Sighisoara, Romania

Area Code 065 $1=21,300Lei, 1 July, 2000

The walled, medieval part of the city is located in the middle of the town on the hill. All sightseeing spots are in side of the wall. the medieval area is very well preserved.
Museums: Three in the old town. Opening hours are same. M10-15, Tu-F9-18, SaSu 9-16:00 Camera charge 15,000Lei, Video charge 75,000Lei. The camera/video tickets may be good for all three museums.

Transylvania sight information on web:
Medieval Transylvania;
for fortified medieval churches and citadels in Trasylvania region

You may enter the old town from E under the clock tower.
S1 Clock Tower(Museum): at the E gate of the medieval city.
10,000Lei student 5,000lei, Many ancient/medieval articles on display. Excellent views from the top Rec
S2 Museum of the arms: near the Clock tower. 6,000Lei, Student 3,000Lei
S3 Toucher Chamber: At the walkway under the clock tower. 3,000Lei no student discount.
S4 Monastery Church: next to the Clock tower. You can visit M-Sa 9-17:00. On Sunday, a service is held. If you are outside of the church on Sunday morning you can enjoy the music of organs and songs.
After passing, those museums, you reach Piata Cetatii. Next toit, there is the Vlad Dracul, which is a restaurant. Turn left and go to the end of the street.
S5 Wooden steps: Covered staircase originally built in 16
S6 German Church: Turn left after you climb up the stairs. Built in 14-16th C on the top of the hill. Under renovation at the time of research.
S7 Grave yard: Turn right just after you climb up the stairs. or go around the church enter from the top of the grave yard.
S8 Grave yard: Another grave yard on the middle of the hill E side of the town. Good view to the old town.

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