KOSICE, Slovakia

Area Code 055, $1=31.36, E=39.28, May 26, 2005

Most of Kosice's sights are located around the town square in the historic central area.
in the main square - Hlavna nam.
S Dom sv. Alzbety (St Elizabeth's Cathedral): M-F9-19:00, Sa12-19:00. Originally Gothic style, built late 14th C-16th C with many additions over the years in various architectural designs. - largest of this type in Slovakia
S Urbanova Veza (St Urban's Tower): 14th C built tower. Beautiful religious architecture with complicated structure
S Kapinka sv. Michala (St. Michael's Chapel): 14th C built gothic style church, 2nd oldest in town.
S Statne Divadlo (State Theater) Built in 19th C. Neo-Baroque style. There are fountains in front spurting water in sync with classical & easy listening western music. Daily entertainment for the masses in the square.
S Dolna Brama Podzemne Museum: Hlavna #68, Tu-Su10-18:00, 25sk, St10sk, Archeological museum. As walking through the brick made basement, you can learn Slovakia archeology.
S Slovak Technical Museum: Hlavna nam 88, Tu-F9-17:00, Sa9-14:00, Su12-17:00. 30sk st10sk, This is the only museum for technology in Slovakia. It exhibits the Slovak history of technology and many other exhibits which you can enjoy.

S Remeslo-Crafts Galeria: Hlavna ul. 27 Art Gallery Open M-F9016:00, free It houses Slovakia modern art as well as craft.
S Jacobov palac Mlynska 30 Built 19th C, Gothic. Bricks from Kosice Cathedral - Dom sv. Alzbety- were used.
S Kostol Dominikanov (Dominican Church) Built 13th C.
S Synagoga Ortodoxnej (Orthodox Synagogue) Built in 1927.
S East Slovakia Museum: nam. Maratonu mieru 2, Tu-Sa9-17:00, Sa9-13:00. 30sk st10sk, Two tower building built in 1912, same architect as the Synagogue - E. Lechner. Exhibition of 'The Kosice Gold Treasure' and the history and national history.

Buildings of architectural interest:
S Andrassy Palace Hlavna nam. 81
S Porgracz Forgacs Palace Hlavna nam. 10

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