Geneve, Switzerland

Area Code ?, $1=1.6SFJan 27, 2001

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i Arcade d'information dela Villa de Genava: M12-18, Tu-F9-18, Sa10-17:00
AE American Express: ?
$ Money changer: at the train station.6;45-20:00. Summer longer hours. T/C no com. Cash 2SF, $1=1.6, 100yen=1.36
M Post office: ?
s Apertz supermarket: at the train station 6-22:00. Probably it is only place open on Sunday.
@ Internet Cafe del la Gare: at the train station. 9:30-22:00. 2SF/10min. 3/20, 4/30, 6SF/hr.

A Airport:
T Train station: Fare OW/RT To Zurich 77/128SF, Interlaken 100/?, Lausanne 20, Vianna 294/345, Paris 142/192(non TGV fare), but TGV could be cheaper. 100SF to Paris. The number of the seats are limited.
B Bus station: Place Dorciere. T022-7320230
Destination OW fare / RT fare dep time(arr time) reductions -26/60+available
To Lyon 73/110 5:45, 12,14,17:40 2hours
To Nice 116.5/186 7:00(17:00)
To Chamonix 44/70* 8:30, M-Sa16:15 1.5 hours During winter more buses running specially Sa.
To Cluses 35/na 10:50 14:00 1 hour
To Bourg-ST-Maurice 71/120, 11:15, 18:15 3.5hour during winter more buses are running specially Sa From Bourg-ST-Maurice buses connection to major ski area, ex Valpd'Isaere 75/127
To Warsaw 140/252, TuThSa15:00(WFSu16:30)
To Prague 95/152 Su18:30(M7:30), TuThSa15:00(WFSu6:00)
To Bruno 100/160 Su18:30(M10:10)
To Bratislava 80/150 Su16:00(M10:50)
To Vienna: no buses
To Barcelona 104/187 TuFSa20:30(WFSu9:00)
To Madrid 187/337 TuFSa20:30(WFSu20:00) need to change bus at Barcelona
To Lisbon 190/330 TuThSa12:15(WFSu17:00)
To Torino 64/109 MF7:00(12:30) W14:45(20:15)
To Sofia 150/270 M9:00(Tu22:00) 42 hours via Hungary and Yugoslavia
To Bucharest 160/240 TuThSa10:00(arr WFSu19:15)

r City Hostel: Rue de Ferriler 2, T022-901-1500, dr24, s50, d70, TV, K, La, Lockers, @, C5

r Passaggio: at the train station. Excellent self service style restaurant with high quality. The price is not expensive as it looks. The quantity is also large. Many main course less than 10SF. Credit cards are accepted. Highly Rec.

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