Levoca, Slovakia

Area Code 053, TC $1=43.20, Aug 20, 00

r1 3 Apostolov: Nam. Majstra Pavla 11, Traditional Slovak 90-130sk Reasonably priced high class restaurant. Good dress is recommended. Huge servings. Highly Rec
r5 Vegetarian: Uholna 137 M-F10-15:00 40+sk
Popular but limited opening hours.Attractive environment. Menu changes daily, choose from 4 dishes displayed.
Highly Rec
r Hotel Arkada Rest: Nam. Majstra Pavla 26, Traditional Slovak 80-130sk, High class restaurant in cellar of complex.
r Pizzeria: Nam. Majstra Pavla, Pizza 56-100sk, quiet and small but cosy pizza restaurant. One pizza is big enough for 2.
r Fast food: Nam. Majstra Pavla11, next to Apostolov, fast food Cheap but filling snacks such as bagets(26sk), hot dogs(132sk) good stop for lunch. Rec
r2 Mlecny Lahodky Nam. Majstra Pavla 9, M-Sa 8-1230, 1300-1800, Su 830-1230, 1300-1800, closes for lunch. Open sandwiches, Cakes, ice cream:
r4 Balkanska, next to Tourist Office, Ice Cream, 6sk/scoop
r3 Kaviaren Cultural Centre in middle of square. 10-22:00
Simple snacks. Wien coffee

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