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2002.08.26: Akmal Tox <>
Travel agent in Uzbekistan
We would like to welcome you to Bostonlik. As an Uzbek tour operator we have detailed and expert knowledge of Uzbekistan. We are an internationally recognized company with leading tour agencies across the world. We can offer both group and individual tours to the sights and marvels of Uzbekistan. We would be delighted to provide car hire, hotel reservation, tour guides and translators. All our staff are trained to international standards, and are fluent in English,Japan and Russian.
The BotiR group also operates one private hotels with 10th in mountans near Tashkent . We would be delighted to arrange for our customers to be met at the airport. Thousands of tourists flock to Uzbekistan every year to enjoy its unique diversity and attractions. Whether you wish to trek in the mountains or enjoy the ancient sights of Samarkand, you will find Uzbekistan a holiday unlike any other. Please don't hesitate to call or mail us for additional information.
We look forward to welcoming you to Uzbekistan.
BotirR LTD.
6, ChilanzarStr. 700135 Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel: +998 71 1736339, Fax: +998 71 1735123

2002:04.30: F|sun CANBAKAN <>
Kusadasi TURKEY
I am a tourist Guide in Kusadasi TURKEY..If you need any info or help during your trip to my town please contact me..
good travels to everyone...

Piyerloti Cad. Dizdariye Medresesi Sok, No:9/11 Sultanahmet, Istanbul,,
Paris Hotel&Hostel is an economy class hotel situated in Sultanahmet, Istanbul, Turkey.
Since Paris Hotel&Hostel opened its doors to budget travellers it has rapidly gained a reputation as the Istanbul's No.1 economy class hotel accommodation for quality seeking budget travelers.
Prices: (Low season price) ab dr $8($6) s$20($15) d$25($20) t$30($25) HW bf free hot drinks students and groups 10% off., Credit Cards
COMMON AREA, BAR(Bally Dancer Show is held), CAFE(7-24:00) INFORMATION DESK, COMPUTER / INTERNET(free), S-TV, TERRACE over looking Marmara Sea, 24 hour hot water, LUGGAGE ROOM(free), SAFE, WAKE-UP SERVICE, Free Pickups from the nearest Town and the airport. Bicycle Hire
Easy access to the Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, the Underground Cistern, Topkapi Place and all the main attractions.



2001.09.25: Robert
fare from Istanbul to Bombay
I see that you are advertising a fare from Istanbul to Bombay for $320 plus $26 OW. Please confirm that this is still accurate and whether there are any restrictions. I am presently in Cappadocia. I will be in Istanbul next week, and I would like to travel to Bombay in a couple of weeks.


We are not a travel agent and an unable to help you with your request. We are a volunteer organization for travelers to help each other and exchange information. The airfare information on our site is intended as a guideline to assist travelers in their travel planning. The date of information is also on the page. The information at Istanbul is out dated. Please confirm the prices directly to the travel agent. There are some travel agents e-1-mail addresses listed on the airfare info page, however please understand that we have no connection with them and have no responsibility regarding their services.

? 2001.08.20: jeremy William<>
Trans-Mongolian Express???
I have decided to travel and work in SE Asia for a year and a half. Leaving in November I will start in Moscow, taking the Trans-Mongolian Express to Beijing, then travelling overland through Vietnam, Thailand and ending up in Bali. I would appreciate any views or opinions from anyone, especially those who have experienced the "The Russia Experience". Taiwan or Thailand?-TEFL, adult or kindergarden? Any views are appreciated. Thanks for reading. Jer.

? March 23, 99 susan <>
Overland with motorbike Asia-Europe
I desperately need info how safe it is to travel through Pakistan and Iran and also Turkey at the moment. Maybe someone can also tell me the best route and gives me tips to these countries. I'm travelling with my boyfriend on a
motorbike is it safe to wear western motorbike protection clothes, after you might be a lot more visible to the people?
Thanks for information susan

? Request from ITIS Travelers(
Are you travelling in W Asia or planning to travel there soon? If so we would really appreciate it if you sent us information from your trip or were willing to join our On The Road team - sending emails while on the road. Please email us if you can help.

Jan 31 1998 Miki
Iran: Travel is Good Value
In Feb 96,I travelled in Iran. I was surprised because prices, especially transport, was incredibly cheap. Travel on a comfortable,deluxe bus cost only US$1 for half day and $2 for whole day. Inside the bus, there is no loud music like India or Pakistan. Domestic flights costs only $20 even if you fly from one end of Iran to the other. Including hotel, food, etc.,the budget is about 1.5 times that of India, but considering the high quality,it's very very good value.

Jan 28 1998 Asahi Newspaper
Israel: Strict security check
Israeli airline, El Al, have introduced stricter security measures in attempts to reduce the potential of hi-jack and bombing. Measures in clude the interviewing of passengers. Travelers with only a passport as identification are subjected to longer interviews - sometimes more than an hour no matter that the passenger misses the flight.
Luggage is searched very carefully - even underwear. Definately the security check is much stricter since Nethaniau became prime minister.

L Jan 5 1998 Miki
Long distance public buses are very smokey
You can't even see the people 5m ahead because of the cigar smoke. On A/C buses you can't open windows. If you hate smoke, you will suffer a lot.

L Jan 5 1998 Miki
Iran: Winter in Iran is very COLD
You might have the image that Iran is very hot, but there is snow in winter. Did you know that? If you visit Iran during this season, you need to take warm clothing with you.

L Jan 5 1998 Miki
West Asia:Be careful of 'sleeping pill thieves'
Several robberies in which thieves drug foreigners with sleeping pills have been reported especially in the west part of Asia (India, Turkey) & Eastern Europe (Bulgaria & Poland)
When I stayed in Istanbul for a week, I met 2 victims. Both of them had everything stolen, all they had was a toothbrush and a soap in a plastic bag. Turkish people are usually nice and kind. When you walk in the shop, they will give you a cup of tea. It might be difficult to say "NO" to their kindness. But just remember that there have been a few cases were the tea has been drugged and foreigners robbed.

I Jan 5 1998 Miki
Lahore, Pakistan
There are some bad rumors about accommodation in Lahore. "Sexual harrassment (Male to male), "Thieves apears often." You have to be careful even at respectable hotels, people pretending to be staff, sometimes come to your room to collect the room charge then they disappear.

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