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99.12.11: Dan<>
Buying Air tickets at an airport?
I'm trying to find out about how people can just turn up at an airport and get the next ticket out to anywhere. Have you heard of this?

From Editorial
Regarding to your question, I think if you take a domestic flight, it is quite possible because the fare for domestic flight are usually government controlled and no discount fare available. So there is no harm to buy a ticket in advance with reservation because you can usually get the full refund when you cancelled.
But for the international ones, it is common to buy a ticket from discount ticket agents. You cannot buy those at airport except a few countries, such as Vietnam where all fares are under controlled.

99.11.21: Blake Whitaker

I have a B&B directory on the Internet.

Business -
Personal -
Web Site -
(B&B Interactive Directory)

99.9.29 : Chris Walsh
How to Print ITIS Data
I am looking to go to Laos, Burma and Thailand at the end of the year and took all of your files on these nations into my temp internet files. However it is hard printing them off as they are in colour and the whole set is over one hunderred pages. Do you have a site where I can download these pages in black or white?
From Editorial
It depends on the browser of yours. We are using MS Internet Explore 4.0. We don't have any problem. Any of the back ground will be printed and white text will be printed as black. If you cannot print them well, please check the property of your browser and your printer driver. You can set background for "no print"and white texts as black texts. Then you can set the property of your printer to "all color to black".

99.9.6 : Sharon Gumerove Webmaster, NYI Photography

How to Photograph Landscapes
"Everyone loves to take landscape photos, even if they don't think that's what they're doing," notes NYI Dean Chuck DeLaney. "When people go on vacation, they make photos of their surroundings," DeLaney explained.
"Some purists differentiate between cityscapes, waterscapes and landscapes. We don't. At NYI, we just teach students to follow a few simple guidelines so they can get the best landscape photos using any type of camera. That way, whether you're taking a photo for a fine art project or simply to document your vacation, you'll get the best possible results."

Choice of camera and lens: If you're taking a photograph in daylight and want a 4x6 print of the scene before you, you can get good results using even a single-use "disposable" camera. A good point-and-shoot model will
also do a great job. The benefit of using a single lens reflex (SLR) in this sort of situation is that the user has a wide choice of different lenses and accessories, such as filters, to enhance the scene.

If the sun is just outside your frame, there's a danger of flare appearing in your photograph. While flare can occasionally enhance an image, for most photos you'll want to use a lens hood to prevent flare from appearing
in the photo.

Film choice: Today's films are better than ever, and good landscapes can be made with ISO 400 film as well as ISO 100. The current generation of single use cameras often use ISO 800 films and those will be fine for small prints. Grain and contrast are less of a problem today than ever before.

Make sure you know what you want to be the subject of your photograph. It's easy to be carried away by a grand vista and just start clicking away. That's a mistake. Don't take a photograph until you've studied what you're seeing in the viewfinder. Make sure that you avoid photographing the parking lot, signs and telephone wires.

If you're working in low light, perhaps at twilight, or photographing a sunrise or a sunset, then you'll get the best results and the sharpest photos by using a tripod. It's usually impossible to handhold your camera under those circumstances and get a sharp image.

For more information on shooting great shots of landscapes, see this month's website for the New York Institute of Photography (NYI) at <>.

"Reprinted with permisssion from the New York Institute of Photography website at

? 23 Aug, 99: Grady
What is the best digital camera to travel with?
I want to travel with a digital camera. I prefer a small one and I want to send photos via internet. Any idea ?
From Editorial
I just came back from Tokyo. I was surprised to see that there are many new models of digital cameras. It is very hard to choose, but for your requirement, it is hard to find one.
The best one is Sony model which you can save graphics to FDD. Since this model use FDD to save, you can buy FDD when it runs out of stock. If you want to send the graphics via internet, it is easiest model. The new model
is smaller than the first model, but the rest of the digital camera became really compact so it still looks larger than others.
The most of the rest are using "smart media", very small pieces of storage,1/2 x 1 inch. . Since the memory is very small, the models are also very small. Olympus or Fuji or other makers are using this system. The capacity of the media is 8, 16 or 32MB. Small but it can keep a lot of shots. 32MB medium costs about US$100, may store 300 shots, but twice as expensive as films. But 10 rolls of film can be equal to a small piece. You don't have to carry so many films. The problem is the way to send them via internet. You need a PC or ask cyber cafe to install a software to read it. There are a few different adapters to read the "small media". Usually cyber cafes don't like to install unknown software. So you may have to find
travelers who are traveling with PC and ask to use it with a glass of beer.
So the conclusion is that I could not find the best one you want. Please check the size of the Sony model with FDD first. If you can think it is small enough, everything will be fine.

? June 26, 99: Joan Peh <>
ITIS Travelers Membership?
Please sign me up as a member.
We have not established the membership system yet. Our site is totally free and will be free to travelers who help other travelers. However once you start to help other travelers in our site, you become one of ITIS family. Please join to our activity.

? April 13, 99 Darren Taylor<DARRENKTAYLOR@YAHOO.COM>
Around the World Trip
Myself and wife are to embark on a round the world working/holiday trip. Starting in Ireland in August 99 travelling to Delhi in January 2000, Bangkok Feb. and overland to Australia.
I am interested in contacing members or otherwise who have experienced such travel.

? March 17:fran olsen<>
Expression for local prices in ITIS Travelers
this is an alright web site- but you need to have the Rp in dollars(australian) not Rp!!!
We believe using hard currencies for prices is not realistic. The reason is very clear if you see the current situation of many SE Asian countries. This system works only when the exchange rate moves along with their inflation rate. But the exchange rate changes because of many other reasons, then the numbers become totally meaningless. We show prices with local currency and the exchange rate at the time of research on each page on the top. You can calculate prices to your home currencies easily.
We believe that telling truth at the time of the research is the best. This is why we use local currencies for all prices.

? June 26, 99: Joan Peh <>
ITIS Membership?
Please sign me up as a member. We have not established the membership system yet. Our site is totally free and will be free to travelers who help other travelers. However once you start to help other travelers in our site, you become one of ITIS family. Please join to our activity.

? April 9, 1999
Traveling with Laptop. Any Problem?

Some of our researchers carry a laptop. Usually no problem. But the electricity and security are major problem. 90% of the time you can get electricity in your room, but some area such as Bangkok, it is very hard to get it because very few rooms have electric outlet. Also in some remote area, such as Laos, electricity is not available. You should get all possible plug adapters. For the security you have to pay attention to your computer all the time. This gave me huge stress..

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