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? e-1-mail:
I m going to do a turn around the world in April 99. And I would like to have news from people who already did one

Dec. 98, Iain, Gaynor, email:
Site Recommendation:
Nice site. Lots to see.
Take a look at for the best budget and independent travel sites

? james morris, e-1-mail
Work opportunities whilst travelling
I want to know if there are joblists for long term travellers in asia and australasia. I am travelling to Austrailier on a bit of a budget and want to work as I go. Ihave worked as most things in the past and need some list to find jobs as I travel.
Is this available? Kindest regards JamesIain Gaynor

? Nov,98: Stacie
Information required about hotels with pull out beds
Do you have any information on that type of hotel where all you have is a bed which pulls out from the wall (similar to a drawer). I haven't ever seen any publication about this concept, so I don't know a lot about it. Possibly a trend with business travelers or economy segments? I am researching this for a class I am taking. Any information you have on this would be helpful. Thank you.

I 22 May,98: Dima (
the International Hospitality Exchange
Staying with local people wherever you travel is a valuable alternative to other accomodation options. If you are interested in staying with welcoming hosts and in exchanging your hospitality with other travelers, please, check out at
The membership is free and the homestays are also free. Once you join, you get unlimited access to the members list. This site is run as a free service to the internet travel community.

I 15 May, 98
Information for world's dangerous areas.

M 24 May, 98:
Which airline is safe?
There is a web site showing airplane accidents and airline information regarding safety.

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