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Riding Tigers: REPORT #14
December 17, 1999, Koh Phangan Thailand

We have been on this island paradise for about three nights now.

We arrived by bus and ferry, an all day travel from Phuget. For those who may travel in this direction. Surat Thani and the associated tourist infrastructure to get out to these islands is some times difficult to sort out... There are four piers and two or three different ferry lines so the best bet is go directly to the bus station and buy a combination ticket and wait there... if you go with a tout you will be taken to a private bus company that will eventually stop at the bus station. It should cost around 200 baht, 195 baht is printed on the ticket.

Koh Phangan is world famous for the all night full moon beach parties that will have thousands of freaks rocking out on the beach until dawn. Its a spectacle... Now it is a zoo for accommodations and more young backpackers arrive daily...many people come daily to my bungalow to inquire for space and all turned away... I would recommend one place, a very small family place called Chai Bungalow. Its located on the western side of the island, much quieter....Bungalows with attached bath go for 100 baht, that $2.50, He only has five bungalows so its more intimate...Any taxi driver in Thongsala will know Chai Bungalow...40 baht taxi form town to the bungalow...It's expensive here compared to the rest of Thailand, but it is an island so what do you expect...We intend to be here through Christmas, as it is so easy to live this beach life of walking, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, fruit shake drinking, sand in your toes, hammock swinging, holiday! I will probably not have another update until after I will be lucky if the world is thrown into global turmoil on Y2k and I am stuck on this island indefinitely....

Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...Keel

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