Sighisoara, Romania

Area Code 065 $1=21,300Lei, 1 July, 2000

T Train Station: 15-20 min walk. N from the town center.
ta Travel agent for train: 1Decembrie 1918 #2, M-F 8:30-15.

Fare from Sighisoara (Jan 3, 2001 info $1=26,000lei)

Bucharest Brasov



km - 294 128 205

Personal P 74,200 41,700 66,200 89,400 00
Accelerate A 83,600 46,400 70,900 99,800 00
Rapid R 145,200 80,400 120,800 169,700 00
Intercity IC 142,500 96,800 148,000 240,900 00
To travel to Sibiu, take a train to Copsa Mica or Brasov then change the train. The connections are not so good.

Departure Time from Sighisoara
There are more trains running but they are inconveniently scheduled to use from here. Departure time(arrival time at the destinations)
Bucharest 5h R1:02(5:46), R1:40(6:09), R6:50(11:23), IC7:17(11:53), R9:39(14:31), A12:55(18:00)
Brasov 2h R6:50(8:30), IC7:17(8:57), R9:39(11:31), A12:55(14:41), A14:54(16:36), R17:28(19:08)
Sibiu ?h R13:18 to Copsa Mica arr14:04 then 16:33. If you take Personal you may have more connection. From C. Mica 8:00, 12:57
Cluj 3.5h A12:26(15:57), R13:15(16:46)
Oradea 6.5h A0:52(7:26) or take A12:26 change at Cluj, R16:34 arr19:12. No good connection with personel

B Bus station: Just E from train station
Brasov 7:30 36,000Lei
Sibiu 5:30 36,000Lei
TG Mures 5, 6:16, 7:30,9:10, 12:00 26,000Lei

International buses
International buses are leaving to some cities in Germany, Vienna, Istanbul. More buses to Hungary from Cluj and to Germany from Sibiu. The fare is quoted with foreign money, such as Euro, US$, and calculated to Lei at the current rate. Since no bus stops at neighboring counties. we don't think it is important information for travelers and list the travel agent office only.
Travel agents who deal with international bus services.
ta Pehomar Prodtur: Str Marasesti #26, just next to the pedestrian bridge. near the old town. T772630 M-F8-15:00, Sa9:30-11:30 To Germany dep 7/8:00 120DM
ta Atlassib agent: near the pedestrian bridge, under the old town. T777249 M-F8-20, SaSu9-13:00
To Germany dep 6:00
195DM, Vienna OS520 dep Su6:00. Italy $120, dep8:00 from Sibiu,
ta Steaua: 1 Decembrie 1918 #10, M-F9-17, Sa9-13

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