on the 3rd day incl. the application day.
Normal (30days) The amount below + Fax 300B
Same day: The amount below + Fax 300B + Same Day charge 300B
For Japanese 900+300= 1200 Baht , same day 900+300+300

Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Czech, Hungary India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Malaysia, Nepal Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Yugoslavia 300
China North Korea, South Korea 350
Myanmar 450
Cuba 500
Vietnam 630
Australia, Austria Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, UK 750
Denmark, Finland, Norway Sweden 800
USA 880
Germany, Japan 900
Canada 1,050
USR (?) 20 USD !
Transport from the beginning of Ramkhammaen street, Soi 39
Taxi 45B, Bike taxi 30B, songthaw 6B from a small market, just N from the street. Get off after Esso Gas station(I think it is the last stop.)

In March 2000 six young people from the North East of England will start a six month placement in Battambang.This pilot project will develop relationships and partnerships with organisations in Cambodia and England.The project will use sport in a unique way to promote a sense of acheivement and belonging and through peer education the project will look at global education issues that effect us all.We are currently undertaking a three month training programme and preparing ourselves for departure.If you are interested in supporting this project or would like more information please contact

1. do they have maestro/cirrus atm's in hanoi and saigon?
2. how safe is it to travel by rail from pnomh penh to bankok. images of david wilson and co flash across my mind.
From Editorial
As long as i know there is no ATM in Vietnam, but you can get cash advance service at major banks in Vietnam.
No train service from PP to Bangkok. The trains in Cambodia rans between P and Battambang and it is safe. Our site has a report from Dave, Battambang Express.See Travelers Memories.

2000.01.24: Janos Bajusz

I am a postcard collector from Canada. I have a large collection of
postcards (7500) from all over the world but still none from Kunming/ Malaysia. I collect postcards with city views, famous buildings, historic places and landscapes. I would like to ask you for a small favour to send me some Malaysia postcards to help me make my collection more complete. My address is;

Janos Bajusz,
702-40 Vanier Drive Guelph, Ontario, N1G-2X7, Canada

2000.02.03 jonzy<>
Help ! tips for SE Asia traveling.
Going through southern Thailand,malaysia, sumatra (while it's still a bit wild there) and bali. If anyone with any useful tips and hints on the areas I have mentioned to make the last piece of the trip as memeorable
as the first then that would be brilliant. Look forward to hearing any reponses and have relished the information which I have disected from this site already...
P.s Next stop is Ko phi phi so if you know any accommodation and things to do there then I will check
soon!! cheers in advance.

2000.02.01: Bernie

This is the first edition of asiaphoto news. Do you remember your visit to my LAOS PAGES ? They are now included in
and I just finished the new CAMBODIA PAGES.

They include more than 100 photos, a travelogue, links and travel information about my trip to Cambodia in December 1999. You will be among the first visitors.

Content of the travelogue:
Part 1: Overland to Angkor Wat
Part 2: Banteay Srei
Part 3: Siem Reap - The dreamwalk
Part 4: Waterfestival in Phnom Penh
Part 5: Up the Mekong to Kampong Cham, Kratie and Stung Treng
Part 6: Kampot - The coast
Part 7: Sihanoukville and back to Thailand

Feedback, suggestions, additional info and interesting links (linkpage will be redesigned soon) are highly appreciated.
I hope you like it and look forward to seeing you again soon.

2000.01.22 Kurt Vlaminck < >

Bali web site
I would like to invite you to my non commercial travel report with the
destination Bali.

| BELGACOM Skynet nv/sa |
| Kurt Vlaminck |
| Senior Internet Field Engineer |
| Kol. Bourgstraat 124, Evere 1140
| tel.+32 2 7061311 - fax. +32 2 7061312 |
| E-mail: |
| homepage: |

2000.01.20:Fred B. Eiseman, Jr. <>

Lombok, Indonesia
This just in from the American Consular Agent in Bali:

U.S. Consular Agency
Jalan Hayam Wuruk No. 188, Denpasar 80235, Bali Indonesia
Tel. (62) (361) 233605, Fax (62) (381) 222426

DATE: January 17, 2000
TO: U.S. Citizens and All Hotel Managers and Tour Operators in Bali
FROM: Andrew Toth, Consular Agent, U.S. Consular Agency Bali Indonesia

We request that all wardens in the consular district share this informationwith the American citizens in your area. All others are encouraged to pass this announcement on to your American neighbors and friends who may not yet be registered with the Consular Agency. Thanks for your assistance.


Four churches were burned down in Mataram, Lombok, on the morning ofMonday January 17, following the cancellation by police of a Muslim
rally to protest events in Maluku. The incident has been confirmed by
Lombok police but details remain sketchy. Rioting has continued into
the afternoon in the Mataram area. American citizens are urged to
consider deferring non-essential travel to Lombok until the situation is

2000.01.18: Tim

FEC at the airport, there were 2 of us & we managed us150 each (with us10 "present").everyone else on the flight did the full us300 each.

Kyaiktiyo, we think was about 200 kyat, from bago. I'm not sure if you're aware but you can stay at the top of golden rock now, for a couple of dollars. we were told you couldn't do this before, so paid to stay at the bottom. to catch sunset & get back down is touch & go! sunrise impossible.


00.01.10: Vicki<>
Air fare from BKK to USA
How can I find out about cheap return tickets from Bangkok to the USA - Dallas or San Francisco for a 2 or 3 week trip in Feb. thanks, Vicki

From Editorial
There are many travel agents on kaosan Rd. Currently one of our researcher is in BKK. She checked the price for you.
SFO OW/RT 10,800/17,300 OW with EVA, RT Asiana
Dallas OW/RT 12,300/20,800 Korean.


00.01.08: Richie

Transport in Vietnam?
How easy to travel in Vietnam? And what is the best way to travel in Vietnam? Any idea?

From Editorial
Traveling in Vietnam is very easy though it costs more than its neighboring countries, Cambodia, Laos, etc.
I think US$25/day including transport costs.The cheapest way travel is private buses(Tourist buses).
I am sure you must have heard the company, Sinh Cafe. Not only this, a few companies are running buses between Saigon to Hanoi with many stopovers. You can bus any segments or a though out ticket.
From Saigon to Hanoi cost $57

The second option is train. it is another experience. From Saigon to Hanoi it takes about 48 hours. The fare is double standard, one for foreigners and one for Vietnamese. Therefore it is very expensive.
Hard berth top from Saigon to Hanoi costs from US$86.

After you take a train journey, you might think to fly because the cost difference are not so much after considering the time you can save.

Vietnam is very long from S to N. Once you reach Hanoi from Saigon, you might think to take a fight.
The cost US$147
The figure may be a little old.
Sorry I don't know anything about cycling

00.01.04: Kaori
Vietnam Hue Info
Many things in Hue now becomes normal. However the flood damaged many sights. Now Tomb of Minh Mang is closed for the repair.

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