KOSICE, Slovakia

Area Code 055, $1=31.36, E=39.28, May 26, 2005

There aren't many budget options in Kosice. Some University dorms operate during the summer, little English spoken. Tourist office will reserve rooms at all types of accommodation for you - 5sk telephone charge.

h Studentsky domov: - B Nemcovej (huge campus. Keep on walking N until you see lots of names written on the footpath), T7961138, sb s250sk d400sk, C3 Basic dorm style with desk. Transport: tram #7 to last stop.
h Studentsky domov: - Podhradova 11 T7969111,
sb dr330sk s660sk C3 Basic 4-bedded dorm style. May end up with own room.

h Youth Hostel: Domov Mladeze Medicka 2(the last building in medicka ulica) T6435688,
sb 2-3 bedded rooms 270/p,
No English but manageable, Often full with young groups. It's a long way to go if full so probably better to ask the Tourist Office to phone and see if there is place.
Transport: bus #17 to Vojenska walk up the steps - very steep. 1st building at top, entrance is on opposite side of building.

Auto Camping
h Salas Barca: Alejova ulica, Tram no. 3,4,7 from Hotel Central. closed

h Pension Razalia: Oravska 14 T 6339714
sb s 800 d1100 C4 In the suburbs - 15-20min walk from the center. Apartment style - family live upstairs. Furnished, homely rooms. Telephone beforehand - the son speaks English. Transport: tram #6 to Amfiteater - the tram takes the long route. Highly Rec
h Hotel K2: Sturova 32 T6255948
sb 3-bedded room 375/p, R C4 sauna-75sk/2hr, hot tub 4sk/min. gym, continental bf-59sk
Central Location, Huge complex with small hotel upstairs above terrace restaurant. Attractive, cozy loft style rooms. No English,. Rooms looking to street can be noise
Highly Rec
h Hotel Kohal: Tr. SNP 61 T6426501 tourist class sb s325 d600, hotel class s650 d1040, simple but OK
h Pension Pri Radnilce: Backiva 18, T6228601, ab d2500sk, Nice family feel, close to the center. Rec
h Pension Atlantic: Razusova 1, T622-6501 sb s900 d1300, often full, in the center of the town
h Kosmalt: Kysucka 16, T6423511 sb s525sk C2, The building is like a old communist hospital located at the edge of the town. he staff are not good at speaking English. Access: Tram #6,9 or Bus #17,32, 34 from the train station.

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