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M 2002.09.01: David <>
Let's meet up in Boston
hi my name is David i am going to be in boston on the 8th of Sep 2002 for ten days and i would like to meet up with some people. i am 21. i like sightseeing and having a laugh etc... get in contact.

M 2002.07.21: Meyer <>
REFUND FOR TOURISTS provides a 15% refund on the total cost of your vacation. Get a refund on such spending as: Hotel, cruise cost, airfare, meals and drinks, souvenirs, tours etc. No fee is required. Contact us with your full name and email address, full details will be sent.

? 2002.06.25: Jane <>
I would like to know a list of internet services so I can used a internet cafe for Boston Usa also I would like to book a flight so I need a contact phone number for your travel agc

M 2002.06.10: Nikki <>
Anybody who want to travel to Africa?
Travelling around Africa in August and September - email me if you are too.

M 2002.05.10: Liz Lynch <>
Cafe/Bar in Copacobana, Bolivia
Hi my son has recently opened a Cafe/Bar in Copacobana, Bolivia, specialising in English teas breakfasts and numerous other goodies. Like Marmite on toast. It's opposite the Alfa internet cafe in the main road leading to the beach. If you'd like further information his web address is Lovely place Copacabana and not to be missed.

M 2001.01.15: Julia Islamova Svezhy Veter T. A. <>
SVEZHY VETER - Backpacking to Russia
Russian travel services: visa support, travel advice, cheap train
tickets, airlines into, from Russia, discounted hotels, Russia
experience (school, family placement, volunteering, work).

M 2001.06.20 Hemelaer <>
Rooms in Lima, Peru
Hi, my name is Hemelaer Jean-Paul, I'm from Gent, Belgium. Recently I moved to Peru .I live in a safe area of Lima, Barranco. I rent comfortable, clean and safe rooms to travelers. You are at 10 minutes from the beach. Miraflores is 10 minutes and the center 20 minutes by bus. As Lima is not a safe city,I pick up travellers at the airport or at any busterminal downtown. Mail me the time of your arrival and I will wait for you. Accommodation costs 7.5$ per person per night. Picking you up at the airport costs 8$, the same price as charges a taxi. I will help you getting around in Lima and in Peru. I consider it as my responsability that you enjoy a safe stay.
Mail me for reservations or more information:
With pleasure I answer all kind of questions on Peru.

M 2001.06.20 Tonino Van Wonterghem
Africa Tour Operator
JMT African Heart Expeditions is a Tanzanian tour operator, specializing in budget camping safaris as well as luxury lodge safaris, Kilimanjaro climbing, cultural trekking, hunting safaris and beach holidays in Zanzibar.
Your listing in my Link Directory is here:

I 2001.06.20 Carolyn Upton
Airlie Beach, Australia, Area Code 07 June, 2001
h1. Backpackers By The Bay:
12 Hermitage Drive, Airlie Beach T07 4946 7267 or 1800 646 994. E-Mail:, d/t$44; 4-dr $18. k la VIP and YHA members: $1 discount /night. Located on a small hill overlooking the ocean, 400m from the main street. Clean, friendly and quiet, the hostels' facilities include a games room with internet access and telephone for incoming calls; a saltwater swimming pool, outdoor BBQ area, sunbaking, sea views;; courtesy bus pickup and drop off to transit centre;and nightly social activities.
h2. Beaches Backpackers: 356 Shute Harbour Road, T4946-6244 or T1800-636630
h3. Begley Street Club:
13 - 13 Begley Street Airlie Beach, T 4946-7376,
h4. Bush Village Resort:
Shute Harbour Road, Cannonvale, T4946 6177
h5. Club Habitat:
Shute Harbour Road, T4946-6312
h6. Club Whitsunday:
Shute Harbour Road, T4946-6182,
h7. Koala Resort:
336 Shute Harbour Road, T4946 6001,
h8. Reef Oceania:
Shute Harbour Road Cannonvale T4946 6137,
h9. Whitsunday Village Resort:
Shute Harbour Road, T4946-6137
h10. Airlie Waterfront Backpackers: The Esplanade, T4948-1300,

M 2001.05.15
Farmstay Australia -
live and work with families on Australian farms.
We aim to provide a value for money, true Australian cultural experience. Live and work with us as we equip you with the skills and knowledge to further your travels. We offer all inclusive packages providing you with accommodation and meals, assistance with English language, sight seeing and many activities including camping, swimming, BBQs, and viewing native animals.

Our three farms offer you a variety of activities and learning experiences which means you will also become a part of three different Australian families. You will be required to assist your host family with general farm and home duties. This helps to keep the cost to you very affordable and is an invaluable learning experience.
phone: +61 75484 9284

? 2001.4.5: brian lintner<>
Hi I am planning a trip to Africa to find myself sort of thing. I also wish to film wildlife such as the different cat species. I want to spent anywhere from two months to a year there. I don't really know where to start. i know the basics, ie passport. I would like information on different national parks keeping to the southern part of Africa. any information on laws I might need to know. I plan to do this alone and out in the heart of the wilderness. I would also like to know what I can do about renting or purchasing a vehicle while under a budget any information you can send me to help get me away on my journey would be greatly appreciated and thank you for your time

Flights from Tel Aviv???

M 01.03.01: Jose Estay <>
Family House in Santiago, Chili
This is a Family Guest House, owned by Jose, 38, airline staff, so I will make every possible effort to make you feel at home, away from home.
Dr.Ramon Corvalan 37 dept. 112, Edificio Don Bernardo Comuna: Santiago, Ciudad: Santiago
Tel.: 56-2-2472272, Cel.: 56-9-8406140
here for more details

M 01.02.28: Julia<>
Russia Travel Site!!!
I'd like to suggest a new Travel Site about Russia.
Travel advice. Visa support. Russia experience (camps, schools, family placement, volunteering). Tickets into/from Russia (airlines, trains). International buses. Long term Russian visa. Guide services.

M 01.02.28: Vladimir<>
Volunteering. Russia. Welcome.
Would anybody be interested in having a bit of teaching experience in Izhevsk, Russia, let me know.
That would involve teaching English at the English evening courses, up to 15 hours a week and additionally teaching almost any classes (if one feels like doing it) at a regular Junior/Junior High School. Can be anything from PE to Physics... (Done in English or any other major language, just let me know which!)
The time one can or wants to start up all this is negotiable. Almost anytime is fine. One up to a few month stay is possible.
We will provide you with room (homestay) and board (nothing too fancy, but the basic needs will certainly be covered), forward you your visa support papers (all expenses paid), help you arrange your travel arround, in, from Russia in the most economical way possible, assist you with itinerary and transportation advice.
Unfortunately, you can not expect any substantial payment, if any at all, but given the circumstances, one may get paid 50 or so US dollars per month.
We will be happy to see you on our outdoor and bicycle trips too. No extra money paid for that, just the regular contribution, everyone makes up to the trip expenses.
Anyone needs more details, drop me a line or two!

M 01.02.02: Martin Musselmann <>
we are also building a web page about climbing and trekking in Peru and the Andes, please visit us:

M 00.09.18: Bill Hinchberger<>
Brazil Info
the site BrazilMax,,

I 2000.01.22: Chris from Peru
Don't worry, I have hired a truck to take me over the rarely used La Tina border crossing into Ecuador. He said there shouldn't be any problems as only locals use it. I arrive tomorrow morning 6.00 in a small town called Loja, so I am back in business.

I 2000.01.21: Chris from Peru
There are some major problems in Ecuador and the travel agent is under instructions not to let anybody into the country. This is very bad news, which means I have to either fly over it which is expensive, or head back East. I will keep in touch.
2000.01.22: Chris from Peru
Don't worry, I have hired a truck to take me over the rarely used La Tina
border crossing into Ecuador. He said there shouldn't be any problems as
only locals use it. I arrive tomorrow morning 6.00 in a small town called
Loja, so I am back in business.

? 2000.01.05: sol<>
Guide book for Mexico
I'm traveling to Mexico wjth some friends ( mexico city to Cancun) and I would like to know wich travelguide I should buy and some tips for a low low budget trip
From Editorial
Since we have not covered Mexico, we cannot give you a responsible advice, but my choice is "Let's Go" for the budget travel in Mexico. But if you are going to visit historical sites such as Mayan ruins, Lonely Planet Maya's edition(Sorry I don't remember the tittle.)is very good because it contains lots of historical facts and information.

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