Subotica, Yugoslavia

Area Code ?, DM1=27D, Aug 28, 2000

Currently we show only transport info. Other info will be provided shortly.
i Tourist information: on the main pedestrian street. M-F9-19:00, Sa9-12:00. helpful English speaking staff.
$ Bank: at the main square.DM=20D. pegged to DM. But nobody is changing here. Many black market exchangers in the main square. DM1= 27d
@ Internet cafe: at the main square. 40D/hr
r McDonald: at the main square. one of the most beautiful and historical McDonald. in the world. Big mac 51D, set 114 D
r Many burger stands selling : 20D+
r Cafes: Many nice cafes in town. Some very classic and some very modern coffee 20D+

T Train station: 5 min walk from the main square through the pedestrian street. All international train fares are pegged with official rate for DM. payable with Dinner.

Yugoslavia -> Budapest: (Keleti Station)
Beograd Subotica

km 199km 211km 374km


0 D

55 D

? D

08:20 11:10/11:40 11:50/12:20 15:03
12:55 15:55/16:20 16:30/17:01 19:53
19:30 22:20/22:45 22:55/23:20 01:59

Subotica Szeged
km 45km

0 D

115 D

8:36 10:21
14:16 6:05

Other destinations

to Athens: 2000D

B Bus station: 10min walk from the train station.
To Budapest: 25DM, 224km, 15:15(20:00)
To Szeged: 80D/5DM ?, 47km, 1.5hrs, 19:30, M-Sa(5:40, 6:20, 10, 12, 14:20)
To Bekescsaba: cost ?, 160km, M-Sa12:00(16:05)
To Kecskemet: cost ?, 135km, ThSa14:15(17:35)
To Beograd: 1st class 145D, many buses 4:30-20:15. 2nd class 90D

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