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Apart from in the summer season when University dorms open up, there is a shortage of budget accommodation in Bratislava. The tourist offices at the train station and in the center have information on most options - private homes, pensions, hotels and will reserve for you, 50sk charge. 30sk for students. (Information about student hostels is free).
At the train station you may be approached by people offering private rooms from 400sk, confirm the price and location, whether it includes breakfast, etc., before you go anywhere.
! Warning, If planning to visit at the end of June and the beginning of September - University student accommodation is NOT available and there are limited budget options. You should either reserve in advance or aim to get to the city early in the day to search for a place. The tourist office is a good starting point.


University Hostels/Student Dorms
Open Jul/Aug only. The cheapest and most popular option for backpackers during the summer.

Bernolak, ul. Bernolakova, open July - end of August,
h Bernolak: Bernolakova 1, T397723, 397724, close at 23:00
ab s 480sk, d280sk/p tr220sk/p, disc.10% for YHA /ISIC card. C2-3 Bf?, bar disco R? I Most popular hostel however rooms are overpriced. Basic, run down, lots of unimaginative (fuck, etc) graffiti covers the walls. Very sociable - this is where most backpackers stay in the summer. Transport: from railway station - Bus #22, 23, trolley bus #210 Tram #3 7sk From Bus station: bus #37, trolley bus #210
h Nespora: Svoradova 13 T5311908, Svoradova 13 T5311908 24 hours, sb dr150 (ISIC/ITIC - 100sk)C3-4 bar Open July - Aug 25 Best value dorms in Bratislava. In a great location, just under the Castle, 5 min. walk from the old area and centre. Even if you are alone you probably won't have to share. Rooms are spacious, clean, no bunk beds, friendly staff. Nice showers and surrounding. Highly Rec
h Belojannisa: Wilsonova 6, close at 23:00
sb dr (probably won't have to share) 150sk (ISIC/Euroyouth/YHA - 30% discount) C3
Just around the corner from Bernolak, this is a better value option. Rooms basic but much cheaper. Solo travellers will have their own room. . Rec
h Suvorak: Dobrovicova 14 (Not checked 1998)
sb dr (probably won't have to share) 182sk. C2/3
Very basic - pity the poor students who have to live here all year round. Staff don't speak much English.

All year round accommodation
h YMCA: Karpatska 2 closed
Nespora Svoradova 13, T5441-1900, Hotel in university dorm complex,
ab s300 d600sk, (from Sep 1 s420sk d660sk). tv radio C4 Great location beneath the castle, 5 minutes walk from the centre. Spacious, attractive furnished rooms, excellent value.Highly Rec
h Pension Gremium: Gorkeho 11, T5413-1026 Above an art gallery/cafe. T321818 (1999info)
s ab 890sk, d1290sk C5, R bf-continental

Great central location. Excellent value, comfortable rooms. Unfortunately there aren't many rooms so reserve in advance.Highly Rec
h ?Hotel Seleznica: Sancova 112 (Not checked , 1998)
s ab 600sk, d ab 800sk C4
Seems to be part of a hospital complex. Doesn't have many western foreigners staying here. Good value, pleasant rooms. Rec
h ?Hotel Plus: ul. Bulharska 72 T294445
s sb 300sk (Not checked, 1998)
Dopraspabb: T5557-4313, Recommended by Tourist office. Ask there for more info.

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