Mt. Bromo, Morning Tour
Jawa, Indonesia

August 18 , 2001

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The sun rise view from the view point. To see it you have to get up at 3am and to take a jeep to the view point where is the highest point of the outer crater.

Many people waiting here to see the sun rise. It is very cold. The jackets can be rented out at your GH or shops at the view point.

The view from the view point to Mt. Bromo and a few other craters in the morning.

This is the village, Cemoro Lawang, at the edge of the outer crater. This is where you normally stay.

Driving back to Mt. Bromo from the view point in the dust of the outer crater.

At the foot of the Mt. Bromo, many house drivers are waiting for you to take their houses to the stair leading Mt. Bromo crater.

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