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2002.09.04: john
Trip to Tunisia
I am planning a trip next week and can't decide between Tunisia for 6 days on my own or Dakar Senegal club med... what are your thoughts.

From Editorial
I have to mention to you that our site is for independent travelers, not a tourists who take tours. But if you will travel only for 6 days, we recommend to take a trip independently because you are going to loose a lot of time to find accommodation, to buy a transport tickets etc. Time is more precious for you than normal long term travelers. Use tour agents to save your time so that you can enjoy the trip.

2002.09.05: sue <>
Apartment in Spain
I have 2 apartments to let in the south of Spain 25 mins from Mojacar and Garrucha beaches ok so its in land but its close enough to the meditteranean sea and far enough away from lager louts. The apartments sleep2-6 people with use of swimming pool and bar-b-que area. The weather is lovely and warm all year round for more information check out my web page

2002.08.26: <>
I have an old prayer book of my grandmothers am curious what it is..If any one can read the lang. write back and I will write what is in it.


2002.08.12: Kevin Ryan
Bus info in Slovakia
Where do I find a timetable for buses crossing from Zakopane to Stary Smokovec on September 27th?

From Editorial
I am sorry we don't have the information. You may check this site. This site has excellent transport info in Czech and Slovakia and also it has some info for other European countries.

2002.07.27: olivia Dohler
Festivals in Italy
Are there any Festivals or Big parties going on in Italy in the Month of August?

2002.07.22: Darren
Cheap Online Flights
Description - Reservations for cheap flights, holidays, hotels, car hire, travel insurance and train tickets for travel from the UK

2002.07.28: Louis Bothwell
Budapest, Hungary
Trying to get opera schedules in Budapest fro September 2002. Having a very hard time find this in the Web. Hope you can help!


New Youth Hostel in Romania
Retro is the newest youth hostel in Cluj-Napoca (Transylvania, Romania), ideal place for backpackers and budget travellers to stay while travelling this region.

We are located five walking minutes from the St. Michael Church, and 500 meters from the "Babes-Bolyai" University. Retro Youth Hostel, situated inside the medieval city wall, is within the neighbourhood of public transport, tourist attractions, restaurants, pubs, bars, discos and shops.

Thus, you can reach in the walking distance all the other sights of the old part of Cluj-Napoca, such as: The Evangelic Church, The Tailors Fort, Museum of History, Museum of Art, Botanical Garden, Ethnographic Museum.

Retro Youth Hostel is offering shared rooms, triple rooms, and family room. Free hot showers and toilets are near every room, and on the ground floor there is a fully equipped modern kitchen.

We offer a price-included breakfast, free cooking facilities, safe boxes for luggage, info service and a friendly English speaking staff.
Our prices start with 10 Euro/night, or 12 EURO/night if you choose for breakfast included.
So, if you are looking for a nice and inexpensive central located accommodation while traveling Cluj or Transylvania, here we are!

We look forward for welcoming you!
Best regards,
Radu Vadeanu

Potaissa street 13

2002.06.25: Athos Travel Prague /
Prague hotel reservation service.
Accommodation in Prague hotels, pensions, apartments and hostels in all price and type categories. Interactive map, photos, descriptions, transfers, tours, car rental, guide and more. /


2002.06.17: maxe
Transport from Athens to Istanbul
yes I'm trying to find a quick cheap way to get from Athens to Istanbul in July 2002 ? and was wondering if you know of any ferry or bus companies that might travel over night there?

From Editorial
I don't think there is any cheap and quick way to travel Athens to Istanbul. If you take overland, it takes almost 24 hrs.
Train: You have to change it at Thessaloniki. Total costs start from US$50.
Bus: There is direct buses. Cost from about US$60. If you are younger than 26 years old, US$50.
Flight: about US$100
If you take a boat, there are a few ways to travel, but no matter which route you take, it takes more time and it requires to stay over night an island. For the money or time, you don't save at all.
For more details please see our Greek pages.

2002.06.16: Ringo <>
Travel agents in Europe
Give us information about travel agent in Central or Eastern Europe because I have a incentive group want travelling to that Country


2002.06.05: Stacy
Airport near Piran, Slovenia
Hello there! I am seeking information regarding the closest airport to Piran, Slovenia.

From Editorial
I think Brnik ariport N from the capital. I am not sure the distance.
However Piran is very close to Venice, Italy. You may consider to use the airport near Venice.

2002.05.11: sal <>
Work in Europe
I am from the uk and looking to work in spain/france/italy or any other Europeon country this summer and would like someone to join me in this and let me know of such opportunity in retail /sales or travel/tourism

I2002.04.26: Ginny <>
Gniazda, Slovakia
HI. I trying to find the Slovakian town of Gniazda. It's in the Spis region at the foot of the High Trata mountains in the northeastern part of Slovakia near the border of Poland. My ancestors came from this town. I plan to visit this region in the spring of 2003 and would appreciate any information. For example, directions to the town/village, transportation, lodging, restaurants, border crossings, hiking, etc. Thank you for any help you can provide.


2002.04.21: JESSIE SENNYAH <>
Luggage Storage in Europe.
I would like to know if train stations in Europe allow luggage storage for the day/by the hour(for example in Zurich, Leipzig, Paris, Turin)
Thank you so much

From Editorial
As long as I know most of the locket facilities charge daily bases. I have never seen hourly based luggage storage system anywhere in Europe.

2002.04.12: charles ochipa from USA<>
Message to people in Kosice, Slovakia
I would like to correspond by e-1-mail with any person in Kosice. My mother was born in Kosice and came to the USA in 1999. My father was born in Velky Sadis.

2002.04.09: ben <>
Help information for Byelorussia, Ukraine, Russia
I live in Paris, and I will go to Moscow next summer by motorbike. I am seeking for further information about the roads in Byelorussia, Ukraine, Russia, security, and personal experiences of people who did this trip. Thanks.

2002.04.02: peter c wiesenthal <>
I am looking for friends in Slovakia who do have a good educational background and are interested in my country's culture, so that we can have some exchange. Which is (are) the best place(s) site(s) on the web to find such company.


2001.12.20: Mike <>
Riga, Latvia
I would like some information on Riga. I have heard a lot about this place and would like to go this summer. My first question is-is it worth going in the summer time. I want to meet a lot of Latvians and party with them. ALso, how is the night life here? I heard it gets pretty crazy. What are the good sites to see? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Concerning Riga, I think the Latvia page says my opinion. I liked it very much, but to see the real locals it's best to go to towns like Cesis or Sigulda. The accommodation mentioned is the only cheap place close to the old town, and the nightclubs mentioned were recommended because I saw a lot of locals there.

2001.12.20: Spigler <>
I am from Australia trying to find info. on a family whose roots are from a village called Nahlov.The family is Greiner. If you could help I would be most appreciative.

2001.12.29 Sakari

Pension in Kosice, Slovakia
I took lodgings in the little pension "Penzion nad Bankou". It was not very cheap (if we compare prices there). Single room was 1200 SKO (about 27 USD)/ per night.

But if you stay longer so you can negotiate the lower price - the owner seemed to be very flexible. The owner and staff in the pension were very kindly and the service was really all-inclusive. To example, I broke my eye-glasses there (the lens dropped out). I (try) asked if the owner could tell me where is the nearest optician. The owners skill of English is very poor, but he said "take a beer, I will come back soon" so he just took my glasses and after one hour he came back with my repaired glasses, and the price was only 3 USD - including beer(!).

Unfortunately, the pension is still very small (6 rooms) but they have plans to extend it. The pension is situated in the old, valuable building in the centre of Kosice (100m away from main road there). They have own web-sides too They have sauna too - it is not mentioned in the web-side. The price of sauna is 150 SKO and there was not any time limit to be in sauna when I visited there. I can say only that the price/quality level is excellent in that pension. Big minus was the fact that no one can speak English there, but they are very kindly and you will manage there if you only want to.

2001.11.09: Marian Macik <>
We just wanna invite you to our beautiful region - Liptov. Please tell us, what you wanna find in this page more. Thank you.

2001.09.25: Valeria <>
Wanted English Speaking People in Italy
we are an Italian family, living just outside Rome. We are seeking English speaking people, who want to stay with us for some time (days or weeks). We offer free accommodation, breakfast and dinner. In exchange we ask for conversation in English in the evenings and weekends.
Please contact us or pass on this information. It's a great opportunity to visit Rome for people with a small budget and for us to improve our English.
We look forward to your answer and would be happy to give you more information's about us.
Valeria Amisano and Diego Simonelli

2001.09.25: pextesor <>
B&B in Slovakia
Hi, I would like to recomend the url of B&B called Penzion Mirka, based in Poprad, Slovakia (near High Tatras). Pension is classed as among the favorite holiday accommodation in summer and winter season. It is visiting frequently for tempting alpine environment, activities and attractions of the region, as well as comfortable rooms, apartments and kitchens, which offers the ideal vacation especialy for families with children.
Comfort for low price.
Please check it out and add it to your index if possible. Thanks.
the url is:

2001. 06.20: Andrew Zam<>
a beautiful, new tourism adventure.
Riga will celebrate its 800th Anniversary in July and August, 2001! This year will be the greatest tourism party ever! June 22-23 is the great national holiday of "Ligo." Then July and August will be 800 years!
We help tourists travel to Latvia, for travel that is easy and quick to arrange -- and cheap -- with tourism tips, helpful contacts, guides, and travel information.

2001. 06.20: michal nevlazla
Comments about Kezmarok -
The tourist office has the address Hlavne namestie 46, not 45, tel.0968 / 452 40 47, email, in high season (summer) open also sundays; banks - Polnobanka, not Polino banka; train to Poprad costs now 15,-Sk, bus 17,-Sk; not Domov mlazade but Domov mladeze, all the telephone numbers starting with 52... have changed - now 452...; restaurant Franko does not function any more, Pizza Bianca has been renamed to Pizza Palermo, i can recommend the U 3 apostolov restaurant, Hlavne namestie 7 - very good meal, nice historical interior - very good. Castle is now open also on mondays, only in high season saturdays and sundays entry every half hour, except high season Mon - Fri, every hour, 9 - 12 13 - 15. That is probably all. If you have questions, just write to the email address - the information service of Kezmarok.

2001. 06.20
Visa requirements for czech rep. have changed. Since apr.01 canadians need visa too. But kiwi donƒGt. So aussis and canadias need visas.
TooT offers weekly backpacker-tours through CZ. We should know. Take a look at

2001.06.20: Nadezhda<>
praha, Czech
Could you tell me, how to reach from the central train station Hlavni Nadrazi to Masarykova kolej by bus, by tram or by subway in Prague at 11:15 pm?
Masarykova kolej, is it a train station? We know masarykovo Nadrazi. Is so there are very close. No problem in a day time, but you may feel uneasy at night.
The closest underground station for it is nam. Republiky, line B you have to take the line C florenc then change the line to B to nam republic. but you may have to walk 100m or so.

2001.06.20: matz <>
Greece accommodation?
Hi. I want to spend a semester in Athen, Greece. From oktober to january. has someone information about an inexpensive, clean, central flat, room or something?

2001.05.17: Baikal Travel Company Co Ltd. <>

Baikal Travel Company suggests you to visit one of the most mysterious and unique places of the globe lake Baikal.
We would like to offer you such trips which allow you to become acquainted with the world such as it is, to see and even to feel the astonishing beauty of the great Baikal as well as to get inspired with it s energy. You also become acquainted with the origins of Buddhism and shamanism and visit the places of their historical location.
Here you can cognize yourself and feel yourself as a part of our nature and sense a real freedom.
You cross Siberian taiga, overpass mountain rivers, revive through the energy of hot wells and get delighted with an unexplored wilderness. You can see surprising native customs of the local people Buryats, their holidays, taste their kitchen as well as pure Russian one. Motor and air travels as well as water tours, excellent facilities, maximum kindness are offered to everybody.
You are going to visit one of the most wonderful places of the lake - Tunkinskaya valley and to make a fascinating tour by the memorial Baikal circular rail train.
Our Company is glad to offer you comfortable hotels in Irkutsk city, nice small hotels along the lakeside of the Baikal as well.
During the whole journey every client of our Company is insurant of one of the biggest Russian insurance company Rosno, we guaranty security and medical care to all our clients.
We can assure you that all the impressions you ll get during your travel around the lake will be the most vivid and unforgettable ones.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any detailed information.

Yours faithfully, Vladimir A. Kizenkov

Baikal Travel Company Co Ltd.;
office 312, 40, Gagarin Str., Irkutsk, 664000, RUSSIA.
Tel.Fax: 7-3952-343329; E-mail:

2001.05.17: A Hungarian
Hungarian CUSTOMS
Tipping Round up the bill at restaurants/cafes. Make sure your bill does not include a service charge. Dress Casual.
Cheers It is considered rude to clink glasses in a toast. OONLY WITH BEER!!!! It is OK with any other alcohols. Try.

2001.05.14: kenya zanatta<>
Studio to rent in Paris
15 m2, equiped kitchen, shower, furniture. Near Place de Clichy metro station, lines 2 and 13. Near Montmartre, 150FF/jour. From the 14th may 2001 to the 15th june 2001. Available to rent for day, week or the whole month.

2001.05.09: lous<>
cheap accommodation in Wales, in beautiful place at west coast. & 10 pound per night! contact, spent a great time there on budget!

2001.4.5: Bowan Lipo,
Amsterdam hotels

Hotel reservations service in Amsterdam,
The Netherlands.

Good web site for the time table for European trains.

2001.02.02:J Lyons <>
I am wondering if anyone has gone to the Lippizan riding school in Lipica?

2001.02.02: Sheri Lynne Hoffman<>
Bus information from Szeget to Hodmezppvasarheley in Hungary???
Could you send me information about the trains and bus schedules that serve Szeged? Also, do you have information about how to get by train/bus from Ferenghy airport to Hodmezovasarhely-Kopancs?
From Editorial 20001.1.11
Hodmezovasarhely-Kopancs town I found is located in SE corner of Hungary.
The way you get there from the Budapest airport is following.
First you take a city bus(not airport minivan) to the Metro station,Kobanya-Kispest. You can buy a ticket from the vending machine, 100Ft. The bank and ATM at the airport. And the bus stop is just outside of the airport.
Then you take the metro to Nepstadion which requires two ride. You have to change the line at Deak ter. You should buy a transfer ticket, rather than buying 2 tickets.
The bus from the Nepstadion to Hodmezovasarhely-Kopancs depart at 6:15, 13:15, 15, 15:15, M-F17:20, Takes roughly 4 hours and cost 1664Ft.

The schedule between Szeged and Budapest, please see the transport pages of Szeged or Budapest.
Thanks. What about the train between Budapest and Szeged? And the bus from Szeged to Hodmezovasarhely...?

From Editorial
From Szeged, many bues are leaving to various destinations via Hodmezovasarhely throughout the whole day. I don't think yo will wait for the bus more than 30 min. For the train between Budapest and Szeged, please look the transport page for Budapest. It contains all information you need to take the trains.

2001.1.10 Andrew <>
new www site about Latvia :
Soon All Latvian hotels here. With Best Regards,

2001.1.10: Bill Green<>
Anyone any info on Scotland

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