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Bicycle tours around the Holy Land.
We are presenting a very unique bike adventure to special places for a lifetime of memories. See the Holy Land like never before. A great adventure, rich in history, with a blend of well known and out of the way discoveries for a memorable experience!!!
All your bike needs are supplied. Friendly , enthusiastic, experienced guides will enrich the experience of your tour.

For detailed information log to our web site :

Round the world advice: I m going to do a turn around the world in april 99. And I would like to have news from people who already did one

! Dec.9, Request from Sebastian

Truck to Brazil..!!!

We'd like to invite you to a great trip..!!! Would you or anyone you know be interested in coming along..???

The Truck to Brazil..!!!
"A Do-it-Yourself Expedition"

Can you imagine hitting the road with huge semi-truck pulling a 48 foot live-aboard trailer all the way down to South America..??
The truck is equipped with a sun-deck roof top,cooking and sleeping facilities, as well as video recording cameras, video and sound editing equipment,computers and motorcycles for your unlimited use during the trip..!!!

We are leaving this Winter from from Tucson Arizona, for a six month
expedition ( Dec 98 till mid 99 ) Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil... watch out, here we come..!!!

At one point, we will float our truck on a specially chartered barge, down the Amazon river from the heart of the jungle (Manaos), to the Atlantic Ocean..!! (Belem).

Do it Yourself..???
Yes... During this trip the participants will be mostly on their own they'll have to find their own way heading down the
Panamerican Highway fix their own flat tires, deal with the local people as they go along, handle minor mechanical problems, decide their own itinerary as well as places to stay. and even if this sounds crazy... you'll be trained to drive this semi-truck so you can be behind the wheel all the way to Brazil.!!
Young people from all around the world are getting together to do research on different aspects of Latin America and gather materials to produce a documentary.

By the way... do you have a thesis to write..??
Why not do it during the trip..???

If you are interested... please visit our Web Page at:



98.11.1: Duygu (
I found your mail address from Thorn Tree. I am a Turkish student doing a research on what foreigners think/know about Turkey. I want to learn your ideas about Turkey, and what you know about my country. Any info you can give will be helpful. Thanks...

! Request from ITIS Travelers(
Are you travelling in the world or planning to travel soon? If so we would really appreciate it if you sent us information from your trip or were willing to join our On The Road team - sending emails while on the road. Please email us if you can help.

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I 8 Oct,98: News media
Turkey & Syria may start a war.
Turkish army now is moving to the border to Syria. They are about to start a war any time. Egypt is mediating.The reason for the conflict is that Syria is now supporting the Crude Nationalists in Turkey, called PKK.
From Editorial
Anybody know about the border crossing situation? (I feel it is too stupid to cross the border now.)

I Oct 4,98: Simon (
Hi,I'm just coming back from a cycle ride in Russia (22 days). I went from Moscow to Azov sea in the south. 1800 km. I also spend a week in Moscow and few days in Rostov on Don in the south.
Everyone writing here and then that Russia is as much safe as any other couintries is right. Because of the crisis we had to keep with us all the money. On the road, it was impossible to change money to get roubles. In Rostov, for many days, no bank or change office did have roubles. Obviuosly, it was not possible to get money from visa card
or others. BUT we used the same protection manners that we are used to in others countries and at any time we had problems of safety. Once, there were mafiosos making business with guns (yes it is true) right beside us in a
cafe but they never had been interested in us, they have much better deal to do... By the way, you have more to be
aware of policemen than general people. As many other tourists, I had to deal with policemen trying to get money
from me.
The crisis has not a great impact on travellers. Do not expect to make great deals... The prices of goods rise a lot
maybe not as fast as USD does but it does. Fort example, one day, a Moscow restaurant where we had our habs did chane is menu and convert the prices in USD instead of the roubles. And, instantly, the prices where twice the amount we paid the day before.
If Russia were some years ago very not expansive, it is not anymore. I do not mean it is the same price than W. Europe and America but do not expect to live with 2-3 bucks a day.
For cyclers, it is a huge experience to cycle there. People are very very friendly. But main roads are very busy and in bad condition. Do not expect to do easely your 100 miles a day. Pollution is a big big problem. You can put your tent everywhere you want. For your own safetry, go far from the road where nobody can see you. On the road, I saw hundreds of crashed windows, a clear sign of thiefts in cars let beside the road when waiting for repairs.And go to Rostov on Don. This town, if ever Russia gets out of his troubles, will become as visited as many W. Europe cities. There are numerous parks, nice bars, quiet cafes, well preserved buildings AND with any doubts, the most beautyfull girls on earth. Believe me, by the time the big
world tours vacations will discover this place, it will be crowded of tourists. You can stay now at the Rostov Hotel
for about US$12.
In conclusion, if you really want to have your russian trip worth it, get some base in russian language. English is a little, a little spoken in Moscow but forget it in the province.

! 14 July, 98: Kiki(
Christchurch, New Zealand.
I am looking for cheap car rental from Christchurch, New Zealand. Do you have any leads?

? 6 July 98: Matsumoto (e-1-mail to
China to India overland:
Please tell me how to cross this border?
Is it possible, difficult, etc.?
Thank you very much.

? 4 July, 98: ingeborg(
Boat from China to Japan?
Do you know anything about taking a boat from China (probably Shanghai) to Japan (probably to Fukuoka)? Is itpossible? I heard there are some cheap AND luxureus boats, is this true? Do you know how much a one way tichet costs? Any other tips about this route? Thanks a lot. I'll be looking forward to your answer!.

I 31 May, fiona (
I lived in Beijing for a year and so I did most of the temple bashing stuff. The Temple of Heaven is the best, and there is a really good market (indoors) right by it.
Try and make it to the Summer palace and when visiting the Wall try and avoid Badeling, and go for Mutiyanu ( different areas of the Wall) as the first has been restored to look like some lego brick wall.
One brilliant thin is to go on a bike ride around the city and you get to see all the Hutongs where the normal non show Chinese live. There is a gorgeous muslim quarter near Tiannenmen square wich also has to be seen!!
When going around Beijing there are three types of taxi- the Miyandi which is called that as it looks like a loaf of bread and then two types of salon car taxis. They vary in price as they vary in comfort, and make sure that you get the meter on or be sure to agree with a price before you go.
It is quite safe for foreigners as you tend to stick out like a sore thumb. In Beijing it isn't too bad, but other places a foreign face will get a few stange looks.
If you need any more info, don't hesitate to email.

? 16 June, 98: YOKUNN(mail to
Turkey & Syria
For a month from July 13th, I will go to Turkey & Syria.But I cannot get the information from Turkey to Syria. Please tell me, if you know about it.
A     my name is derya.. I' m turkish ...
you have to go to antakya first and then to the cilve gozu gate to go to Syria...
if you need anything from turkey let me know..
my mail is :

? 18 June,98: Youhun. Jeong(
I an a Korean student.
please, send me your information of Japen.
I'll wait your message.

? 18 June,98: Jaeyong(
How can I travel in Japan with small expenses?

? 4 May miwako koyama: mail to editorial
Kenya Africa
Please give me any advice for traveling in Kanya, Africa. Is it Ok to travel alone for a girl?
A 11 May, Beddows
Nairobi is definetly not a safe place and I have heard reports of incidents in many other parts of Kenya. I was there in Jan/Feb/Mar. I
would suggest she looks into taking a trip with one of the overland companies such as Guerba, Exodus, or Dragoman. They are quite cheap compared to the traditional safari and there is the safety in numbers.
My description of my own trip is at
if she wants to get an idea of what it is like.

M 2 May, 98: Ryan (
Save turtles in the Yucatan!
X'cacel beach has been sold to the Sol-Melia hotel chain. X'cacel is a major turtle nesting site and total destruction of the beach is imminent.
Sol-Melia has a long standing history of anti-environmental insanity, they must be stopped.
Please help save the turtles. Check out
Please write your concerns to:
Natural Resourses Minister:
Turtle Protection Manager:
We can make a difference, please help!

? March 22, 98 KANAKO: Reply to ITIS Travelers
China Silk Road
In coming surmmer, during my summer school holiday, I want ot travel for 30-40days visiting towns in Silk Road, Xian,KeshiADunhuang,etc. If possible I want to travel to Indo-china penensula at last. Iwant ot travelwith least budget and avoiding dangerious area. I wonder which route is good for me. Please give me any kind of advice.

? Feb.10 1998 RoRoRo : Reply to ITIS Travelers
Wanted, advice on travelling Guatemala to Mexico.
I'm going to Guatemala, Tikal ruins. Via Miami to Guatemala City, after that Tikal by Tikal Jet. On the way back I'm returning via Mexico but from Guatemala to Mexico is it better to fly?
A Answer from Taka
It is difficult to answer, the problems are: the security situation at the present time; budget; time. I was there 4 years ago, From Guatemala to Mexico there were 3 route options. 2 were common routes, 1 from Guatamala City via the Pan American Highway to the West. Another from Tikal by tour bus via Belize. Visas are not required on these routes. On the Belize route, after crossing the Mexican border you can easily find a night bus to Mexico city. The trip from the border to Mexico City takes 6hrs. The whole trip from Guatemala can be done within 48hrs, however on the route to Mexico there are lots of interesting cities so its definately worth your while to visit some on the way.
A Another Suggestion on route from Tikal to Mexico
From Tikal to Mexico How about Overland via Belize from Chetumal to Mexico. The bus that runs through the jungle is also interesting and fun. Have a nice trip.

I Jan 29, 98 Jigoro
Azerbajan Visa info
Aug 97, if you fly into the capitol Bakhu,the process for getting a visa is a little complicated. At the airport, your passport is taken by officials and you receive a document. Your passport is transferred to the foreign ministery. You need to get a certificate of payment ($40 )from a bank The bank I recommend is Sahil Bank on Nizami street.They know the procedure.
You must go to the Foreign Ministry office in the morning(9:00-13:00)and submit the certificate of payment from the bank,‚Pphoto and other documents.In the afternoon, you have to go again, then you will receive your passport with visa.
Many people think it's hard to enter the country,but it's not so hard.Crimes are reduced these, Please go and enjoy Azerbijan!

M Jan 24, 1998 Asahi Newwpapaer
South Africa: Swimming with sharks
An Aquarium in Capetown has developed an unusual attraction for visitors - swimming with sharks. According to the staff though sharks have a bad image for attaching people, actually shark attachs are rare.

I Jan 22, 98 Andrea
How to get free accommodation in expensive cities
First of all you must plan your trip well in advance then establish pen pals in the cities you want to visit. I met an Australian guy who spent a couple of years cultivating pen-pals so that he would have places to stay in the most expensive cities in western Europe. It worked.

I 98.1.20 Taka
Japan on the cheap
Everybody thinks traveling in Japan is expensive. Well it certainly isn't cheap but there are ways to reduce the costs, here is a brief list

Train: "Seishu ju hachi kippu". This is a special train ticket available during student holidays - Summer(Mid July-Early Sept), New Year(early Dec-mid Jan) & Spring(beginning of March - mid April). You don't have to be a student and there is no age limit. The deal is you must buy 5 tickets (You can share with friends) for 11,600yen(US$90). 1 ticket will enable 1 person to travel anywhere on local trains (Not the bullet train) from 0:00-24:00. You can save on accommodation by using overnight trains.
Hitch-hiking Japan is considered to be one of the safest countries for hitching, most foreigners have good experiences.

I 98.1.20 Taka
Japan on the cheap Accommodation:
Youth Hostels
: There is an extensive organisation throughout Japan. Prices range 2-4000 Yen. Breakfast is usually included.
Love Hotels: No they are not brothels, what they are is a place for lovers to find some privacy. Usually they charge by the hour but late at night rooms can be rented at a special overnight price until 8 or 9 in the morning.
Capsule Hotels/Saunas: Though cramped the 'capsules' are cozy and comfortable. Costs around 3000yen+. They can be found in big cities near train stations. Your compartment is very small, 1x1x2m cubicle, but you have access to a sauna/big communal bathroom, a video room & restaurant. The TV room is really interesting. You can watch more than 10 channels at the same time but you can only select one channel for sound.

I 98.1.20 Taka
Japan on the cheap Food:
Coffee in a regular cafe (kisaten) costs about 400 yen (US$3), a cup. There are several chains - Doutur and cafe Veloce are 2 of the main ones, were coffee costs 150-180 yen US$1.30).
Morning Service
Many regular cafes (Kisaten) have breakfast specials where for about 400-600 yen you will get a simple breakfast including coffee. Beware of cafes advertising breakfast for 90yen - you have to buy coffee at full price.
Lunch service
Many restaurants have lunch specials,very cheap(600yen+). but you have to eat fast and leave immediately after you've finished eating.
To be continued.

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