Beograd, Yugoslavia

Area Code ?, $1=, Aug 28, 2000

Currently we show only transport info. Other info will be provided shortly.

E81 Japan: T311-1434, As you come out from the train station, turn left and cross the Donau. Turn left before Hyatt.

T Train station: All international fare must be paid with foreign currencies.
B Bus station: Near the train station. Arrival and departure terminals are different location. Domestic departure is the next to the train station. International and domestic arrival are almost same place 10 min walk from the train station.

Beograd, Yugoslavia -> Budapest: (Keleti Station)
Beograd Subotica

km 199km 211km 374km
08:20 11:10/11:40 11:50/12:20 15:03
12:55 15:55/16:20 16:30/17:01 19:53
19:30 22:20/22:45 22:55/23:20 01:59

Other Destination
to Nis(Y) 90D, to Presevo(Y) ?D, to Bar(Montenegro) 267D
to Thessaloniki(G) 20DM?
to Athens(G) 100DM, to Budapest(H) 70DM

To Budapest: cost ?, 422km, 21:00(5:30+1)
To Subotica: 1 class 145D many , To Nis 182D many

h Hotel Beograd: Near the train station. As you come out from the train station turn right. It is on the left side.
sb ab d35DM
h Hotel Bristol: Karadardaz?, near bus terminal
h Hotel Astovia: Milovanovice

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