Zurich, Switzderland

Area Code 01, $1=1.63SF, Jan 30, 2001

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i Information Office: at the train station. T215-4000. Apr-Oct M-F8:30-20:30, SaSu8:30-18:30, Nov-Mar M-F8:30-19, SaSu9-18:30 information@zurichtourism.ch
AE American Express: Uraniastrasse #14, M-F8:30-18:00. No com for AM T/C. For other T/C 2SF, Cash 5SF. $1=1.615, 100yen=1.37, GBP1=2.335SF
$1 Money changer: at the train station 6:30-22:00, For T/C no com. For cash 2SF com. T/C and cash rates are same. $1=1.6, 100yen=1.35, GBP1=2.34
$2 Credit Suisse: Banhofstrasse 89, near the train station. M-F8:15-16:30, Th8:15-18:00, cash 5SF?, Rate TC/Cash $1=1.6305/1.614, 100yen=1.4015/1.384, GBP=2.379/2.355SF
$a ATM: Everywhere in town.
P Police: at the train station. T117
M0 Post office: Kasernenstrasse 95/97, M-F6:30-22:30, Sa6:30-20, Su11-22:30
M2 Post Office: at the train station. M-F7:30-18:30, Sa8-12:00
M1 Telephone: Many public telephone are available. Probably no need to find one. Most payphone accept major credit cards, saying no extra charge for the usage of the credit card. I tried to find the details for it. But nobody knows how to work. Some says they may charge 0.5SF extra. But I don't know the truth. All public phone has a extra machine which allows you to send e-1-mail(240 letters with 0.9SF), fax, free telephone number inquiry. The most advance system I have ever seen.Local call first a few min. 0.6SF and then 0.1SF/min.
H University Hospital: Take tram #10 from the train station to University/ETH Zentram.
Ha Ambulance: T144
Hp Pharmacy(Apotika): Many in town. there is one at the train station open daily 7-24:00
Hp Bellevue Pharmacy: Theaterstrasse 14 at Bellevue. 24 hours
E81 Japanese embassy: Utoquai 55, 269-4046
E32 Belgian: Basteiplatz 5, T212-1155
E45 Denmark: Burglistrasse 8, T289-3060
E358 Finland: Herzogstrasse 14, T253-6310
E44 UK: Minervastrasse 117, T383-6560
E381 Yugoslavia: Alfred Escbeerstrasse T202-0273
E385 Croatia: Bellerivestrasse 5, T4228318
E47 Norway: Kirchgasse 38, T251-0462
E43 Austria: Seestrasse 161, T283-2700
E48 Poland: Winzerstrasse 11, T344-5077
E46 Sweden: Stadelhoferstrasse 40, T252-3830
E420 Czech Rep.: Dufourstrasse 22, T262-1581
s Migros Supermarkt: on Banhof Enge 7-19:00. Supermarket only.
s Migros Supermarkt: on Mutschellenstrasse, M-F8-19, Sa8-16:00. It has a restaurant and deli section.
s Book shop Orell Fussli: Fusslistrasse + Banhofstrasse
s Letzipark(Shopping Center): in Zurich-Altstettten. M-F9-20, Sa8-16:00 Access: Tram #2, bus #31, 80, 89.
m Flower/vegetable market: Burklplatz, TuF
m Flower/vegetable market: Markplatz, W6-11:00, Sa6-12:00
m Flee Market: Burkplatz, May-Oct Sa6:15-15:30
m Miscellaneous market: Rosenhof(Niederdorf) Mar-Dec Th10-20, Sa10-16:00
la Landry: MM Speed Wash AG: Mullerstrasse 55, T242-9914, M-F7-22, Sa10:30-22:00
la Landry Muhlegasse: Muhlegasse 11, T252-3795, M-F7:30-12, 13-18:30. Also see YH

@ ETH-Bibliothek: ETH Zentrum level H, M-F8:30-21, Sa9-14:00. Many PCs can be used for free. Just go in and take empty ones. This is the heaven for people who need surfing for hours. Access: From the train station take tram #10 to ETH Zentrum or cross the river and take Polyburn mall funicular to the top and continue going up to Rammistrasse and turn right.
@ Cyber Gate: at the train station. 11:30-23:00, 5SF/20min.

Local Transport
Trams/buses/trolley buses
short ride(5 stops) 2.10SF, normal single 3.6, 24 hour ticket(Zone 10) 7.2SF

24 hour tickets are valid for the boat within zone 10. The combined ticket with Zone 10 & out side of the zone is available from tourist office
10.80SF. You must validate the ticket before boarding with the ticketing vending machine. Penalty 60SF
rb Rental bicycle: at the main train station. Free???
rb Rental bicycle: May- Oct. also available at Altstetten, Enge, Oerlikon, Stadelhofen and more for free????

A Zurich Airport: 11km from the city. Accessible by many trains. 5.40SF. But you can buy a combined ticket with 10.80 at the information offices.
T Train station Zurich Banhof: the main train station: To Burne 48SF, Luzern 22SF, St-Moritz 69SF, Interlaken 45SF.@Munich 99SF, Vianna 127SF, Venice 95SF, Paris 98(not TGV) Innsbruck 68SF.
B Bus station: near the train station. A few min walk. Go out from train station and turn left and walk along the train station to NW. We don't have any bus information at this moment.

March 3-4(Early March): Fasnacht, Carnival, Music, parade(on Sunday)
April 23: Shops close at 12:00
April 22-23(3 rd Monday in Apr): Sechselauten Festival, spring festival, A parade of guilds dressed with traditional cloths.
July 6-8, 2001, Every 3 years, beginning of July: Zuri Fascht. The entire city becomes a big fair ground.
Sep 22-23(2 nd weekend in Sep): Knabenschiessen Festival, boys' shooting contest.
Sep 10: Shops/banks close
Dec 6, St. Nicholas Day: Santa Claus procession

h Jugendhererge(HI): Mutschellenstrasse 114, T482-3544, zuerich@youthhostel.ch www.youthhostel.ch/zuerich sb dr31SF bf, La(8SF), STV, @(1SF/4min), Access: From the train station, take tram#7 to Morgental and walk toward the direction of tail of the tram for 5 min. It is on the left side. 24hr reception. Breakfast is excellent but the dinner 9.9SF is not recommended. During summer time they may serve better food.
h City Backpackers Hotel Biber: Niederdorfstrasse 5, T251-9015, backpacker@access.ch www.backpacker.ch/city-backpacker. sb dr29 sheet 3, s65 d88, K, @(1SF/5min.) Access: From the train station, cross the river and take the 2nd street to right which is Niederdorfstrasse where many places men like to go at night. Just walk down to S for 5 min. It is on the right side. Rooms and communal area are small but it has a kitchen which the official YH does not have.
h Martahaus: Zahringerstrasse 36, T251-4550, info@martahaus.ch www.martahaus.ch Closed until April 2001 for the renovation. dr35, s70, d96. Access: From the train station, cross the river and take the 3 rd street to right which is Zahringerstrasse where many places men like to go at night. Just walk down to S for 5 min. It is on the left side.
h Justinus-heim Zurich: Freudenbergstrasse 146, T361-3806, sb s35-50, d80-90, ab s60-65, d100-110SF. Access: From the train station, tram #10 to Rigiblick Seib then cable car to end station.
h Seebucht camping site: Ueli Glatti Seestrasse 599, T482-1612. Access: From the train station, take tram #11 to Burklplatz then bus #161 or #165 to the city boundary.

Expensive. We have not find any one for budget travelers. Water also costs more than 4SF. The restaurant option is totally out here.
r Coop Take It: Banhofstrasse + Fusslist. Less than 6SF.
r Migro Restaurant: M-F7-19, Sa 7-16:00. Chained supermarket. Many locations in town. Not all have a deli and a restaurant. One on Mutschellenstrasse has a restaurant and deli section.
r Unviersity Menza: Just across the river from the train station. We did not check the student cafeteria but there must be one. I assume it is also available to travelers. If you can go in and enjoy their meal, please report to us. See ETH Zentrum in internet section for the direction. The Menza must be close to ETH
r Ban Song Thai: Kirchgasse 6, just S from Grossmunster, T252-3331, Thai, M-F11:30-14:30, All you can eat 25.50SF, drink extra(4.5SF for water) or 15SF for 400g Thai food for small eaters. Excellent Thai food. It is expensive but it could be good place for the people who have not eaten properly for a long time.
To eat before 13:00, reservation strongly recommended.
r Churrasco: Glockengasse #9, lunch 11:30-17:00, 13.90SF.

S Muraltengut Park: Rose garden. Must see in season.
S Boat trip on the Zurich Lake
Kleine Rundfahrt(Short trip)
There are two boats leaving from Zrurich Burklptatz dep(arr)13:05(14:25), 14:35( 15:47)
5.40SF (with 24 hour ticket 3.6SF. You may be able to take the boat up to the zone 10 limit. Ask the staff on board to avoid the surcharge. You probably can go 1 or 2 stops.)
There are some more boats on certain days with different meal options.
S City Tours: There are a few tours. Please ask at the tourist information for the details. The followings are two cheapest ones for budget travelers.
-Walking tour for the Old Town:
18SF, 2 hours, with English and German, it starts from Tourist information office at the main train station. Nov-Apr WSa10:00, May-Oct M-F14:00, SaSu14:30
-Zurich Trolley Tour:
29SF, 2 hours, in 7 language (headphones) Nov-Mar 12, 14:00, Apr-Oct 9:45, 12, 14:00. Come to the tourist office at the main train station 30 min earlier to make a reservation.
S Architecture: The tourist information office has a list. See Zurich little city NEWS.

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