Trains in Romania

$1=26,000Lei, 1 Jan 3, 2001

There are many trains are running in Romania connection most of the major cities. The trains are cheap and operating as schedules. There are a few types of the trains, (P)Personal, (A)Accelerat, (R)Rapid, IC(Intercity) and (EC)Eurocity
Peronals are too slow for long distance and the carriages are very bad. Accelerate trains are cheap and Rapid and IC/EC are very expensive. However the fare difference does not reflect the speed of the train. For budget travelers, use Accelerate train is the best choice. You need to have a reservation except personal. You can pay the reservation but unless you get a good conductor, the fare will be quite high. If you happen to get on the train without reservation and asked high price, you may refuse and get off at the next station.
International train holders: You still need a reservation.
The reservation: In generally speaking, unless the train originate from the station you cannot buy the reservation until 1 hour before the departure time. Go to the station early and stay in a queue. If you are going to make a reservation a few days in advance, go to the ticketing agents in town. They might be able to help you.

The fare has been adjusted according to their 20% inflation 3 or 4 times in year so our rate will be out dated at the time you read it. Check the date of our information.

International trains. The train to Croatia or Hungary are very cheap. But if you go some other countries, fare are very expensive. You may go to the border station or stations near the border and buy the international ticket, if your time schedule fits. If you are coming back to Romania, you may buy a return ticket which is valid for 6 months and you can break the journey.
If you are under 26, discount fares are available for certain destination. Some big station has Wasteels office.

Distance Personal fare Accelerate sup Rapid sup IC supplyment
10km 4.700 4,700 21.900
20km 6,500




30km 10.000 24,200
40km 11,800
50km 14,600 24,200 42,400
60km 17,000 28,200
70km 20,600




80km 24,600 33,600
90km 27,100
100km 30,000 33,600 49,300
120km 35,100 38,700
140km 41,700





160km 45,700 46,500
180km 52,600
200km 57,000 46,500 67,500
250km 66,200 4,700 54,600 81,800
300km 74,200 9,400 71,000 138,300
350km 82,300 75,600
400km 89,400 80,300 151,500
500km 105,600 86,500
600km 123,200 96,900 194,300
700km 139,900 106,400
800km 148,100 112,000 215,100
900km 160,000 118,800
1000km 168,100 9,400 123,300 222,500






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