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Dec 29, 2000: grzegorz drabik
Polish Restaurant
I want invite you to my site about polish restaurants......

Dec 25: marcin miszczak:
On line Hotel reservation for Central Europe.
We publish, a popular site for online hotel reservations for Budapest and other cities in Hungary.

Nov 14: Girardin
Lyon Travel Site
Congratulations for your site which is pleasant and constitutes a useful tool for better knowing your city.

We are the company MCC - 63, rue de la Republique 69002 Lyon France - Tel. (33) 04 72 41 08 17 Fax (33) 04 78 38 02 17.

We manage the site which has the role to be a guide of Large Lyon for the Lyoneses and the tourists eager to visit Lyon and its surroundings. on line since July 2000, represents approximately 600 pages of useful and practical information, of places to visit, interactive maps etc. An English version is coming soon.

We would wish to establish a partnership with you in order to facilitate displacements and knowledge of our respective fellow-citizens. For example, it could be a link or a banner exchange.
Jean-Paul Girardin,

Nov 16: Tereza
Backpacker's Web Site
I would like to recommend you a site in England. very useful for backpackers.
It lists events and attractions in London that are free or nearly free. I hope you find it useful too.

00.11.06: Mike Johnson<>

Apartment for rent in Riga, Latvia
I am an American living in Riga Latvia and enjoyed your comments on Riga. I am general Manager for Patricia LTD and we appreciate your nice words about our room services. We hope you will join us again sometime. We have now opened our own small hotel with more upscale apartment rooms. Visit us on line at either. or

We are also opening our new service for specialized Baltic States tours on November 1 2000. Visit us at

We also have an apartment locator service available at

Regards, Mike Johnson, Patricia LTD

00.11.04: vidra<,hr>
We need adresse Grossmarket Budapest

00.11.01: Eddie Cantrell <>
Bus company in Budapest???
Looking for information on Renting a bus to carry up to 25 people from budapest airport to Cluj in Romania, or possibilty Oradea. I would need bus in summer of 2001. I would need to have bus for round trip. to Romania upon arrival to budapest and then Return to Budapest from Romania approx. 10 days later. Any and all help will be appreciated. Respond to thanks

00.03.13: Lasse Baaner <>
We are WWOOF-hosts in Denmark. (WWOOF = Willing Workers On Organic Farms, an organisation, that covers more than 100 countries in the world I believe). Travellers can work at the farm 4 - 6 ours pr. day for board and lodging, experience Denmark and our alternative "green" way of living, exchange ideas, and have a nice time. We have relay all kinds of work - in house, garden, field and forrest - while we do everything our self. We like to meet other people, and have been very pleased to have wisits by travellers from Japan. We speak English, German, French, (some)Spanish and (of course) Danish.

03.12: Lisa Schulze<>
Travelling to France (Uves) with small child and not a clue as to the french language! Any hints?


00.02.24: Eric

Traveling in Europe
My question is do you know of anyone who has ventured to Amsterdam? I am considerring backpacking through Europe and I am trying to find the most cost effective way to do so. I also would like to know about going to Bali. Can you be of any help?

From Editorial
There are a few ways of traveling Europe economically. It depends on your travel styles, the length of traveling and the areas of traveling.

The styles:
Certainly camping is the most economical way of traveling in Europe. There are many camping ground and much cheaper than YH. Usually the quality is good. Only problem is the locations. Due to the nature of the camping sites, they are located out side of the town which requires bus/train journey if you want to look around the towns.
Hostels are relatively cheap, but the large cities such as London, Paris, even hostel accommodations are more than $25/night. If you can visit Europe in summer, try University dormitories which you can find in Continental Europe. They are cheap.

The transport:
International buses are probably cheapest to move one country to another. International train tickets are most expensive. To travel Central Europe where domestic trains are cheap, you simply buy a ticket to the border station and buy another ticket just after you cross the border. This means you don't pay for the section between border stations. I was surprised that nobody check it, no local people are paying for the segment and nobody care for the free ride. It is very strange.
There are more cheaper ways to do, please see our local information.
We don't recommend to use train passes or bus passes unless you are Kamikaze travelers. Many European cites are rich in culture. You need a lot of time to appreciate those. If you buy a pass, you cannot stay in a city log enough.

The area. Central Europe is very good area. Definitely cost effective area. In Western side, you probably need to budget $40^50/day at least. In Central Europe, you pay only $20/day including transport.

At last, we have Bali information. But at this moment it could be a bit too old. Use just as reference.

00.02.01: Ed Wenskovitch <>

Looking for a Hungarian person
The gist of my problem is that I would like to contact a Hungarian national I met in Niagara Falls Canada Just over a year ago before My impending transplant. The only information I can Provide is her Probable name (Clara
Stolya), were she lived the last time I contacted her (her mothers residence on Lake Balaton (She told me it was about 35 miles from Budapest, but she may very well have meant 35 km), the phone number from last year that I used to call her on (It has apparently changed, 0113620334151), her most recent number in Canada 905-456-3216 room # 35 (The Space Motel on Lundy's Lane in Niagara falls), & the fact that I've also spoken with her brother who's name
sounds like Jabo or Chabo). If there is anyway you could use this information to help me reestablish contact, please let me know. I would also really appreciate any links with English speaking resorts/hotels on the Lake as I should survive my transplant, and intend to go to Hungary as soon as it's medically feasible.

Thanks in advance for any help you could provide as my own research is going terribly slowly (the only two countries I've ever been in are here and Canada.

PO box 257, Creighton, PA 15030

00.01.15 :Ata Soyak <>
Room for rent in Turkey
I rent some rooms of my house which is located on the beach in a rural area, walking distance to a fishing village in Aegean cost of Turkey. Lots of seafood, meet local people, fish yourself! Prices include food and accommodation per person ($30 a night, for long stays, cheaper)
Pick your own vegetables from the backyard, two steps to the beach and the sea. Nature lovers, musicians, is a quiet place just for you

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