Tabanovci, Macedonia

Area Code ?, 1DM=31Denar, Sep 1, 2000

Currently we show only transport info. Other info will be provided shortly.

The border station to Yugoslavia
If you are traveling from Yugoslavia to Macedonia, buy the Yugo train ticket to Presevo, the border town of Yugo and buy the ticket for the rest of your trip at Tabanovci station, the border station of Macedonia. This makes the train cost very cheap and many locals do the same.

$ Exchange: at the train station, at the small building next to the ticketing building. 1DM=31Dener

T Train: To Beograd 90D, To Presevo(The border station to Macedonia) 70D, but nobody pay for this fare.
To Skopje
95D, To Gevgekiga(Border station to Greece) 250D

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