Berne, Switzerland

Area code ?, $1=1.60SF, Jan 29, 2001

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A beautiful medieval city built in a peninsula fortified by the river Aare and high cliff. Ideal place for the ancient town. If you visit only the old town, it is very hard to believe Bern is the capital city for Switzerland. It was built in 1191 by Duke of Zahringen. Later the city was expanded toward W adding new walls a few times. The city took the important role in the region all the time and could kept the independence. Its territory once reached the lake of Geneva in 16-18 th C. In 1818, Bern became the capital of Switzerland.
The name of the city, Bern came from the German word "Bar" means "Bear". Bears were kept in the city front moat since 1224 at least.
i Information Office: at the train station. Jun-Sep 9-20:30, Oct-May M-Sa9-18:30, Su10-17:00. Free map, sell Day transport ticket. City tour, Sa only 24SF, student 22SF
AE American Express: ?
$ Money changer: at the train station. 7-19:00. No com for T/C but 2SF for the cash transaction. The rate for cash or T/C $1=1.6, \100=1.36, GBP1=2.35
P Police station: at the train station
Ph Pharmacy: many in town, also at the train station
s Coop: at the train station. M-F6:30-22:00, SaSu7:30-22:00. Visa/MC
s Migros: Marktlgasse #42, go out from the train station and turn left to Spitalgasse and go through the first gate. It is on the left side. M-F 8/9-18:30, Th8-21, Sa7-16:00. A big supermarket also on the ground floor, take away food and on 1F is the self service restaurant. The both serving very cheap and good value food.

There are 2 free places. Neither has a waiting list so just stand behind the person or inform the person you could be next.
@ Medienhauz: Zeughausgasse #14. M-F7-23, Sa9-18. Free internet. But only 2 PC. You probably have to wait whole a while. Cafe 3.3SF.
@ Jaggi Buchaer book store: B2 of shopping center LOEB, on Bucenbergplatz, just in front of the train station. M-F9-18:30, Th9-21, Sa8-16:00. It has 2 free internet PC and some other with 5SF/30min. For free PC 20min. max

Local Transport
Trams/buses/trolley buses
Many trams, buses, trolley buses are operating. Single upto 6 station 1.5SF, more than 7 stations, 2.4SF, 24hrs 7.5SF which allows you to take the funicular. Those are available from the vending machines at the bus stops. Also 24 hrs tickets are available from the tourist information office.

A Airport:
T Train station:
B Bus station:

h Jugendherberge(HI): Weiherg 4, T311-6316, dr29.25, s42.25, d74.5SF. bf(excellent) non member 6SF/night extra up to 6 night.. check out 10:00. Reception 7-9:30 and Jun-Sep 15-24, Oct-May 17-24:00. You can leave the luggage. Locker, STV. Visa/MC dinner 11SF(not recommend), lunch 12SF(look OK).
h Landhaus: Altenergstrasse 4/6, 031-331-4166,, dr30SF, d100+SF, K, Lockers, @
h Backpackers Berne: Rathausgasse 75, T031-311-3771, dr25, d90+, K, La, Lockers, TV

r Manora: Near the train station. Go out from the train station, cross the tram lines. It is located right from the UBS Bank. M-Sa6:30-22:30, Su8:30-22:30. Excellent self service restaurant serving very cheap and good food. Many less than 13SF. No credit card.. Highly Rec.
r Migros: Spitalgasse #42, go out from the train station and turn left to Spitalgasse and go through the first gate. It is on the left side. M-F 8/9-18:30, Th8-21, Sa7-16:00. The ground floor, take away food and on 1F is the self service restaurant. It is as good as Manora. Rec. It has a supermarket. Less than 15SF. No credit card.

We don't have enough information at this moment.
Clock Tower Tour: May-Oct 16:30 and Jun-Sep 11:30. Start from the tower. Price ?SF
City Tour is available. See under the information office.
S Bear Pits: near Nydegg bridge. The name of "Bern" came from the word "Bear". From the time of legend, the city kept bears in the moat in front of the main gate. There are a few stories why Bern has been keeping bears. 1.) The founder of the city Duke Berchtold V. of Zahringen caught a bear in the site he was planning to build a city.
2.) In 1513 after the victory at the battle of Novara, the Burn's army came back with a live bear and kept in a moat. Whatever the reason is keeping bears in the front gate moat is not so bad idea to keep the city. The same case can be seen at the castle of Ceske Krumlov, Czech Rep.
S Munster(Cathedral): Built between 1421 and 1893. It has a 100m spire. The vaulting over the nave is 16 th C. Some of the 12 m high stained glasses are dated from 1868. The most famous piece inside is the main portal with beautiful sculpture of Last Judgment which consist of the Wise and Foolish Virgin Maria and the Apostles and the Canopy of Heaven designed by Erhand Kung
S Zytglogge(the Clock Tower): The tower was built originally in 1191 with other town walls. It is the gateway to the ancient Bern. The figure play and Astronomical Clock was installed in 1530. The figure moves 4 mins before the hour, starting with the rooster's crow and ends with the third crow. During summer time guided tours are organized from the entrance of the tower. Ask at the information office.

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