Katalin's trip
Mui Ne to Saigon

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Mui Ne
In Mui Ne, the main attraction is the sand-dunes and orange colour rocks ("canyon") Also it is good for couples/people who want to relax on the beach (quite and narrow but O.K.) because there are so many guesthouses that they are never full and overcrowded so you can have a lot of privacy. I was by myself so I could not get a cheap tour (they quoted me 20 USD for the sand-dunes-canyon half day tour...) So I went by moto(with driver) to the yellow sand dunes (about 12km from my GH and 7km from the village), from there nearby (5km) yellow canyon - it is small area but nice) and then back to my GH for 25000d (1USD=15500/15700d). I could not see the white sand dunes (further 20?km) and some waterfall that is usually on organized tours, but I was happy with what I have seen and it was too hot for longer trips anyway.

After staying 1 night in Mui Ne, next morning I left by tourist bus for Saigon (63000d).

NOTE: It is cheaper if you buy this "open bus ticket" from Hanoi all the way down to Saigon (or vice versa) but then you have to decide in advance all your stopovers and you are really stuck to the tourist routes. So I did not buy this ticket, but sometimes I got a train-ticket, sometimes local buses, and when I used the "open bus" I simply bought one way tickets for the route I needed.

Arrived in the evening to Saigon. Backpackers get to reminded me for Kao San road. Many GHes, small family-run hotels. you can get a simple room for 45000d. I checked out two places that had dorm, but interestingly both of them was full - but they had rooms for 5 usd. Instead I stayed in a small GH for 45000d/room, shower outside. I can recommend Duna Hotel which is quite fancy (elevator, A/C, TV, bathroom with bath-tube) and not cheap (8-15USD/room = bad rate if you want to pay with dong!!) but it's worth the money if you want to treat yourself after staying in cheap places all over Vietnam.)

From Hanoi I went to a 2-day Mekong tour (many-many-many travel agents sell same tours). Then I took a bus from Saigon to Phnom Penh, Cambodia - 4USD.


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