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Though it can't compete with the neighboring capitols of Vienna, Budapest & Praha, for tourist attractions, Bratislava is not without its charm - namely the newly rennovated historic quarter.
There's definately enough to do and see to occupy a couple of days.
S Bratislavsky hrad (Bratislava Castle) & National Museum
Up on the hill from Pallisady ul. Tu-Su9-17:00
Entry fee all exhibitions - 45sk, st. 25sk,
Separate sections: Castle, Treasury collection, Musical Instruments,
Built in 15th C.Destroyed by fire in 1811, it wasn't restored until the 60's. Pay special attention to the staircases - a former occupant, Maria Theresia of Austria, grew too fat to be able to walk up the stairs and had them rebuilt so that she could ride up on her horse. There are great views of the River Danube, as far as Austria & Hungary, from the upper floor.
transport trolleybus #216, #217
S Dom sv. Martina: (St. Martin's Cathedral) M-Sa10-11:45, 14-16:45, Su 14-16:45
Rudnayovo nam. Gothic style. Built over 3 centuries 1563-1830. All Hungarian Royalty were crowned here.
S Hlavne nam The main square in the old quarter. Around the square are many historical buildings, lots of open-air cafes, souvenir stalls and occasional street performers.
S Stara Radnica (Old Town Hall) & Historical Museum
Hlavne nam. 1. Tu-Su 10-17:00 Entry fee: 20sk st.10sk
A mix of Gothic & Renaissance architectural styles. The oldest Town Hall in Slovakia, sections of the complex date from the late 14th C.
S Primacialne Palac (Primate's Palace) Primacialne nam.Tu-Su10-17:00
Built 1778-1781, The main attraction is the palace's Hall of Mirrors - where Napoleon and the Austrian emperor signed the 1805 peace treaty. Concerts are held here.
S Slovenske Narodne divadlo (National Theater)
Hviezdoslavovo nam. 1
Opera and Ballet performed here. No performances in Jul/Aug.
S Reduta Palace Palackeho ul. 2
Home of the National Philharmonic Orchestra.
S Slovenska Narodna Galeria (Slovak National Gallery) :
Hviezdoslavovo nam.2. Tu-Su10-18:00 Entry Fee 20sk, St. 10sk Extensive collection of Slovak art through the ages. Rec.
S Michalska brana s vezou (Michael's Gate & Tower) & museum: Michalska ul. Tu-Su10-17 Entry fee: 10sk
Built late 13th C. All that is left of the original city wall, is one of the main entry points to the old quarter. Renovated in late 17th C - baroque style. The top is graced by a sculpture of Archangel Michael. Good views from the top of the tower.
S Farmaceuticka expozicia (Pharmaceutical Exhibition): Michalska ul. 26,
Tu-Su 10-17:00 Entry fee: 20sk
A reconstructed 17th C pharmacy.
S Palffy Palace: Venturska 10, Tu-F10-18, SaSu10-17:00 Baroque style. Houses the Austrian Embassy.
S Kostol trinitarov Trinity Church Zupne nam. Built 1717-1723, Baroque style.
The most interesting church in Bratislava particularly impressive are the frescoes in the dome . Rec.
S Mirbachov palac (Mirbach Palace) & City Art Gallery 11 Frantiskanske nam. Tu-Su10-17:00, Entry fee: ?
Impressive, Rococco style, built late 18th C.
S Kostol frantiskanov (Franciscan Church) Frantiskanske nam. Opposite Mirbachov palac. Built 13th C Distinctive yellow colored building.
S S Narodne Muzeum (National Museum): Vajanskeho nabrezie 2 Tu-Su9-17:00 Entry fee:20sk, st.5sk
S Grassalkovicov Palac Hodzovo nam. 1, Built late 18th C, Baroque style, now the Presidential Residence.
S Hviezdoslavovo nam Park around which are a number of distinctive 19th C buildings.

Devinsky hrad (Devin Castle) In ruins since its destruction by Napoleon in 1809. No information at this time. Possible to take a boat trip to here - see transport info: ferry.

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