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2002.09.17: jade
Festival info in ITIS
I am an avid traveler/ rock singer please update me of festivals, and current events

From Editorial
I am sorry our festival information is old but since we research this info on site, it is always old. If we can get this info at the beginning of every year, we can update this info however we are station in Japan it is impossible to update all festival info. Please use our info just for your reference.

M 2002.08.25: Baresco Company <>

Inexpensive accomodation in foreign countries find you in the Internet:
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Baresco is in: - America - Europe - Asia - Africa - Australia
Zprava pro riaditele podniku. Vas dotaz - zde nase odpoved
Levne ubytovani v zahranici najdete v internetu
Rozumine a korespondujeme Slovensky.
Baresco je v:
- Amerika - Evropa - Asie - Afrika - Australie
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Baresco ist in:- Amerika- Europa- Asien- Afrika- Australien

? 2002.08.17: Steve Cox <>

What do you know about a brass inlayed plate with the following on the back.
Zkopianskie Warztaty Wzorowe
Sp-ina Prezm. Ludowego i Art.
Zakopane, ul. Nowotarska 25.

A date of March 25, 1959 is on the label.



2002.08.05: Lee Chooi Yun
Printing Problems
I would like to print the information in the web page, but i can not.

From Editorial
If you have any question, send to me. I will try to do the best to find the answer for you.
Regarding to your request, you have to check the "property" section for your browser, such as MSIE, Then you have to check your printer driver property. Some old printers are not good to print current web pages.

M 2002.07.21: novi ika
Please add more photos and information. especially in buildings with great architecture.

M 2002.07.12: Evelyn Hannon, Editor

Biking and Hiking Tour
Just a short note to tell you that we've posted the "Journeyman 2002 Biking, Hiking & Walking Directory" at and we're extremely proud of the finished product. It's our largest and most complete directory to date with four different category listings, practical adventuress tips and tour operators from all over the world represented. Categories include:
1) Trips designed especially for women
2) Female-friendly cycling specialists
3) Hiking and walking mavens
4) A mixed bag of trips that include walking, hiking or biking.

Whether you've dreamed of hiking in Iceland, biking in Asia, cavorting in New Zealand, meandering in Morocco or walking in Costa Rica's rainforest, you'll find these options and many, many more in our new online guide at

Simply click on the link and let the browsing begin!
If you have a travellin' pal who'll appreciate this directory, we ask that you please send the link on to her as well.
This is such a wonderful time of the year-- a perfect season for dreaming about that next juicy travel adventure somewhere in this great big world.
As always, I wish you safe and marvellous journeys. Happy browsing everybody! connecting women travellers worldwide Women's International Travel Directory

M 2002.07.05: Claire Brodie-Smith <>

Backpack Wire Net
Unfortunately as all travellers are only too aware, travel adventures do carry security risks. Our company Pacsafeƒ‡ have taken into account these risks and has come up with products designed specifically to protect travellersEvaluables to ensure a happy, hassle-free trip.
Safety begins when you pack.
Our flagship product Ethe Pacsafe Backpacker is a wire net that fits over the backpack and offers protection from slashing, tampering and theft, and if attached to a secure fixture such as a train rack, roof rack or bed, the locking device will prevent anyone from removing the bag completely.
We have now extended the range to include waist wallets, hip bags, neck pouches, portable safes and cables - all re-enforced with wire to prevent slashing.
The company has won awards and the testimonials on our websites assure us that our products work. For more information, our website address is
Or please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards

Claire Brodie-Smith
Marketing Communications Manager

Outpac Designs Ltd.
Tel. +852 2572 4466
Fax. +852 2572 4466



2002:06.19: Julia
ITIS Travelers's Update?
How often do you update the information on your site?

From Editorial
We update our information as much as our situation allows. First we have to have fund and we have to find a person to do it. Usually we can update every 2 or 3 years. It seems to me that the information in Europe does not change as much as Asia so we update Asia more often than Europe.
Each information has the date of the research at the top of it. So you will know how reliable the information is.



2002.06.01: Nonie <>
Snake Fruit
My boss went to your country many times. He has eaten one fruit during his visit last month and he liked the fruit. The name of the fruit is Sala- snake fruit. We have inquired in the Indonesian Embassy here in the Philippines but to no avail (there is not Sala snake fruit here). May be you could help us. My boss wants to know the nutritional value and the planting procedure of the said fruit and how can we buy the fruit seeds. What are the requirements needed if we are going to buy the seeds. Your immediate response on this matter is highly appreciated. Thank you.
From Editorial
It is very common fruit in Indonesia. I am not sure the season but I ate it in summer.

M 2002.04.18: shibu <>



2001.01.06: F.B.
Many Errors in this site.
Your site is very informative and I have sent the page to a number of friends/acquaintances who are planning to visit Austria in the near future. However, you have a number of grammatical errors as well as spelling errors (typos?). As a native Austrian, I like to "show off" Austrian sites. As a long-time resident of Canada (and professional educator), I would prefer to show off "flawless" sites!
If possible, could you give it a thorough edit?
I hope you take my comments in the positive spirit in which they were meant...

From Editorial
Thank you very much for your comment. We really appreciate it. Sorry about the misspelling. Many of our staff are not westerners. It's sometime very hard to make perfect writing. However we will do our best to minimize our mistakes. Thank you very much again for your comments.



2001.12.28 Kungnang
Where should I start to travel
Yesterday it's first time to visit your web site and I'm interested so much. I'm from Thailand--22 years old but now I never travel to abroad. I need to travel so much, many things are problems but I'm trying to travel. If I would like to travel to abroad. Where do you think I should travel first? And how much are expenses? I'd like to know those because I should prepare everything before I travel.
Now I'm secretary but I don't like this life because it's no exciting, no adventure.
May be next year around April--I plan to travel.
I ever travel special in Thailand and usually known tourists come to here. Most of them, they come to Thailand and go to Laos and many countries around here.
I haven't experience, sometime I don't know what can I enjoyed in your web site, or can't? but I love travel.
From Editorial
Thailand is located in the middle of South East Asia, excellent location for you to travel with limited budget.

Traveling is not anything special. Most of the major destinations have cheap accommodation. South East Asia has full of budget accommodation, budget transport. Even you have limited budget, I am sure you can enjoy very much. Also many people are traveling everywhere, not only westerners but also Asians. You can make friends while traveling.
Where you should go? It is very hard for me to give you advice because it depends on your interests.
Please see our photo galleries or other photo books in the libraries. I am sure that you can find some photos you want to see.

I can give you some summery
Indonesia has many different cultures. Most diverse.
Malaysia: It has mix of Malay, Indian and Chinese culture and is one of the easiest country to travel. It is probably the good country to start with.
Cambodia: Nothing but Angkor Wat
Laos: people are very nice. It is still under developing country. You can enjoy the traveling of the past, 20 years old.
Myanmar: Many Buddhism temples. People is the best in Asia.
Thailand: Your country. Best country to start traveling in Asia.



2001.06.23: Traveler

Going Around the World
Could you please give me some idea to travel the world.

I can give you certain idea. For example in Asia you probably need $10-$20/day, except Japan and Taiwan. For Western Europe and N America, $40-$50/day(For Spain, Portugal, Greece $30/day
For Central/Eastern Europe, $20/day
For South/Central America $25/day.
The figure is based on average budget accommodation.

The air ticket, you may budget $1500-2500. We do not recommend the around the world air ticket because you probably want to change the route in the middle of your trip. This ticket will control your plan a lot.

M 20001.06.20: AVE Tours < >

Dear Sir.
We want offer to you, our new product to the Caribbean:
New packages to Cuba, the bigger island in the Caribbean and one of the most beautiful destinations.
We begin our operation in Mexico City starting on July 5 with two fly of Mexicana in the week, one to Havana City and other to Santiago de Cuba located in the East of the island.
The fly to Havana operates on Thursday at 21:30 local time. It can be an ease connection for the JAL fly, arriving to Mexico City at 18:00 local time.
The fly to Santiago de Cuba operates on Friday at 17:30 local time. If your agency is interested in our operation, please ask us for information.
We will be glad to cooperate with you agency
Best regards

AVE Tours Saltillo 39 Colonia Condesa Mexico DF CP 06100
Phone: (52) 52406557 Fax: (52) 52406559

M 20001.06.20: Margaret Hutchinson
It has links to every travel booking and hotel site there is on the web and has tons of vacation planning and travel secrets and resources all on one page. I found it extremely helpful and I hope you could give it to someone to do a write up on them or place a link to them, I think it will be a great resource for your visitors. They are the true site for "Budget Travel" because you are sure to save money using their site. I don't think it is a well known site right now, maybe you could be the first to introduce them to all those frugal families who could use this site to book their next vacation.
Thanks for your time,

M 20001.06.20: beyond the border <>
The book is titled: Beyond the Border: around the world. To find out more you can visit



2001.05.17: Karlene

ITIS is Vague

Could you please tell us more about our problems.
What I meant about your site being in vauge, was that even though u covered most areas in Thailand, not much was said about them. For example, being a typical female, i am particually intrested in shopping facilites. Like where to catch a good bargin! and where do the local people shop not just the tourists. Also, info on where r the best places to socialise. Info that would be useful are those not typically found on other sites, ratings out of 10 on accomadation in each areas, for example.

Does that explain what I mean a bit better? Let me know. I'm flying into Bankok next month, so I may be able to help u guys out with some research.

Your mail made me realize again how difficult to provide the information for traveling. Each traveler has their reason or interests for their traveling.
We are focusing the 5 elements: city faculties, accommodation, food, transport and sights information.
I have to admit that you interests, shopping and socializing places,such as pub or night life?, are not our main part of our information.

In south east Asia, the shopping places for local people are not hard to find. Most of the cities have a central market, usually in the middle of the towns where you can find food(meat and vegetables), clothes and daily goods. You can find souvenirs some time. We list those market information in our city information pages.
The socializing places is completely missing in our site. So far we don't have any researchers who would like to go around the night for drinks. Mostly restaurants near or at the guest houses are major places to socialize. In Asia, it is a bit hard to go to discos or pubs because those places are for locals usually. Because of the language problems it is very hard for foreigners to socialize to locals.

In Bangkok, the best place for shopping is the weekend market where you can find most of the things you are looking for with good prices. For the brand goods can be found in Siam Center or World Trade Center but I did not find any difference in price from in Western countries. Many be the difference is TAX.

If you have any question, please let us know

M 20001.05.17: Jim Fortney

New web site for independent travelers.
We have a pretty popular page of interest to independent world travelers and were wondering if you could kindly link to it or make a mention of it. We at Big World love your site and think we'd make a great addition to your list of links.

Our general site:
Our news and deals page for independent travelers:

? 2001.05.13: Juan E.Schmidt<>
Independent travel for middle age.
I am 69 years old. Is there any limitation because of this age??
During my research trip, I have seen many middle age travelers. I don't think there are many restriction. However if you are thinking about the long-term traveling, you have to think about your health. Traveling is usually quite hard to do independently. So you should choose the comfortable accommodation and comfortable transport, avoiding night buses/trains. Also you should travel slowly. Never push yourself too much. I strongly recommend to have good travel insurance.
During my research trip, I have seen many middle age travelers. I don't think there are many restriction. However if you are thinking about the long-term traveling, you have to think about your health. Traveling is usually quite hard to do independently. So you should choose the comfortable accommodation and comfortable transport, avoiding night buses/trains. Also you should travel slowly. Never push yourself too much. I strongly recommend to have good travel insurance.

? 2001.4.2 max zauke <>
I am looking for info about a sap in jachymov-nam lu- ak. behounka. looking for four brochures,prices and would handles this in the us. thanks

? 2001.02.28: alda<>
ISIC card
I'd like to know whether the ISIC (International Student Identity Card) works for reducing the flight cost for students. and also how and where to get those ticket by using ISIC?
From Editorial
Regarding to your question, the answer is depending on country where you want to buy a air ticket.
In Europe, many airlines are offering student fares which require ISIC card and your age qualification which means that you must be under certain age. The age limit also depends on the airlines. Many companies accept the age under 29. Sometime you don't need the card if you are really young, such as 23. With the ISIC card, older students can use the discount fares. Many travel agents have this services.

? 2001.02.28: H.Weiss<

Oriental Bench/chair
Dear Sir or Madame,
We are contacting you regarding an oriental bench and chair that we have.
The history behind it was that it was one of two that was at the Chicago's Century of Progress Fair in 1933 . A woman from Saskatchewan had bought the bench after seeing it on display at the fair and had kept it in her possession until my mother purchased it from her some 35 years ago.

The bench is approximately 5-6 feet tall and about the same in length approx 3-4 ft in depth. It has a lift up seat that goes the length of the bench. It is beautifully carved with exquisite designs. The arm rest ends appear to be dragon heads with a ball in its mouth and the back of the bench appears to be carvings of serpents, peacocks, etc. The bench is a rich purplish/ black color. There is also a matching chair that has the same dragon head arm rests and is beautifully carved as well.

My mother is interested in acquiring as much information as possible about the bench and chair.

There is a chair that is very similar posted at the following website:

There is a smaller version of a very similar bench posted at the following website:

These may be helpful in helping us track down the history behind the pieces we have- where they were made,when exported, whether they were at the Golden pavilion or Chinese residence at the Chicago fair, etc.

If you are able to help us or direct us it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

M 2001.02.02: Lois <>
Home Exchange for holidays
If any travellers are interested in home exchange information please visit our website:
Home Base Holidays is based in London, England and we have a very large number of home swap offers in the UK and the USA.

M 20001.1.10: HIROKO <>
I am live in tokyo , Who want to go surf with me , and let's excange launguage I can teach you japanese!! Plz, sent me e-1-mail!!

? Nov 15: Gruits

Budget for traveling for a year
I would like to take a trip around the world in the next year or two. I was wondering how much money to budget for a year long trip. I know it depends on where you want to visit, but let's assume it would be a mix of the typical tourist attractions, and some off the beaten path sites. Any advice would be awesome! My e-1-mail is I'm using my buddy's computer this evening. Thanks so much.

From Editorial
As you mentioned, it is very hard to estimate the budget for around the world trip. It totally depends where you travel, how you travel and how fast you travel. In fact it is very hard to travel the world within a year. our globe is too big. You probably need at least 1 and the half to two years.

It may be good idea to plan your trip backward. I mean to establish the budget first, then select the areas which you can travel with the budget.

I can give you certain idea. For example in Asia you probably need $10-$20/day, except Japan and Taiwan. For Western Europe and N America, $40-$50/day(For Spain, Portugal, Greece $30/day
For Central/Eastern Europe, $20/day
For South/Central America $25/day.

The air ticket, you may budget $1500-2500. We do not recommend the around the world air ticket because you probably want to change the route in the middle of your trip. This ticket will control your plan a lot.

The figure is based on average budget accommodation.

? 2000.3.26: Kyle MacLeod<>
Surfing and traveling in SEA
I'm interested at doing some surfing/traveling in southeast asia. If anyone has tips on places to go or cheap acommodations, I'd love to hear from you



I2000.02.21: Tina<>
Air fare Around The World
I have been told that if I buy flight tickets from other travel agencies than the danish ones, I would save a lot of money.
In february 2001 I and a friend leave for Delhi, India. We need a flight ticket for this. Additionally we'll later be flying from Homg to Bali (april). Also here will we be needing to fly. Later again from Bali to Los Angeles (may). And last from New York or Washington D.C. back to Denmark.(august)
I know that you probably can't tell the exact prices when we won't be leaving until next year, but if you will try to give me an image of how much it would cost if we bought our tickets from you I would be glad.
From Editorial
I understand what you are puzzling. It is very hard to figure the air fare.
We have some information of AIR FARE in the WORLD. We may be able to add one from Denpasar, Bali soon. Please use those information as a reference to plan your trip.
I don't know which will be cheaper. If you know a travel agents who are specializing in tickets around the world, you may get cheaper fare. The agents need special knowledge and experience to set up such a plan to get a cheaper fare.
There is another aspect to not to use all around the world tickets. If you travel for a long time, it is very hard to follow your original plan. Your plan will be changed result from meeting other travelers, changing your interests, etc. If you had bought tickets in advance, your plan had been fixed. You cannot to travel as you like.
Also the tickets valid only for a year. If you travel for a long time, the clock of your ticket is running which will push you to go to next destination even though you want to stay a place for a bit longer. With considering those factors, please plan your trip.
We are more than happy to answer for your question. Please feel free to send some to us.

‚h 00.01.15 Caroline Marsh-Subkaew <>

We are happy to announce that The Trekking Collective Co's., website is now available for browsing at which we hope you will find of interest.

We are an Adventure Travel Co., based in Northern Thailand. Specializing in Small Group, Student, Family and Individual Tour Programs including Personalized Tour and Trek Options.

Trekking tour programs from 1 to 10 days to suit all Abilities
Alternately Tour itineraries for one to ten days.

The Trekking Collective’s experienced staff and guides have received recommendations from an international clientele since 1988.

Published recommendations are in the latest EYEWITNESS TRAVEL GUIDES TO THAILAND, MICHELIN Guides. Adventure Travel magazines ACTION ASIA and ADAC REISEMAGAZIN, Asia Horizon’s ADVENTURE & ECOTOURISM GUIDE, WithIn Design’s EXPLORING CHIANG MAI GUIDE and LET’S GO Publications.

To be published in FROMMER'S year 2000.

Possibilities now to trek,tour and travel the Mekong River Region of Laos, Myanmar, China, Cambodia and Vietnam.

We hope that will prove a useful tool for promoting quality licenced domestic Thai tour operators from a global location.

We will continue to send updated information. If you wish for further details please do not hesitate to contact us for itineraries and pricing.

Chaiyan Subkaew and Caroline Marsh-Subkaew
For Trekking Collective Co.,

Address: 25/1 Ratchawithi Rd,Chiang Mai,50200,Northern Thailand.
Ph. 66 53 419079 Fax./Ph. 66 53 419080
Email:, or
Postal: P.O.Box 142,Mae Ping P.O.,Chiang Mai,50301,Northern Thailand.

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