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Margaret and Keel's Asian Adventure
Riding Tigers: REPORT #5
October 12, 1999, Buriram, Thailand

the Issan region or the northeast of Thailand.
Well the latest update for those who may be interested...we are currently exploring the Issan region or the northeast. With only 2% of the tourist that come here, it is certainly off the beaten track we have not seen a foreigner in days.

Khao Prah Wihaan, Khmer Ruin
We left Phimai which has awesome ruins to venture to the masterpiece of Khmer ruins in Thailand, Khao Prah Wihaan. These ruins are actually in Cambodia and so you have to pass through a couple of checkpoints before going. However, the view is simply magnificent. These ruins sit at the top of a 1000' sheer cliff. The entire country of Cambodia is at your feet. Tropical jungle as far as the eye can see. Although illegal logging is certainty practiced you would not know it here, uncut forest as far as the eye can see. Tough to get to however. You should go to Sisaket and take a bus to Kantharalak and then a motorcycle taxi to the ruins...Me my golden rule of travel is not to compromise money for the sake of health or safety, so we hired a taxi to take us from Sisaket to the ruins then on the Ubonratchasima. The potholes in the road could really do a number on a motorcycle. we paid 1000 bahts for a car and driver for the day. not bad considering...After these ruins we went to Ubonratchisma for a couple of nights. Nice Museum and plenty of Issan culture. For those of you that say Thailand is too touristy you should definitely go to Issan, the real Thailand...

a wonderful massage in Ubonratchasima
I had a wonderful massage in Ubonratchasima that lasted two hours and cost me 300 bahts...that's 8.75 US folks...I will never be able to have one in the states again as its way too expensive. This massage was the real traditional Thai massage not a disguise for sex. It was great!

Bus to Buriram
We left Ubon this am and took a VIP bus which is the only way to fly. Picture a bus that serves snack and beverages and has a stewardess on board. plus video and fully reclining seats. Greyhound can't compete. The trip lasted over 4 hours and cost 140 bahts. I don't understand the confusion with private vs. government buses...I guess I don't see how travelers wind up taking private buses then complain about the service or lack there of...always ask to go to the bus terminal for gov. problem...

now in Buriram
So we are now in Buriram where we go to explore more Khmer ruins before heading off for some other adventures. We really can't miss Phanon Rung Historic park which took 17 years to restore, is one of the finest examples of restored Khmer architecture in Thailand. This should be a short note because the computer is slow and potential for crashing is high...will write again from Bangkok where we are headed in a week to attend a special art opening at the Jim Thompson museum by special invitation from the curator of the to buy a will obviously be made of silk and will cost me about 50 bucks us...were doing fine,,, please forgive the typos and mistakes...the font size on these computers is about a 2 so I can't proofread as I can hardly see the print...please bear with me...

hello to anyone that interested...I will write more detail travel information next time, until then, the Asian Tiger rider is history....

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