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Are you travelling in Asia or planning to travel there soon? If so we would really appreciate it if you sent us information from your trip or were willing to join our On The Road team - sending emails while on the road. Please email us if you can help.


 M 2002.07.10: Lin Yong
China Tour
Dragon Delight International Travel Center--DDITC
Fujian China Comfort International Travel Services Co., Ltd.--FJCCT
3rd Floor, C Wing of Zhongshan Building, 150 Hudong Road,
Fuzhou, Fujian 350001, China
Tel: 0086-591-7815983, 7803903 Fax: 0086-591-7809777

Re: 2003 Set Departure China Tours

A) Classical China Highlights Tour
B) Splendid Beijing Tour
C) Wuyishan World Heritages Tour
D) Experiencing the Cultural Contrast of China & Tibet

With China becoming one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, there are more and more passengers traveling to China. As one of the best tour operators in China, Dragon Delight is now offering you four 2003 Set Departure Tours which are well designed with our many years experiences. Please go to or for the programs and prices.
All these tours are on join-in basis and will be handled with our great care. We will assign very experienced English speaking guides to take the best care of your passengers, and we are very confident that both you and your clients will be very satisfied with our "More Than Excellant"services.

We will highly appreciate it if you could try your best to sell our products and
we will give you commisssions as specified below:

A) Classical China Highlights Tour:25 us$/p.p.
B) Splendid Beijing Tour:10 us$/p.p.
C) Wuyishan World Heritages Tour:20 us$/p.p.
D) Experiencing the Cultural Contrast of China & Tibet:30 us$/p.p.



2002.06.25: Greg

Traveling from Europe to Asia overland
I was searching the Web and found your website that I found very helpfull.... I am actually in the USA and finishing my degree in December. I am planning on working there and then come back home in Europe (I am from France). Then I would like to go to Thailand by bus from Europe. I am thinking about going through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and finally Thailand. I am thinking of starting this journey in May-June 2003. I know it is still in a year but I want to be as more prepared as possible.

Can you give me some information or website addresses concerning anything I should need to go there (medical stuff, equipment, clothing, official papers etc....). Also, I am not expecting my trip to be very expensive at any locations I will go through but I would like to have your advice concerning the basic cost of a hotel room or a meal.

From Editorial
Traveling from Europe to Asia overland sounds an exciting journey. I really envy you even though me in a traveling industry.
None of our staff has not managed this kind of a great journey. I am afraid to say that we cannot give you any useful advice until you reach Myanmar. I think the best web site which is useful to you is "Lonely Planet BBS" It is a time consuming but you can get some really updated information.
The popular way to travel is from Turkey -> Iran -> Pakistan -> India -> Bangladesh then take a plane to Myanmar then take another plane to Thailand.
You cannot travel all overland. No overland entry point to Myanmar. If you avoid this country, you may travel from Pakistan to China but this area can be very critical because of the India and Pakistan conflict. If you really want to travel from Europe to Asia overland, you have to go through central Asia. I am very sorry to say that we don't have any information but many travelers are doing this so it is not impossible.

 M 2002.06.22: Charles <>
Family guesthouse in Busan, Korea
Ideally located in the very heart of Busan.
Spacious rooftop garden for barbecue and grill availble
Unique chance to learn Traditional Korean Dance and Taekwondo, Martial art. High speed Internet Stations with printer, fax and copying services US$12 for domitory, US$20 for single and US$27 for double are per person and per night.
Both affordable prices and high standards let our customers to combine your work and leisure time perfectly.
Please visit the Website at

 M 2002.06.05 Alex Burnashev <>
Travel agent in Uzbekistan
We would like to welcome you to Dolores Tour. As an Uzbek tour operator we have detailed and expert knowledge of Central Asia. We are an internationally recognized company with leading tour agencies across the world. We can offer both group and individual tours to the sights and marvels of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. We would be delighted to provide car hire, hotel reservation, tour guides and translators. All our staff are trained to international standards, and are fluent in English and Russian.
The Dolores Group also operates two private hotels with 70 rooms in Tashkent, roughly 5 km from the airport. We would be delighted to arrange for our customers to be met at the airport. Thousands of tourists flock to Uzbekistan every year to enjoy its unique diversity and attractions. Whether you wish to trek in the mountains or enjoy the ancient sights of Samarkand, you will find Uzbekistan a holiday unlike any other. Please don't hesitate to call or mail us for additional information.
We look forward to welcoming you to Uzbekistan.
Dolores Tour Ltd.
14, Ivleva Str. 700090 Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel: +998 71 1208877, Fax: +998 71 1208873

? 2002.04.19: miriam sustache <>
What should bring to Shianghai
I would like to know what things I should bring to my travel to shanghai

From Editorial
For the trip to China, you must take a phrase book for Chinese. They don't speak English so much. I have never been Shanghai. They probably speak English more than any other places but still you will have quite lot of difficulty to understand Chinese signs.

 M 2002: 04.10: Dragon Delight International Travel Center-DDITC
Tours to China
Fujian China Comfort International Travel Services Co., Ltd.-FJCCT 3rd Floor, C Wing of Zhongshan Building, 150 Hudong Road,Fuzhou, Fujian 350001, China Tel: 0086-591-7815983, 7803903 Fax: 591-7809777,

With the World Cup Korea & Japan 2002 approaching very soon, there will be quite a lot of soccer fans swarming into Korean and Japan. And after their supported teams finish their performance on the stage of the World Cup 2002, no matter good or bad, these lovely soccer fans will return home either with smiles on or tears dropping down their faces. On their way back home, many of them may choose to stop over China for a short visit of our country with a history of 7000 years. As one of the best tour operators in China, Dragon Delight International Travel Center is now offering the attached convenient and "more than excellent" services for soccer fans.
Post World Cup Tours to China
1) Beijing Package of 5 day-4 night
Day01. Arrival in Beijing, meet and transfer with English speaking guide to 3-star centrally located 3-star Dongfang Hotel or similar.
Day02. Full day trip to Great Wall & Ming Tomb with lunch.
Day03. Full day Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven with lunch. Evening Peking duck dinner.
Day04. Full day free.
Day05. Transfer to the airport for flight back home.
2-5 paxs: 168 us$/p.p. with single extra of 80 us$/p.p.
6-9 paxs: 156 us$/p.p. with single extra of 80 us$/p.p.
2) Shanghai Package of 4 day-3 night
Day01. Arrival in Shanghai, meet and transfer with English speaking guide centrally located 3-star Pacific Luck Hotel or similar.
Day02. Full day trip to Yu Garden, Jade Budha Temple, the Bund and Nanjing Road, etc with lunch.
Day03. Full day free.
Day04. Transfer to the airport for flight back home.
2-5 paxs: 199 us$/p.p, 6-9 paxs: 156 us$/p.p. with single extra of 60 us$/p.p
Not include exit airport tax and other services not mentioned.
3) China Highlights:
Day01. Arrival in Beijing, meet and transfer to 3-star centrally located Dongfang Hotel or similar.
Day02. Full day trip to Great Wall and Ming Tomb with lunch.
Day03. Full day excursion to Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven with lunch. Peking duck dinner.
Day04. Transfer to the airport for flight to Xian. Meet and transfer to 4-star Tangcheng Hotel or similar. City tour including ancient city wall, Historical Museum and Small Wild Goose Pagoda with lunch.
Day05. Full day Terracotta Army, Banpo Village, etc with lunch.
Day06. Transfer to the airport for flight to Shanghai. Meet and transfer to 3-star Pacific Luck Hotel or similar. PM, visits to the Bund and Nanjing Road. Lunch included.
Day07. Morning visiting Yu Garden, Jade Buddha Temple. PM free for shopping.
Day08. Transfer to the airport for flight back home.
2-5 paxs: 698 us$/p.p, 6-9 paxs: 608 us$/p.p. with single extra of 148 us$/p.p.
Above program include already domestic air fare Beijing/Xian/Shanghai. Exclusive of services not mentioned, domestic/international airport taxes. And all the three tour are valid for 01June to 31July, 2002. We also tailor make any other tours upon your requests.

 M 2001.06.20 : Kelly Martin
India Photo Gallery
I have created a picture site from my trip to India, please check it out if you are interested. The address is

 I 2001.05.10

We have launched the Turkey Picture Gallery section.
Please visit us. Click here :
Turkey Pictures :

World Pictures :

Thank you very much.
Derya Sendil, Bigglook, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: +90 216 425 60 00, Fax:+90 216 425 60 05

  20001.3.05: Andreas
Traveltips: Travel in Nepal

Never ever book a bus ticket with STANDARD TRAVEL, very poor service and drivers from hell. Book your bus tickets with SHIBABA TRAVEL, very gentle drivers, cheap fares and very safe. Eating out. Fancy cheap and good nepali food. NEPALI FAST FOOD RESTAURANT, Thamel, Thamel St., next to tibetan thanka shop. Eat as much as you can Dal,Bhat & Curry.

- If you do not like to stay at the Lakeside area and do not like the crowd of travellers. Stay on the other side of the lake. Beautiful and quiet guesthouse KOPILA, other lakeside, Anadu village, phone (977) 28369, free ferry service, great and cheap restaurant, all rooms with lake view. At lakeside area there is a geat guesthouse called BUTTERFLY LODGE. All profits are going to a CHILD WELFARE CHARITY. Very clean and cosy, phone (977) 61 20793,

The tourist entrance fee of US$ 10.00 is discriminatory and the money is going into corrupt official's pockets. To avoid the checkpoints walk direction east. Pass the trolley bus park & Suryna Binayak and enter the city from the south-east or east side. There are no checkpoints. Check out the SUNNY RESTAURANT next to Durbar Sq. Great tibetan momos and best milk tea in the town.

M 20001.1.10: HIROKO <>
I am live in tokyo , Who want to go surf with me , and let's excange launguage I can teach you japanese!! Plz, sent me e-1-mail!!

I 20001.1.10: Sergey
We can't compare with famous destination ,but my small sunny country is unfortunatelly still unknown place on the map. I will be glad if with your assistance we can show all what we like in Turkmenistan.

? 01.01.03: christi jones <>
Touring in Japan
I am trying to find out about places to visit in Japan in July 2001 with 8 American seventeen year old girls.

As you see, we don't have any information about Japan. However since I am a Japanese, I think I can help you.
The schedule could depend on the time you have. The following is a just general recommendation.
Kyoto is the obvious choice. Nara is the next choice. Both are ancient Japanese cities which satisfy anybody.
Tokyo is an ugly city but you may enjoy looking around the shopping area, such as Shinjuku or Akihabara where many electronic products are sold.
If you are interested in Hiroshima, you may use 2 days for your trip. One is for the atomic bomb relating sites and the other a pictures tic shrine near by.
If you have any question, please not hesitate to contact to us.

? 00.12.28
Student travel agents in Japan
I work for a student travel company in the US and am trying to find a student travel agency in Tokyo that sells discounted airfare to students, youth, and/or teachers in Japan. If you have any information for me it would be greatly appreciated.
From Editorial
There are many travel agents which help students. They are usually located on compus. However there is not student airfares exit in Japan, Japanese student travel agents are just like normal travel agents. The are STA offices in major Japanese towns, such as Tokyo and Osaka which you probably can find the STA official web page.

M 00.09.09David Stanley <>
South Pacific Organizer

This site has lots of information and links of special interest to anyone planning to visit the South Pacific islands.

? 00.09.17: Waldemar Vegler<>
Korea Info wanted
I am looking for a budget room in Seoul, South Korea. May be you could mail me some names of certain places or just the the part of the city where budget rooms are likely to be found.
Thank you,

M 2000.03.02:Takahiro Kamei <>
Napal has a heavy noise and dirty, but I can stay a nice and clean hotel with only 4 USD..and I could have a nice nepali meal.
But I would like to take a rest. Tomorrow I go to Bangaradish embassy. Parhaps 8th narth I will go to POKARA, it is the place where i can see Mt himaraya.

? 00.02.21: Anna < >

Help for Info for Beijin
My name is Anna and I`m going to Bejling this July.
Iwould like to get some information from person who was there. I would like to know some adress of cheap hostels, and I would like to know something about kitchen and prices. I`m interested in eating dogs, cats, snakes, and I would like to know prices of it.

Thank you very much for your help.

M 2000.02.20: J.H.Ryoo<>
Do you have any plan to visit Korea?
If so, make your travel more easy and juisy with us.
We arrange the native korean for you. They explain Korean culture and history and guide you.
For more detail information, feel free to contact us



00.01.08: Ken Jones <>
Info for Japan
Very interesting but why no Japanese tours or information? I will travel to Asia soon. Retired and ready to go.
From Editorial
It is true that we don't have any information for Japan. There are a few reasons. The main reason is that we want to focus to the budget traveling and Japan is not the budget travelable country. The other is the Our own budget. If we do research we need much more budget to do it. And the last reason is we don't have enough staff. Once we becomes enterprise we may include Japan information. However we are very happy to answer any questions..

I 99.11.11 Editorial from NHK
Taj Mahar temple, India
The entrance fee will be raised to 6 times. sorry I don't know how much it is now. So hurry if you are heading to now.

I 99.10.10 Nick Abel
You might be interested in the Indian travel journal of my friend Madalena Coelho who is currently in Goa. Her page, which I helped her create is
and describes her experiences in India.

? 99.10.10: marco vercelli<>
I would like to go to India, Pakistan, Tibet and Nepal next year. I'd like to receive some useful information.

I 99.10.8: karttikeya<PICT_KARTTIKEYA@HOTMAIL.COM>
Package Tours for India


Uzbekistan and Central Asia.
The our tourist department is your tour operator in
Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

We specialize in tours along the Silk Road, climbing,
trekking adventures, transfers, horseback riding tours
and individual tour packages. We are based in Tashkent
Uzbekistan and offer tours throughout Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

We provide: visa application, registration and all necessary permits; accommodation (hotel, home-stay, cottage, yurts, tents); transportation (bus, jeep, pack-animals, helicopter, plane); food; consultation of routes; radio communication; guides and interpreters.

We work with tourist companies and individual guests.
We do our best to deserve your confidence. Our target are a quality service and acceptable prices.

Khalmat Bagadirov ( Korean., Russian)
Djamshid Umarov ( English ., Turkish., Russian )
Iskander Ergashev .(Russian., English)

Our address is: 56 Buyuk Turon str., 700029 Tashkent Uzbekistan
e-1-mail address is:
phone in Tashkent:998 71 133 54 91 ., 152 61 69 ;
fax in Tashkent: 998 71 120 61 30 ., 120 61 31., 152 61 69

Please contact to us for more details.

? Jul 20, 99: Kelly Teh <>
Cheap Accommodation near shopping area in Japan
Any reasonable price accomodation near shopping areas in Tokyo? Travelling alone sometime in November 1999?
From Editorial
Even though we are stationing in Japan, we don't have any information about Japan. I am very afraid we cannot help you for this matter. But there are few guest houses in Japan. There are many shopping areas in Tokyo. Shibuya is for young people. Harajyuku is for mainly 10s. Shinjuku and Ikebukuro are for middle class. Akihabara is for electronic goods, Okachimachi is for food and Ueno is for rather low class people and many other area. Tokyo is very big and guest houses are scattered around Tokyo. The best way to find is tourist offices in Tokyo. One at the Narita airport and the other is at Tokyo JR station are specially designed for foreign travelers. Both have the information for budget accommodation. And you can get a copy of it. Only GH I know is Ookubo House which is near JR Ookubu station just next to Shinjuku, cost probably 3,000 yen for dormitory. The dormitory may be available for male. Also there is a very famous GH near Ueno station. I cannot remember the name but the name is in all guide books for Japan. That costs 4900/person. I may go to Tokyo this summer. I will pick it up the list of it. Beside the GHs, you may try special hotels called "capsule hotel".
When you check in, you can get a small box and a locker for your luggage. You can stay in communal a TV room, a bath room, Sauna, a restaurant for 24 hours. When you want to sleep you go back to your cubical space. The size of the box is probably 1 x 1 x 2 m with TV inside. There are many capsule hotels in Tokyo for male but only a few for female. They cost 3000-5000/night.

? 99.7.19: Kees Lafeber<>
Sea Link between HK and Indonesia
Is there a sea-link between Hong Kong and somewhere in Indonesia?

From Editorial
as long as we know there is no sea link between Hong Kong to Indonesia except cargo ships. But there is a link between Philippines and Indonesia.
But between S Philippines and Indonesia, there is a risk to be attacked by pirates.

? April 9, 99 Jill Kemble<>
I am trying to get as much good budget travel information as possible on China (mostly Beijing and Shanghai areas), Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam. Also, does anyone travel with a lap top and how does that work.

? 99.3.26 tim kennedy<>
Please send me any info you can on travel in mainland china for ecconical accomidations for my wife and I and suggested travel thank you

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