Taka trip 2007
Hanoi - Lao Cai Train

July, 2007

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Local Train Hard bed sleeper.
6 beds in a compartment. They have no mattresses, but a piece of straw mats.Top bed does not have much space.

Bottom beds have luggage space underneath. These space are very secure because unless your bed is lift, nobody can reach your bag.

SE Train(Special Train)
Between Hanoi and Lao Cai(the gateway to Sapa), many tourist trains are running. The carriages look very nice. They are air conditioned and 4 beds carriage and small lamps are equipped.

Air conditioned wooden interior class.

There are two classes.
Wooden carriage class & Victoria Express class
Victoria Express class looks much better with Chinese interior.
These high class train tickets are available only from travel agents, not at the train station.


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